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3 Most Stubborn Skin Problems Singaporeans Deal With, And How To Solve Them By Experts

Most stubborn skin problems

Wearing face masks and working from home are pretty much ingrained into our daily lives now. And with this comes a plethora of skin problems like dryness and maskne

Our skin may be having trouble keeping up with the pandemic, but not all is lost. From changing your sleeping position to choosing the right mask, here are some tips to combat these common skin problems:

1. Acne caused by mask-wearing

Masks rub against the skin, causing chafing and redness that magnifies the appearance of breakouts.

Maskne has definitely been on the rise since the pandemic struck, especially since our masks are attached to our face for more than six hours a day. This causes an increase of dirt, sweat and grime to build up on our skin throughout the day, resulting in irritation and clogged pores – the perfect recipe for acne. 

Use three-play masks with non-absorbent outer layers to better protect your skin

Other than washing your reusable masks after every use, you can look out for masks with an absorbent inner layer – like cotton – so sweat can be adequately absorbed. For those with dry skin, apply moisturiser before wearing your masks. This is to reduce potential redness and flakiness. 

2. Dark eye circles due to sleeping late when WFH

Dark eye circles are often the culprit of late nights, poor sleep and even genetics. As a self-proclaimed workaholic, work-from-home has only caused me greater stress levels and it really shows in the dark circles around my youthful eyes.

But when it’s hard to avoid these situations, experts suggest that changing your sleeping position could help. By propping yourself up, you prevent fluid from pooling around your eyes and resulting in puffiness. You can also try using a cold compress on your eye bags to reduce swelling. 

Alternatively, for a more long term solution, opt for dark eye circle treatments instead.

3. Dry skin due to aircon at home in this heat wave weather

The sun has been brutal lately and our only refuge comes in the form of a nice air-conditioned room. While it’s great for the sweaty pits, prolonged exposure to aircon can dehydrate our skin and cause flakiness.

One way to combat this would be to review your cleansing routine. Washing your face is important, but remember to keep it to a maximum of once or twice a day. That’s because over-washing removes essential oils and dehydrates the outer layer of our skin. 

Otherwise, when choosing a moisturiser, it’s important to pay attention to ingredients. You’re advised to go for formulas that contain Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin as they help your skin retain moisture and soothe inflammation.

New York Skin Solutions – Customised packages for skin problems

There’s hope for those living with these common skin problems. Other than following these tips, treat yourself to a soothing facial. New York Skin Solutions, for one, has a wide range of treatments to target your every skin woe. 

For acne-prone skin: Activ-Clear Acne Treatment

For those constantly battling maskne, New York Skin Solutions’ Activ-Clear treatment is tailored specifically to soothe and treat inflamed skin. This treatment also aims to balance the oil secretion of your skin in order to reduce future outbreaks, making it a long-term solution packed into a few sessions of pampering.

The gel applied is customised for your skin type, in this case specially for acne-prone skin.

For dark eye circles, eye bags & puffy eyes: Eye Rejuvenation treatment

To tackle your dark eye circles, New York Skin Solutions also offers an Eye Rejuvenation treatment to reduce the puffiness and discolouration. Other than the use of a cold compress, ultrasound technology is also utilised to improve the absorption of their formula into your skin. 

As testified by one of our writers who went through the treatment, the results were visible after just one session with the dark circles pretty much eliminated.

For dry skin: HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment

Me and dry skin have an ongoing war, and I hate waking up each morning to see skin flaking off my nose and lips. So, when the chance to try New York Skin Solutions’ signature eight-step HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment came up, I jumped at the opportunity to experience this treatment aimed at dehydrated skin. 

Before my treatment, I had a consultation session with my beautician Veron. She scanned my T-zone and my forearm to compare my dehydrated, pigmented and congested skin to my healthy skin cells. I won’t lie, it was pretty gross. 

The treatment itself was extremely soothing as it was held in a dimmed, cosy treatment room. I got pampered with a gentle double cleanse to unclog my pores, followed by an advanced hydrating mask to open them up – a much more gentle solution compared to facial steams. Veron then extracted my blackheads gently, and cleaned up my eyebrows. 

The ultrasound treatment was icy cold at first, but after a while it honestly felt quite shiok.

Then came the star of the facial, the collagen gel containing hydrolysed marine collagen and ultrasound penetration to soothe my inflamed skin. I was also given a soothing shoulder massage with the hydrating collagen jelly rub – common across all New York Skin Solution treatments.

The soothing mask was left on for 15 minutes – just nice for a quick snooze. 

The last step of the treatment was a two-layer mask that contains plant extracts to lock in moisture and prevent oiliness on the skin. 

Before (left) and after (right) the treatment

After the treatment, it was interesting to see that my skin did look brighter. Although my skin isn’t perfect, it came out clearer with much less congested pores. Plus, I could relax for an hour while enjoying a self-care session. 

Treat yourself at New York Skin Solutions

We don’t have to suffer in silence when it comes to recurring skin problems. Those who are up for a pamper sesh and more thorough solution, head over to New York Skin Solutions

New customers can try the signature HydroCollagen+ skin treatment for just $48 (U.P. $360). They’re also running promotions for their Glow Recovery – great for brightening damaged skin – and their Pore Treatment, both priced at $398 for 10 sessions.

With these available treatments on hand, you may just be able to say hello to acne-free skin and a more youthful complexion to ride out this pandemic with confidence. 

Book an appointment at New York Skin Solutions

This post was brought to you by New York Skin Solutions.
Photography by Pepita Wauran.

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