Yakult Gold Is A Level-Up On Our Childhood Fave, Has Less Calories & Sugar But Same Taste

Yakult Gold

Yakult has been a big part of many of our childhoods, from sipping on it as a canteen treat to going on one of the most memorable school excursions ever – the Yakult factory tour.

We’ve had our fair share of debates surrounding which flavour tastes the best, with grape and green apple often getting snatched up fast as crowd favourites. Now there’s a new colour to be added to the mix: gold. From 6th March 2023 onwards, you’ll be able to get your hands on Yakult Gold, a healthier version with the same great taste.

Reap more health benefits with the same taste

For those who want to go all-in on being healthier this year, Yakult Gold has less calories and sugar than the usual Yakult. But don’t worry, the signature taste is maintained so you probiotic stans out there can still enjoy it while getting even more health benefits.

For those concerned about the recently released Nutri Grade labels, you’ll be pleased to know that this drink is rated grade B and carries the Healthier Choice Symbol.

To jog your childhood memory, Yakult’s probiotic milk is known for containing the lactic acid bacteria, Lacticaseibacillus paracasei strain Shirota. It is one of the main slayers in cleaning the digestive system, as it tanks through the gastric acid to access the intestines where it gets to work.

You’ll be delivered the same efficacy, as Yakult Gold contains the same concentration of the lactic acid bacteria as other Yakult products. 

Improve your digestion

After heaty and spicy food like mala, you’ll usually be expecting a long “staycation” at the loo. It helps to take good care of your gut that has been through hell and back. Yakult Gold introduces more good bacteria into your digestive system to rid it of bad bacteria. It’s like growing your troops to fight off the goons. 

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This in turn improves digestion and you’ll see less days being stuck on the toilet bowl in constipation. On top of that, the Vitamin D present in the drink is beneficial for your bones and teeth. You’re definitely hitting gold with this one.

Nip it in the gut

Thank your digestive system for its service after all these years with Yakult Gold. 1 pack of 5 Yakult Gold bottles costs $3.70 – a small price to pay for digestion salvation.

Get your hands on them from 6th March 2023 at supermarkets, convenience stores, provision shops, and pretty much anywhere that you’d expect to find regular Yakult. You can also opt for Yakult home delivery courtesy of the iconic Yakult Ladies. 

Cull the bad bacteria with some good probiotic milk. Unlike the bland or horrid-tasting “health drinks” out there, Yakult Gold maintains the health benefits while tasting sweet, pleasant, and even nostalgic. So, take some sips and watch the constipation dip.

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This post was brought to you by Yakult.
Photography by Emilyn Cheng.

Nur Hidaya

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