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Singtel’s Dash Rewards Now Lets You Collect Points To Redeem Vouchers From Cold Storage, Sephora & More

Dash Rewards

Given how innate our kiasu-ism is as Singaporeans, we’re far from new to the whole idea of rebates, cashbacks and reward points. But when you’ve got one a dozen different loyalty cards crammed inside your wallet just to cover all the bases of your spending, it can be a long road to racking up enough on one card to redeem something you’re deserving of.

Thankfully, the universe has heard our dilemma, and a solution has finally come our way in the form of Singtel Dash’s Dash Rewards – a rewards programme that lets you earn reward points for every dollar you spend on food, shopping, travel, transportation and more.

P.S. Read to the end to find out how you can score 1,000,000 Dash reward points!

Earn points from both online and offline purchases

Even ordering this Nasi Lemak Chicken Cutlet with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce at Golden Mile Food Centre will earn you Dash reward points
Image credit: Eatbook

You’ll be able to rack up points for any online spend as long as Visa is an accepted payment, and with a total of 72,000 offline merchant outlets islandwide that accept Dash, you can even earn points when you load up on snacks at 7-11 or buy your bee hoon breakkie at the hawker centre. Anything and everything you spend on will earn you Dash reward points you can then cash in for vouchers – check out the full list of merchants here.

3 membership tiers and how to earn points

Image adapted from: Singtel Dash

If you’re new to the game, you’ll join the ranks as a Silver member upon setting up your Dash account – this means you’ll get 1 point per $1 spent with Singtel Dash. 

Once you’ve gotten into the groove of paying with Singtel Dash, moving up to the next tier will be a piece of cake. Simply spend $50 – $299 for an automatic Gold membership upgrade, and $300 and above to be a stately Platinum member.

And it gets better; The higher your tier, the greater the gains. Gold members earn 4 points per $1 spent, and Platinum members get 6 glorious points per $1 spent*!

*PSA: From now till 31st December 2020, Singtel Dash is letting all users earn double the points with every dollar spent, so make sure you don’t miss out on this sweet head start! Plus, if you make a payment with Dash at a Fave merchant, you’ll earn both Dash reward points and up to 20% cashback on Fave.

Let’s break the point system down. Say you finally pull the trigger on that Secretlab chair you’ve been coveting – you’ll earn 998 points from the $499 spent, and boom – instantly rise from being a Silver member to Platinum member. Spend another $500 in the same month, and you’ll then earn 6,000 points in your new tier.

Your total accumulated points in 2 days: 6,998

Not to mention, each overseas remittance you make also earns you 100 points, regardless of the amount.

Cold Storage, Sephora & BEST Denki vouchers up for redemption

When you’re consistently harvesting points from your everyday purchases, you’ll easily rack up a sizeable number you can then use to redeem vouchers from Dash’s extensive rewards catalogue featuring over 70 popular brands via the Dash app. 

From Cold Storage to Singtel Data, BEST Denki and adidas vouchers, here are some things you can trade your points for:

Tap on the flashing gold coin icon on the top right hand corner of your homepage to view the full list of rewards.

Stand to win 1,000,000 Dash reward points when you TikTok

We’re already dancing to ZICO’s #anysongchallenge and the #renegadechallenge, so why not put our TikTok-ing to some actual good use and win Dash reward points while we’re at it?

Take part in the #DashDanceRevolution from now till 31st October 2020, 11.59PM by submitting your most creative take on the Dash Dance with a music track of your choice and tag @singteldash with the #DashDanceRevolution. You just might be the lucky soul walking away with a whopping 1 million Dash reward points!


Sisbro! Wanna win 1 MILLION @singteldash REWARD POINTS? Join the #DashDanceRevolution and I’m pretty sure you can do better than this uncle! 🤣 #ad

Discover More On TikTok

Do remember to keep your account public so your entry will be visible and keep an eye on Singtel Dash’s other socials like FB and IG for a chance to be featured. There’s one grand prize of 1,000,000 reward points to be won and 5 consolation prizes giving out 50,000 Dash reward points each!

Find out more about the #DashDanceRevolution here

This post was brought to you by Singtel Dash.
Image adapted from: @fatslifes

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