Tickets For Nagoya’s Studio Ghibli Theme Park Are Now Up For Grabs, KIV For Future Japan Getaways

Ghibli Park in Nagoya

Heads up, Studio Ghibli fans! After 5 years of ardent anticipation, Studio Ghibli’s theme park is finally set to open on 1st November. Nestled within Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park in Nagoya, Ghibli Park will spot 3 themed-spaces and multiple exhibits inspired by studio classics like My Neighbour Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, and The Cat Returns.

Lottery sales for tickets are ongoing from now until 22nd August. After which, tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Ghibli Park website. However, since Japan is not fully ready to receive all travellers, you can keep Ghibli Park on your to-go list for now.

Other cool new overseas attractions:

See a life-size Totoro & visit the Chikyuu-ya

The 17.5 acre park was constructed without cutting down a single tree. This is with respect to director Hayao Miyazaki’s wish to breathe life into the fantasy of Ghibli, without taking any away from the environment. 

Image credit:
Ghibli Park

You may realise this at the Dondoko Forest, where Satsuki and Mei’s house is encircled by lush greenery, comparable to the on-screen forest in My Neighbour Totoro. In this quaint lil’ countryside abode, you may step into the shoes of the main characters and then hang out with a life-size Totoro – who’s a casual 5.2m tall. 

Admission fee: ¥1,000/adult (~S$10.31), ¥500/child (~S$5.16)
Opening hours: 9am-3pm, Daily

Image credit: Ghibli Park

On the Hill of Youth, you will be greeted by a brick-red antique shop resembling the Chikyuu-ya from Whisper of the Heart, and an observatory tower with similar steampunk elements to Howl’s Moving Castle. There, you can also catch a birds-eye view of the entire park and explore the insides of the shop. 

When you’re back on the ground, head further in to check out a miniature version of the Cat Bureau from The Cat Returns.

Admission fee: ¥1,000/adult (~S$10.31), ¥500/child (~S$5.16)
Opening hours: 9am-4pm, Daily

Image credit: Ghibli Park

Last but not least, enter Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse to wander around like Chihiro in the curious town of Spirited Away. The warehouse is a Pandora’s box for all things Studio Ghibli, including precious Ghibli artefacts, studio secrets, and brand new exhibits. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Laputa: Castle in The Sky’s Robot Soldier, My Neighbour Totoro’s Cat Bus and exact scene-remodelings from The Secret World of Arrietty. There are also merchandise shops, quirky restaurants, children’s playgrounds and a 170-seat theatre to look forward to.

Admission fee: Weekdays: ¥2,000/adult (~S$20.62), ¥1,000/child (~S$10.31) | Weekends/PH: ¥2,500/adult (~S$25.78), ¥1,500/child (~S$15.47)
Opening hours: 9am-3pm, Daily

Coming in 2023 to Nagoya, Japan

And that’s only Phase 1. In 2023, you can expect a brand new Mononoke Village and a Valley of Witches which will have more themes from Castle in the Sky, Kiki’s Delivery Service and The Secret World of Arrietty

Artist’s render of the Valley of Witches.
Image credit: Ghibli Park

Unlike your usual theme parks, Ghibli’s does not feature any carnival rides as it believes in sticking to the setting of its films and offering visitors an organic, immersive experience. And from the way things are looking, it seems like they will be delivering on their promise.

Artist’s render of the Mononoke Village.
Image credit: Ghibli Park

Move aside Disney and Universal Studios, new kid Ghibli’s in town. In the meantime, you can mollify your Ghibli fantasies by creating scenes at these Studio Ghibli places in Singapore.

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Address: Aichi Expo Memorial Park (Morikoro Park), 1533-1 Ibaragabasama, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture 480-1342
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm | Sat-Sun 9am-5pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: Ghibli Park website

Cover image adapted from: Ghibli Park

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