Lerk Thai Restaurant

A April 16, 2012
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Are you serious?
Overall Score 
I've been to Lerk Thai twice, of which both of the times, it was pretty disappointing. I thought it might just be the location that was serving bad food, but I went to another outlet on another day and faced an even larger disappointment.

I don't think their food is a good representation of Thailand, even though they provide a good eating ambience. It's bland, soggy and nothing close to decent.

For customer service wise, I usually wouldn't expect restaurants to go the extra mile with added services, but let's just say we had to ask for cutlery, serviettes, and straws, when our meal was served.

Not going back there, ever.

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Entirely overrated.
Overall Score 
I've heard loads of great reviews about Lerk Thai but I have to say that it really is entirely overrated. And overpriced.

Recently, I ordered a green mango salad that cost about $10. For one, it was the tiniest salad I have ever had because I finished it in about 5 bites and the friend onion flavour was much too overpowering it completely ruined the salad for me. Apart from that, the service was pretty bad. After 15 minutes, none of the waiters had asked what we wanted to order and none of them were in sight. In the end we got so fed up one of my friends had to get up and go to the counter to ask them to take our order. Furthermore, the food took forever to arrive. Not only that, the serving time between the dishes were so long that by the time all three of us had received our orders, the food had gotten cold and unappetizing. I will never go back again.

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