Sincero’s New Dark Chocolate Is Packed With Superfoods, KIV For Healthy Snacking During Netflix Binges

Sincero DarkThins chocolate

There’s no denying that the snack aisle is a must visit when we hit the grocery store. Stocking up on sweets is one thing – but for many of us, snacking sessions come with a little pang of guilt. 

If you’re not ready to give up on your sweet tooth nor your healthy lifestyle, you’ll want to give Sincero DarkThins chocolate a try. Packed with booster ingredients such as chia seeds and quinoa, these chocs aren’t your regular sweet indulgence. 

Chocolate packed with superfood ingredients

As its name implies, Sincero DarkThins Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt comprises thin slates of chocolate that are broken up into pieces. Designed for the avid snacker in mind, these chocolates come in three different flavours with healthy premium ingredients such as chia seeds, brazil nuts, and even quinoa. 

Fans of nutty chocolate creations can head straight for the Brazil Nuts & Quinoa flavour for a punch of antioxidants, protein and fibre. And if you can never turn a blind eye to the combo of mint and chocolate, pick up a bag of Almond Nuts & Mint. For those who love acai bowls or just a hint of fruitiness in their sweets, the Super Berries & Chia Seeds will be a satisfying choice. 

Each piece of chocolate is sprinkled with a layer of sea salt to complement the flavour of dark chocolate. You can also expect lots of texture and crunch that goes with the sweet, creamy chocolate. 

Win chocolates and activities worth up to $100

Snacking often goes hand-in-hand with downtime. Those looking for a way to wind down after a long week at work, here’s your chance to score a free activity plus three packets of Sincero DarkThins. 

From 1st – 15th August 2021, join Sincero’s giveaway for prizes worth up to $100. Three sets of “feel-good” experiences like pottery workshops are up for grabs. You’ll also get all three flavours of Sincero DarkThins to accompany you throughout the day. 

Simply follow @sincerochocolate on Instagram, like the giveaway post, and share what a feel-good moment means to you in the comments. Tag a friend to go on the activity with you, and you’re good to go. 

Snack guilt-free with Sincero DarkThins

From comforting us during heartbreaks, to accompanying us during long WFH days, chocolates have long served as our ride or die. 

With a healthier option like Sincero DarkThins on the market, you can have an indulgent snack even if it’s just an accompaniment on your favourite Netflix binge or while you wind down with your go-to hobbies.

They’re now going at a promotional price of $6.90 (U.P. $7.50) at FairPrice. From now till 30th September 2021, you can also shave off an extra $0.70 with FairPrice’s Save Every Day Coupon that’s available in stores and at any Watsons outlet.

Whether you’re a chocolate lover or just someone looking for a guilt-free nibble, Sincero DarkThins will satiate that craving for sweets.

Get Sincero DarkThins Chocolate here

This post was brought to you by Sincero.
Photography by Huiwen Chan.


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