Singapore Night Festival 2019: Best Photo Spots, Light Shows & Performances To Check Off Your List

Things to do at Singapore Night Fest 2019

Singaporeans are well acquainted with the annual Night Fest. In fact, we know the formula down to a tee: light shows projected on museums, Instagrammable installations…crowds. 

But our favourite sundown party has yet more tricks up its sleeves. Inspired by this year’s Bicentennial celebrations, some acts will feature a Southeast Asian twist to pay tribute to our heritage. And of course, over 40 performances and 17 night lights will enthral and help us to populate our IG feed. Yep, #priorities.

We know just how tough it is to develop a Night Fest gameplan across the sprawling Bras Basah-Bugis district. So, here are the top highlights you need to conquer from 23 to 31 August

P.S. Photo tips included – you’re welcome.   

1. Catch a 360-degree aerial show with acrobatics and confetti

Image credit: Ozono Producciones

If you’ve ever been entranced by the acrobatics in The Greatest Showman, you shouldn’t miss Fuerza Bruta, a breathtaking performance held in the air with high drama and tons of theatrics. 

This aerial theatre is performed by a renowned Argentinian troupe who has sold out shows across the world – so rest assured you’re in for a treat that will have you looking up in awe and enchantment. 

Fuerza Bruta
Date and Time: 29th – 31st August: 8.30PM, 9.45PM, 11PM
Venue: Cathay Green
Admission: $15/pax excluding SISTIC fee. Discounted group tickets available. Get tickets here.

2. Get swept up in a dreamy light installation inspired by wind

Every year, there’ll be one stand-out installation that deserves a double-take when you’re scrolling through social media. This year, that honour goes to Whispers, a wind-inspired installation by Light Society that looks as if a giant plastic bag is doing a dreamy, hypnotising dance. 

Warning: the installation room is cool – literally. Wear a jacket. 

Photo tip: Boomerang this. ‘Nuff said.

Whispers by Light Society
Date and Time: 8th August – 8th September: 10AM -7PM (extended to 10PM from 25th – 28th Aug, and to 12AM on festival weekends)
Venue:  Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore
Admission: Free

3. Enjoy never-seen-before light projections on clock towers and trees

This year, there are more contenders than ever when it comes to “The Best Light Projection” award. The new kids on the block are making their presence felt, with Stamford Clock tower being projected on for the first time ever in a vivid tropical theme by The Electric Canvas (Tropicana)

It’s right at the busy traffic junction – so you can take that Shibuya Crossing shot.

As a nod to our Southeast Asian heritage, the iconic Banyan tree besides the National Museum will be lit up to tell the tale of epic Sanskrit poem The Ramayana. This colourful tale will follow the journey of Prince Rama as he attempts to save his wife from the clutches of a demon.

The Legend of Ramayana. Image credit: Singapore Night Festival

Light show regulars are not falling behind, either, with the National Museum serving up a visual feast with the whimsical Keep Dreaming and Armenien Museum with Peranakan-inspired S.C.U.L.P.T.

Tropicana by The Electric Canvas
Date and Time: 23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: Stamford Court Clock
Admission: Free

The Legend of Ramayana by Spectaculaires
Date and Time: 23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Banyan Tree
Admission: Free

Keep Dreaming by Spectaculaires
Date and Time:  23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Facade
Admission: Free

4. Score next-level photos for your IG with artsy light installations & sculptures

Aspiring photographers, you have a whole slew of installations just waiting for you to test out your skills. Home in to Work In Progress by Asylum, a constantly changing light structure with edgy beats that’ll have you itching to dance.

Look out too, for Symbiote by LiteWerkz. Set along Armenian street, this hole-filled structure resembles everything from dinosaur skulls to open golf balls at first sight. Once lit though, it’s a magical and architectural piece. 

Photo tip: Play with light and shadow for maximum impact. 

Neon photo ops ahead! Yes, In:Sight at SMU Green is bound to draw the Instagrammers in droves for its colourful frames and #hype potential.

Photo tip: Step out of the frame and angle your legs towards the camera. They’ll look like they go on for days. 

Work-In-Progress by Asylum 
Date and Time:  23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: National Design Centre, Atrium, Level 1
Admission: Free

Symbiote by LiteWerkz
Date and Time:  23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: Stamford Road Walkway
Admission: Free

In:Sight by Tran Tuan Cong, Alison Poon & Sansys Collective
Date and Time: 23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: SMU Campus Green
Admission: Free

5. Check out an emoji wall and a heavenly world in a dome

OCISLY by Lawrence Lawrence Loh & Sebastien Jurkowski at SMU 

Enter this dome and you’ll be transported to a whole new world. Aptly named Project:Dome, you’ll be treated to screenings on the ceiling, all on the comfort of beanbags.

The Land Above.

The 5 shows here are on loop and showcase different themes. We loved The Land Above for its abstract representation of a celestial world, while any millennial is bound to love OCISLY, with emojis rolling around above us. 

Project: Dome
Date and Time: 23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: SMU Campus Green
Admission: Free

6. Visualise what the future would be like if the earth is no longer hospitable

Climate change is a pretty hot-button issue nowadays – just look at SG’s recent National Day rally. But in case it hasn’t hit home on how important the matter is, Intergalatic Dreams by Jahan Loh will wake up your idea by depicting alternative homes should the earth become inhospitable in future. 

The rather alien-looking Intergalactic Dreams.

And if you need further insight into this beyond our sunny island, check out Collapse! By Luc Jacquiet which explores global warming and how that results in glaciers and icebergs falling apart way up in the South Pole. 

Intergalactic Dreams by Jahan Loh
Date and Time: 8th August – 8th September: 10AM – 7PM (extended to 10PM from 25th – 28th Aug, and to 12AM on festival weekends)
Venue: National Museum of Singapore, various locations
Admission: Free

Date and Time: 8th August –  8th September: 10AM – 7PM (extended to 10PM from 25th – 28th Aug, and to 12AM on festival weekends)
Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Gallery 10
Admission: Free

7. Dance along a disco walkway

“Dance like nobody’s watching” goes the saying, but what about dancing beside a busy street? Well, throw caution to the wind at Disco Walkway, which has catchy tunes and lighted panels that’ll have you groovin’. 

Disco Walkway by Aux Media Group
Date and Time:  23rd – 31st August: 7.30PM -12AM
Venue: Stamford Road Walkway
Admission: Free

Mark your calendars for Singapore Night Fest 2019

To be honest, we had a hard time picking our favourites for Singapore Night Fest 2019. That’s how mind-boggling and extensive the programmes and lights were. Besides the above to check off, there will even be roving performances, festival villages and guided tours to round it all up. 

Whatever it is, we’re sure the festival will have you staying way up into the wee hours of the night. Now, ready your cameras and see you there!

Find out more about Singapore Night Festival 2019

Photography by: Huy Pham

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