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Waterway Point’s Singa Lion-Themed Christmas Has A 4-Metre Tree, Exclusive Plushies & Picture Taking For Charity

Waterway Point Christmas 2020

After the various trials and tribulations the year has put us through, Singaporeans are collectively looking towards the festive season for some semblance of hope and whimsy. Who better to add a dose of cheer than Singa the Kindness Lion, our beloved local mascot who will be the star of the show for Waterway Point Christmas 2020 celebrations.

Shoppers will be able to redeem exclusive Singa merch* including plushies and eco bottle sets, and spread positive vibes through words of kindness. From now till 3rd January 2021, sift through the wholesome messages displayed on a stunning four-metre-tall Singa Christmas Tree, adorned with over 50 adorable Singa figurines.

*Redemption of Singa merch available from now till 31st December 2020, while stocks last.

Singa Christmas Tree with 50+ Singa figurines & messages of kindness

Something about lush Christmas firs and dazzling ornaments just fill your heart with festive joy, and the Waterway Point Christmas event is taking it one step further with a tree decorated with kindness and love. Swing by the Level 1 Village Square to find an awe-inspiring Singa Christmas Tree, standing four metres tall.

What makes this tree special and more than just a piece of decor is the fact that it comprises over 50 Singa figurines, each holding a card with heartfelt messages of encouragement. 

These notes were lovingly penned by school children, community leaders and other familiar faces such as actors and filmmakers, parenting and food bloggers, educators and athletes, and many more for you to discover.

Your mood is bound to be lifted as you marvel at the tree and read through the uplifting messages. There’ll also be heartwarming videos screening at the Village Square, so you and your loved ones can stop and watch in between shopping runs and mealtimes at Waterway Point.

To join in on the good vibes, shoppers can submit a “virtual high-five” to Singa the Kindness Lion and share their own words of encouragement via social media. All you have to do is snap a pic of yourself raising your hand in a high-five gesture and post it on Instagram with the hashtags #High5Singa and #WWPXmas20.

Jot your well wishes in the IG post caption and ensure your account is set to public. This is because Waterway Point will be donating a 5KG bag of rice to needy families for every photo posted with the two hashtags mentioned above. In collaboration with The Food Bank Singapore, the mall will be donating up to 1,000 bags of rice – which provides up to 16,000 meals.

Redeem free Singa the Kindness Lion plushies & eco bottles

Seeing all the cute Singa figurines will make you want to bring a piece of him home. The good news is, simply shopping at Waterway Point will enable you to snag exclusive Singa the Kindness Lion merch that you won’t find anywhere else.

Spend a minimum of $120 at participating retailers to redeem your choice of a cuddly Singa plushie or a Singa “Kindness In A Bottle” eco bottle set.

Even more freebies are abound when you post your photos and messages of kindness and encouragement on Instagram, with the virtual high-five campaign detailed above. Your post grants you entry into a giveaway where you could win one of the following goodies:

One of 50 DIY “Singa in a Bauble” decorations where you can personalise your own figurine

One of 10 Singa NDP Limited Edition Box Sets + a $50 Frasers Property Digital Gift Card

Spread kindness and positive vibes this Christmas at Waterway Point

Amidst all the gift-shopping and festive feasts this holiday season, December is also a time for us to reflect on the year gone by and look forward to a brand new beginning. It’s clear that 2020 hasn’t been the smoothest year, but one thing’s for certain – nothing is too hard to conquer when you have the kindness of fellow Singaporeans to boost your spirits.

The Waterway Point Christmas 2020 events serve to remind visitors that kindness is all around us, and invites us to join in the spread of positivity throughout the community with words of encouragement. Bring home a little piece of the kindness campaign by shopping and redeeming the exclusive Singa the Kindness Lion freebies.

So every time you snuggle up to the plushie or whip out the eco bottle for a swig of water, you’re reminded that whatever difficulties come our way, kindness makes the world go round.

Find out more about the Waterway Point Christmas 2020 event

This post was brought to you by Waterway Point.
Photography by Pichan Cruz.

01 December 2020 - 03 January 2021
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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