T April 18, 2012
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10AM - 11Pm
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< $20

Ever since my secondary school life, me and my friends always went to Westmall EngHwa Cinemas to catch a movie after school during Friday. The thing that i liked about this cinema is that Students only need to pay $6 to watch a movie here! Quite Affordable isn't it?! While Adults only need to pay $10! Compare to many other cinemas in Singapore, I think that EngHwa certainly have the greatest deal! And not only about the affordable price of the tickets, there is also Pizza and Soup Available at the snacks bar! Quite Unusual isn't it? However the size of the pizza is certainly small, it costs$10 with the drinks, at least you got something to munch on during the advertisement of the movie. ^^ If you want something sweet and affordable, you can get yourself a Churros for just $2 ! A star-shaped dough sticks sprinkled with sugar, sort of a pastry. Well I do hope you guys would give it a try at EngHwa Cinemas someday.


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