You Can Now Level Up Yourself In High Demand Skills At Bootcamps In UX Design, Data Analytics & Data Science

Vertical Institute tech bootcamps

As we march towards a more digitalised society, it’s high time to equip ourselves with the necessary skills that will keep us relevant in the workforce. For those looking to hop onto the tech bandwagon, you can now enter a skill-honing bootcamp at Vertical Institute (VI).

You don’t need a tech background to get started – beginners can sign up for courses on UX Design, Data Analytics and Data Science, value-adds to have on resumes today for anyone looking to stand out in competitive roles. It also goes without saying that these skills are highly sought after in many industries, and rightly command salary premiums.

Here’s what you can gain from signing up:

Learn from industry experts from the likes of Google & Facebook

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At times, there can be a disconnect between what you learn from textbooks and what actually goes on in real life. But at Vertical Institute, you’ll be learning straight from industry practitioners  from tech giants such as Google and Alibaba.

This includes learning the tools they use at work too, such as Excel, SQL and Tableau for Data Analytics, designing meaningful experiences in UX Design and Python programming for Data Science machine learning.

Build a purposeful capstone project for your portfolio

There’s no rote memorisation involved here. Rather, the bootcamps are hands-on in its teaching. Each course will have students be involved with their own capstone project.

This could involve building a predictive model with Data Science, building dashboards and visualisations with Data Analytics, or building your first UI/UX portfolio project in UX Design.

Instructors will guide students throughout the course as they work on their capstone project in tandem. Their expert feedback and mentorship will ensure the capstone projects meet industry standards or are ready to be added into your portfolio upon graduation.

Expand network through alumni events after graduation

Study materials are a given in any training programme. Where VI helps in progressing their students beyond the classroom is with its network and community made available even after graduation.

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After you complete a bootcamp at VI, you’ll be part of the supportive alumni where members can continue networking with their peers, instructors and experts. They’ll be at your disposal for follow-up sessions and to gain insights into the industry.

Alumni members will also be privy to functions like remote tech networking nights and community events that will help expand your support system.

Apply UX Design, Data Analytics & Data Science to traditional roles

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In today’s competitive market, a standout resume shouldn’t just include traditional skills. It must also show potential employers what else you can bring to the table. And VI’s courses in in-demand skills are that value-add you might just need in your next job search.

Marketers looking to fully understand all stages of the customer journey, for example, can consider upskilling in UX Design. The course covers the entire UX process from end-to-end, from user research to prototyping, culminating your learning with your first UX portfolio project.

Alternatively, should advertisers want to figure out why one ad works better than another, Data Analytics will be a handy skill to have. You’ll learn industry tools: Excel, SQL and Tableau to analyse large real-world data sets to break down qualitative and quantitative variables into understandable figures.

Data Science is also particularly useful to have, as its applications go far beyond just coding with Python. The applications of the programming language enhance other machine learning functions, like data cleaning, visualisation and data analytics as well.

Get in-demand skills to boost your resume at Vertical Institute

These are just glimpses into the tech bootcamps available at VI. And in true bootcamp fashion, you’ll be trained from complete newbie to commanders. Each class is three hours long and consists of seven lessons. With classes held virtually, you can learn from the safety of your own home.

ORD-ing from the bootcamp comes with a verifiable digital certificate, which VI alumni cam use to demonstrate skills to employers and display on their LinkedIn profiles.

Vertical Institute’s courses are IBF-accredited and eligible Singaporeans & PRs can receive up to 90% IBF funding support, which means you’ll only have to pay $250. Singaporeans aged 25 and above can also use their SkillsFuture Credits to offset this remaining amount.

Registrations are open for their October 2021 and November 2021 intakes, but limited slots are available. If you’ve wanted to add new skills to your resume, now is the time to do so.

Sign up for tech bootcamps at Vertical Institute here


This post was brought to you by Vertical Institute.

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