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I Tried A Customised Hair Treatment To See If It Could Save My Oily Scalp & Dry Ends In One Shot

Customised hair treatment in Singapore

An oily scalp with dry ends might seem like the oddest of combinations, but it’s one that many Singaporeans struggle with. One such person all too familiar with the itchy, greasy mess that follows when you go more than a day without shampoo is our colleague, Brenda.

When TK Trichokare asked us to send someone with hair and scalp issues down for a trial treatment, Brenda gladly volunteered herself as tribute. It was about time she did something about the damage her daily flat-ironing over the years had caused, and the clogged pores on her scalp were cramping her style as well.  

Read on to see if the treatment really did improve her scalp condition, and find out how you can try a TK Trichokare hair treatment yourself at just $40 (U.P. $758), complete with a free hair care kit to bring home.

TK Trichokare – customised European herbal hair remedies

Just like how you wouldn’t apply facial products for “dry and sensitive skin” if you’re actually the “oily and combination” type, hair treatments aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair. 

Instead of going straight into the treatment, the hair and scalp specialist at TK Trichokare will speak to each customer about his or her medical history, allergies, hair condition, the types of hair products used and even their diet. All this info allows them to customise the treatment according to specific needs.

This is followed by the Tricho-Scan Scalp Analysis, which magnifies everything that’s going on beneath the facade of luscious black hair. 

The scan magnifies the scalp up to 200 times, showing you clogged pores and impurities.

Much to Brenda’s unpleasant surprise, she discovered that she has dandruff on top of an oily scalp. With this diagnosis, the hair and scalp specialist formulated a customised scalp regulating treatment which included a cleansing exfoliation to help rid her scalp of gunk, and remove dandruff. 

The treatment process

Step 1: OxyPeel

Skincare junkies are probably familiar with the terms Glycolic (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA) – which are chemical exfoliants used to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. Turns out, these ingredients do wonders for your scalp too – especially for reducing flakes and dandruff.      

TK Trichokare’s OxyPeel essence contains AHA and BHA to exfoliate your scalp, which in turn helps to remove the flakes and dead skin from congested pores. 

An OXYspray is used to help with the absorption of the OxyPeel essence, which feels cooling and refreshing on the scalp. 

Step 2: Hair Wash

The trichologists then proceeded with a hair wash, which involved skillful head massage and scrubbing techniques. According to Brenda, the scrubbing carried just the right amount of pressure to remove all the impurities, without inflicting any discomfort. 

Step 3: OxyJet & OxyNutrient

After her hair and scalp were squeaky clean, the OxyNutrient, an ampoule that promotes hair growth, was applied to her scalp. To speed up the absorption of the nutrients, an OxyJet machine was used to apply it. Dispensing the ampoule through targeted pressure, the device not only helps to improve blood circulation, but boosts scalp cell metabolism as well. 

Step 4: Infra-red treatment

The red glow may look intimidating, but all you’ll feel is a warm and soothing sensation.

If you’re wondering what these futuristic helmets actually do, the machines used at TK Trichokare use infra-red technology to boost hair growth and blood circulation. This is a godsend for those suffering from sparse hair, as it accelerates your hair regeneration rate and reduces hair fall.  

The results

The blobs of oil and visible flakes were cleansed after the treatment

Post-treatment, Brenda reported feeling rejuvenated after cleansing all that accumulated gunk clogging her scalp. It also felt shiok to have a “lighter” head, free from all the built-up oil and dead skin flakes weighing her tresses down. 

Speaking of oil, she’d usually find a film of greasy residue on her fingertips when she ran her hand through her hair like a comb, but this was no more after the treatment.

Seeing and feeling an apparent difference after just one session, this treatment is recommended for those suffering from similar hair woes as Brenda. In particular, folks who have the dreaded dry-hair-but-oily-scalp combo, or those with dandruff issues which leads to embarrassing situations when you start “snowing” all over the place.

Give your hair & scalp a detox at TK Trichokare

We all know the difference that a good hair day can make to your overall appearance and confidence levels. An oily scalp can make your hair look flat and lifeless, dampening your spirits for the entire day. To make things worse, dry ends aren’t just unsightly, but tangle easily and can be extremely annoying to comb through – leading to increased breakage and hair fall.

On the bright side, good hair days aren’t hard to come by when you invest in proper hair and scalp health, and give them some well-deserved TLC. And wth TK Trichokare’s limited time promotion, you won’t have to break the bank just to treat yourself to some quality hair treatment.


For a limited time only, TK Trichokare will be offering their award-winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment for just $40 (U.P. $758). On top of that, you’ll also get a free hair care kit and hair ampoule to take home, and stand a chance to win a nifty 10.2-inch iPad (U.P. $499) simply by experiencing the trial treatment. 

*Promotion is only valid for new customers. 

It takes more than just diligently slapping on conditioner to care for your hair’s health. Whether you suffer from an oily scalp and dry ends like Brenda, or frizzy and damaged hair from bleaching and dyeing, swing by TK Trichokare for an in-depth diagnosis of your hair and scalp condition. You’ll also be getting a customised treatment, tailored to your specific needs.

Check out the full list of TK Trichokare outlets to book an appointment near you.

Find out more about TK Trichokare hair treatments

This post was brought to you by TK Trichokare.
Photography by Pichan Cruz.

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