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A April 16, 2012
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Not bad!
Overall Score 
Ichiban Boshi is a restaurant that serves Japanese food ranging from Sukiyaki to Bento boxes and sushi. It has 6 outlets in Singapore, which is why I find their food rather commercialised. The Japanese food they serve have lost their authenticity. For instance, the soup in their udon lacks the strong taste of mirin. Additionally, their food is rather pricy - one would expect to spend up to $25 for lunch there.

However, if one is seeking a mid-range Japanese restaurant, Ichiban Boshi may be the place to go. While the food is pricier than Sakae Sushi for example, it tastes better. Also, another plus point is that they have a loyalty card where you get a stamp for every $20 spent. This card can eventually be exchanged for vouchers or free food items such Agedashi Tofu and California roll. Personally, this incentivises me to spend in multiples of 20.

Overall, if you are looking for a authentic Japanese dining, Ichiban Boshi may fall short in delivering that. Instead, Ichiban Boshi is more suited for families to grab a quick dinner on a weekend after school and work.
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Avoid peak hours
Overall Score 
I've always seen long queues outside Ichiban Boshi and was quite interested to try the food there. My chance came when my friends decided to dine there recently. Although they do not usually take reservations, my friend managed to call and book a table at the Centre Point branch. It was a good thing we did; the queue was horrendous!

The ambience of the restaurant is noisy and lively and if you are looking to dine at a quiet place with soft music playing in the background, this is not for you. During peak hours when the place is packed with patrons, food can take quite a while to be served. We had to wait quite a bit before we got our orders! While the staff are very efficient, they are always busy and on the move and trying to get their attention can be quite difficult.

My friends and I ordered set meals and I went for the curry cheese chicken set that came with rice, tempura prawns, miso soup and fruits. The curry cheese was quite unique but the chicken meat was nothing to rave about. Also, the portion of rice was quite little and I finished it before even finishing the curry cheese chicken. My friend's beef set tasted better though. The beef was not too thickly sliced and the blend of spices was really good. I felt the prices for the set meals were a bit high though, considering how the portion of food provided was not too much.

Given that there are so many other good Japanese restaurants out there, I wouldn't make Ichiban Boshi my go-to Jap restaurant. I still prefer Sushi Tei to this!

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