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Singapore Art Week 2019 at SAM – Free Outdoor Movie Screenings, Life-sized Board Games & Extended Opening Hours

Singapore Art Week 2019 at SAM

Image adapted from: Singapore Art Museum 

Singapore Art Week 2019 is back with over 100 visual art events and activities – but if you’re facing choice overload, it’s Singapore Art Museum (SAM) that’s the obvious star of the show. Jot down these dates in your calendar: 18 to 27 January 2019 – that’s when you’ll be enjoying the best of Singapore’s arts scene.

1. Head outdoors for a movie screening under the stars

The Greatest Showman & It’s A Great Great World

Image credit: Singapore Art Museum 

Watching a movie to while away your time – almost everyone’s go-to plan for a Friday night. But for Singapore Art Week 2019, SAM is offering up Outdoor Movie Screenings with blockbuster hit The Greatest Showman and local favourite It’s A Great Great World. Bring a picnic basket and you’re all set.

When: The Greatest Showman – 19 Jan 2019 (8PM-10PM), It’s A Great Great World – 25 Jan 2019 (8PM-9:30PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Plaza)

2. Shop for unique handicrafts at the SAM x TLP Community Art Market

Image credit: Singapore Art Museum

With artsy handicraft stalls and F&B joints, the SAM x TLP Community Art Market is always a massive hit. Take the time to browse through: there’s a lot going on, with live music performances by local singer-songwriters like Vivien Yap and Krysta Joy.

The Street Food Singapore will be dishing out tasty bites like Beef Steak Slices with Fries and Triple Cheese OkonomiRosti – a fusion mashup between Japanese okonomiyaki and potato rosti.

When: 27 Jan 2019 (11AM-6PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q Plaza (Former F&B spaces at Level 1 and Workshop Space 1 & 2)

3. Play life-sized AR board games at the SAM Community Carnival

Image credit: Singapore Art Museum

It’s almost as if you’ve entered Netflix’s Stranger Things, with On The Stranger Side Of Things: SAM Community Carnival. There’ll be a life-sized board game – all done through clever AR tech – to bring you to far-flung lands that could only exist in your imagination, like Emoji Land, the Isle of Good Deeds, and Garden of Internet Delights.

It’s all free too, so you can easily spend the entire day exploring the different lands.

The colourful animations of EmojiLand.
Image credit: Kult

When: 20 Jan 2019 (11AM-6PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Plaza, Workshop 1 & 2, and Moving Image Gallery) 

4. Join in arts & crafts workshops

Special effects makeup, VR project, & craft activities

It’ll be a mad rush for these art workshops, where you can learn everything from creating zombie looks to designing your own VR. It’s a long way yet to Halloween, but the Special Effects Makeup Workshop offers up the ins-and-outs of creating realistic wounds and scars – simply by using household products and modelling wax!

Image credit: Singapore Art Museum

The Art Immersive VR/AR Workshop is the perfect parent-child bonding activity that mixes art with science. Participants will learn how to design their own VR or AR project – themed after the Singapore Biennale 2019. It’s so popular that all workshop slots are already taken!

Otherwise, there’ll also be plenty of craft workshops with hands-on activities – drawing a “guardian” to protect Singapore’s landscape is one where you can flaunt  your art skills and creativity.

Special Effects Makeup Workshop
When: 18 Jan and 25 Jan 2019 (7PM-8:30PM) 
Where: SAM at 8Q (Workshop Space 1 & 2)
Admission: Ticketed ($30/person) – buy tickets here

Art Immersive VR/AR Workshop
When: 26 Jan 2019 (1:30PM-3PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Plaza) 

Craft Workshops
When: 26 Jan 2019 (1:30PM-8:30PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Workshop Space 1 & 2)

5. Enjoy President’s Young Talents 2018 exhibition

Seniors Day Out, art & poetry trail, and panel discussions

We went down to President’s Young Talents 2018 and you guessed it – we were thoroughly impressed. While it’s certainly worth visiting each of the 5 exhibits – take all the time you need to soak in their work –  SAM has a bevy of related activities. From an Art & Poetry Trail led by poets to a Panel Discussion for artist Yanyun Chen’s scar-focused exhibit, there’s plenty to do and see.

Image credit: Singapore Art Museum

There’s even a fully-planned Seniors Day Out specially made for seniors, that involves drinking kopi and teh, all while strolling through the exhibition’s artworks.

Image credit: Singapore Art Museum

Artist Zarina Muhammad’s Pragmatic Prayers for the Kala will also have live performances – there’ll be a closing performance at the very end.

In Conversation: Skin, Scars and Trauma
When: 18 Jan 2019 (7PM-8:30PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Moving Image Gallery)

Seniors Day Out: Kopi, Teh & Contemporary Art
When: 19 Jan 2019 (3PM-5:30PM) 
Where: SAM at 8Q (Gallery & Workshop Spaces)

Art & Poetry: A Spoken Word Trail
When: 19 Jan 2019 (5PM-6PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Lobby)

KAMI  / 神 by Irfan Kasban – live performance
When: 25 Jan 2019 (7:30PM-8PM, 8:30PM-9PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Gallery 1.11)

A Closing Performance by Zarina Muhammad
When: 27 Jan 2019 (5PM-6PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Gallery 1.11 and Lobby) 

6. Gear up for Singapore Biennale 2019

Screenings, artist talks, & experimental performances

Image credit: Heritage Space Team

The Singapore Biennale 2019 isn’t that soon – it’s happening 22 November 2019 to 22 March 2020 – but SAM is all ready for it with a lineup of events happening this month. If you can’t wait, head down to their In Conversation series with the Biennale artists Dennis Tan and Vandy Rattana.

Much like a sneak preview, there’ll also be thoughtful Screenings on the Khmer Rouge regime by artist Vandy Rattana and Experimental Performances by artists Zai Tang and Arnont Nongyao – all will be showcased in the Biennale itself!  

In Conversation
When: Dennis Tan – 26 Jan (4PM), Vandy Rattana – 26 Jan (6PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Moving Image Gallery)
Admission: Free – register here for Dennis Tan, register here for Vandy Rattana

Screenings by Vandy Rattana
When: 26 Jan (5PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Moving Image Gallery)

Experimental Performances 
When: 26 Jan (7:30PM-9:30PM)
Where: SAM at 8Q (Plaza) 

Things to do at Singapore Art Week 2019 at SAM

Image credit: @singaporeartmuseum

Craft workshops, art & poetry trails, and community carnivals? Throw in live music acts and tasty street food, and that’s what Singapore Art Museum (SAM) will be doing this Singapore Art Week. To revel in the best of Singapore’s arts scene, head down from 18 to 27 January 2019.

Don’t miss out on SAM Late Nights on 18 Jan, when opening hours extend to 10PM – there’ll be performances from local bands like Mannequins, Bakers In Space, and The Groove Gurus.

Find out more about Singapore Art Week 2019 at SAM here!

This post was brought to you by Singapore Art Museum.

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