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This Secret Hillside Community Garden In Woodlands Has Over 200 Types Of Plants & Wholesome Vibes

Woodlands Botanical Garden

Stroll through any heartland neighbourhood and you’ll notice an ever-blossoming presence of community gardens dotted throughout. While these patches of green vary in shape and size, one that blends into a public park is the community garden at the edge of Woodlands Town Park East.

Dubbed “Woodlands Botanical Garden” as per their Instagram handle, this hidden gem takes up a whopping 2,500sqm of green space. Plus, it blesses our eyes with colourful blossoms and chalks up wholesome points with a thriving ecosystem of insects and birds. 

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Over 200 types of plants to admire

Image credit: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

If you’re wondering why you hadn’t heard of this garden any sooner, it’s because it’s only been around since March 2020. 

Image credit: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

According to a Nedla interview with the man who started the garden Ganesh Kumar, the green space began with just a handful of flowering plants. Eventually, it grew – both figuratively and literally – to surround the path heading up into Woodlands Town Park East. 

Image credit: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

Here, visitors are more than welcome to stop and smell the flowers and admire over 200 species of flowers and plants around the area. Spot a bevy of colourful blooms, ranging from bright yellow sunflowers to fragrant frangipanis and dramatic hibiscus. A number of exotic plants can also be found here. 

Passion flower (left) and leopard lilies (right).
Image adapted from: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden, @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

The path is well-paved, so everyone from kids to elderly folks can head over. Nature buffs will also be glad to know they can spot a lively scene of butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and birds that make the garden their home. 

Image adapted from: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden, @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

On top of pretty arches and beautified pathways, there’s also a small aviary with colourful budgerigars. 

The birds in the aviary are adopted from residents.
Image credit: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

Mini botanical garden at Woodlands

Avoid touching the plants as some of them are quite fragile.
Image credit: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

This community garden in Woodlands is currently maintained by around 20 volunteer residents, but any curious soul is welcome to visit. Whether it’s to feel at peace with nature or to admire a myriad of exotic blooms, you’ll find a little slice of wholesomeness at this mini botanical gardens that’s buzzing with life. 

Image credit: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

It’s located beside Block 134, Marsiling Road, at the northwest corner of Woodlands Town Park East. It’s accessible via the HDB compound and the park itself. 

Getting there: From Marsiling MRT, walk northeast for about 900m towards Block 134. Those heading over from Woodlands MRT can take bus 911 from the Woodlands Interchange, and alight at Block 178. Walk about 400m north towards Block 134.

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Cover image adapted from: @woodlandsbotanicalgarden, @woodlandsbotanicalgarden

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