SCCC’s Moo Moo PARK Is Asia’s First Drive-Through Exhibition With Interactive AR Murals & 3D Art


Anyone who has played Pokémon GO will know just how much fun AR technology can be. If you’re looking for similarly interactive activities, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre will be hosting Asia’s first drive-through exhibition Moo Moo PARK, complete with 3D art displays and AR murals that come to life through your mobile screen.

Combining futuristic technology and artworks with a focus on sustainability, rediscover Chinese culture with your family and friends this CNY. Here’s more of what you can expect at Moo Moo PARK from now till 28th March 2021:

Get chauffeured around in an electric car to view exhibits

Don’t worry if you’ve yet to get your driver’s license or don’t have a vehicle – you’ll be chauffeured around while an audio guide takes you through the exhibition. The ferried ride offers a unique experience for visitors, while able to maintain safe distancing measures at the same time.

Not only is the vehicle environmentally friendly with low to zero emissions, it is also incredibly quiet and offers a smooth ride.

To accompany your ride with a friend in the Hyundai IONIQ electric sedan, there will be a 15-minute audio-guided tour that is available in both English and Mandarin. You will be able to stop at various points to have a full view of the artworks while in the car – similar to a tram ride experience at the zoo.

Can you spot the ox in this complex work of art?

As you get driven around like a VIP, you’ll be treated to creative 3D art displays and oxen sculptures. Some installations even feature a fully immersive set-up – think car washes but with mesmerising lights and displays.

Each art piece has been intricately designed by local artists which can take you a moment to fully absorb while you’re in the vehicle. Apart from revealing the artists’ inspirations, the audio tour will also uncover the deeper meaning behind each piece where you’ll gain greater insight into Chinese culture and sustainable development messages. 

For those who prefer to strike a pose with the 3D art pieces, the drive-through exhibition will also be open for a public walkabout. Check out the different timings for walk-through and drive-through on the Moo Moo PARK’s event site.

Keep an eye out for all eight oxen sculptures in the exhibition

Besides the art displays, immerse yourself in a multisensory experience with a specially-designed scent for the exhibition, named Mandarin Moo-ments. You’ll take a whiff of mandarin tea and orange blossom wrapped in green leaves, which relates to the practice of giving mandarin oranges during CNY.

Watch as colourful AR murals come to life

Scan the QR code beside the murals to view the AR version of it or use a special insta filter

Remember daydreaming of a character in a drawing or your oppa in a poster coming alive right before your eyes? Well, AR technology has brought us just one step closer to fulfilling that fantasy – oppa not included.

From left to right: AR mural art by Howie Kim, Puffingmuffin, ANTZ.

At the gallery, be in awe as the AR murals pop out with fluid animations and immersive sound effects. Some look so real, you’ll easily feel tempted to reach out to touch them. The artworks featured are original works by eight local artists, including André Wee, ANTZ, Howie Kim and Puffingmuffin.

The works also incorporate United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Sustainable Development Goals such as climate change and reducing carbon emissions, in an aim to spread greater awareness on efforts we can take for Mother Nature.

Don’t miss out on picking up these unique postcards available beside each respective mural – they’re free!

Snap cute selfies with Instagram filters

Along with the AR murals, the QR codes also lead your phone to unique Instagram filters to snap some cute selfies with. Surround yourself with adorable animated characters, try on a cherry blossom mask or see how you’d look with a bian lian mask – a face-changing mask used in Chinese opera.

Bian lian mask filter

Collect “talking” red packets for free

Before you leave the exhibition, be sure to collect the complimentary “talking” red packets illustrated by Puffingmuffin.

These charming angbaos feature whimsical artworks and an ox that pops out of the red packet to wish you a happy Chinese New Year in Mandarin and five dialects – Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese – also through the AR filter. It’ll be a fun conversation starter for kids and elderly folks alike on your upcoming bai nian visits.

Visit Moo Moo PARK for a unique art experience

Beyond the futuristic art installations, Moo Moo PARK highlights how art, technology and sustainability can work hand-in-hand towards a better future. To make your CNY month extra festive, there is also an ongoing discount promo of 50% off weekday walk-through tickets from now till 28th Feb 2021.

From now till 28th March 2021, plan a date with family and friends and head down to the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre to experience a new way of appreciating Chinese culture.

Find out more about Moo Moo PARK here


Address: Level 6, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, 1 Straits Boulevard, #11-01, Singapore 018906
Date: Now till 28th March 2021
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 12PM-5PM and Sun 12PM-10PM (walk-through), Mon-Fri 6PM-10PM and Sat 12PM-10PM (drive-through)
Price: $5 (walk-through), $10 (drive-through). CNY Promo: 50% off for weekday walk-through tickets from now till 28th Feb 2021.

This post was brought to you by SCCC.
Photography by Nadia Loewito.

Event Information
Level 6, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre,
1 Straits Boulevard,
Singapore 018906
22 Jan - 28 Mar 2021
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Justin Oh

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