JB Has A New Bubble Tea Stand Near KSL City Mall, Get Surprise Plushies With Your Drink

Ta-Daa Box JB, Avery-Day convenience store

If there’s 2 things we just cannot get enough of, it’s shipping ourselves over to JB for the weekend, and a refreshing cup of bubble tea. Sprinkle in an obsession with blind boxes, and you’ve got the quintessential modern day Singaporean. Should those 3 descriptors fit you to a tee, then you’ll want to stop by Ta-Daa Box the next time you’re across the border.

It’s a bubble tea joint dishing out thirst-quenching cups of the good stuff, plus they’ll bundle their drinks with surprise gifts like cute plushies and fluffy totes. Much like cracking open a Pop Mart blind box, you won’t know what you’re gonna get at Ta-Daa Box. Here’s what’s on the menu, plus the potential additions to your ever-growing plush collection.

Bundle your drink orders with blind box-like prizes

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Ta-Daa box is located in Avery-Day convenience store, which means once you’ve had your obligatory shopping spree at KSL City Mall, it’s just a 4-minute walk to get some refreshments.

Cool off with options from their Coconut (from RM14, ~S$4.01) and Fruit Tea Series (from RM8, ~S$2.29), or go for their milk teas like the Peach Blossom oolong milk tea and the Golden Dream osmanthus oolong milk tea which are both RM14 (~S$4.01) each

Image adapted from: offiShirley via RED

But, Ta-Daa box’s main draw is their signature Drinks + Blind Box combo, where your drinks will be paired with a surprise gift. They’ve got a couple of bundles which start from RM24.99 (~S$7.17), with varying amounts of drinks and gifts. But the bottom line is, you’ll be going home with a new trinket with every purchase.

A sneak peek of Ta-Daa’s range of surprise gifts.
Image adapted from: offiShirley via RED

You can expect to be pleasantly surprised by adorable Sanrio-themed plushies, as well as a slew of merch featuring their mascot, which suspiciously resembles Lotso from Toy Story. We’ve also spotted furry tote bags, as well as huggable versions of characters from popular franchises like Pokémon, so there’s really no telling what you might wind up with.

Even the whole process of revealing your surprises is pretty neat, as you get to hit a button that dramatically presents your drinks and goodies on a swivelling pedestal.

Swing by Ta-Daa Box the next time you’re visiting KSL

Image adapted from: offiShirley via RED

Despite only having opened late last month, it seems like Ta-Daa box has already gained quite the following, and who can blame them? The thrill of unveiling your gifts can get addictive; couple that with icy-cold cups of bubble tea on a hot afternoon, and you can see why their combos are selling like hotcakes.

For more things to do in JB, consider these road trip destinations in Johor in case you need a break from the malls. Cafe hoppers will have a blast visiting these joints in our JB cafe guide, but if you’re strapped for time, here’s a 1-day Johor Bahru itinerary that’ll allow you to make the most of your weekends.

Tadaa Box (Averyday JB)
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Cover image adapted from: offiShirley via RED


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