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Riders Cafe Is A “Hidden” Cafe In Bukit Timah Housed In A Colonial Horse Stable

Riders Cafe

A quaint brunch nook ensconced in lush foliage, with horses gallivanting around – you’ll find it hard to believe this is even Singapore. Well, it’s Bukit Timah to be exact, where Riders Cafe is hidden. 

Here, you’ll find a gourmet menu that covers everything from breakfast to dinner, and a proximate view of the Bukit Timah Saddle Club’s stable. So if you’re down to dine off the bitten track, hurry down to this idyllic spot before Riders Cafe closes in February next year.

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An old colonial stable

Image credit: @sunpill

Riders Cafe was once a horse stable itself. Its whitewashed walls and dark timber beams are reminiscent of 20th century colonial architecture, which we locals have quipped as the “black-and-white bungalows”.

Its design is derived from the aesthetic of a traditional English Tudor house and the functionality of a Malay kampung hut. And since there wasn’t any air conditioning back in ye olden days, most of the stable’s features were built to reduce heat absorption. 

Archived photos from the stable’s old days are framed up inside the cafe
Image credit: @fadingmeow

For instance, its ground floor is raised by stilts and beams to allow cool air to breathe into the basement space. A pitched roof and raised ceiling also help to channel hot air up and out of the living area, while a tiled floor helps to maintain the cool temperature.

Image credit: @rollingbearneedscoffee

Therefore, while the cafe still doesn’t use any air-conditioning, customers have raved about how well-ventilated and cool the place is. However, if you’re still a little too hot to handle, you may choose to dine on the wide, airy balconies instead and enjoy a breezy brunch. 

Brunch on the balcony

Image credit: @titabyte

Sitting by the balcony also allows you a stable-side view of the horses in full galloping glory, as the equestrians from the Bukit Timah Saddle Club take them out for a trot.

The view from the balcony
Image credit: @epiphanyrah

While Riders Cafe is known for being a brunch joint, it serves breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and all-day desserts. Some of its best bites include the Pacific Benedict ($18), Brioche French Toast ($16) and a decadent, oozy-licious chocolate cake called Death By Chocolate Cake ($13).

Their signature Death By Chocolate Cake
Image credit: @welikemakan

The space can also be rented out for a slew of events, such as corporate networking, birthday parties, and even wedding ceremonies. Nothing quite says “ride or die” like having your ROM solemnisation next to a horse-riding club.

Image credit: Riders Cafe

Visit Riders Cafe

If you’re keeping tabs on unique places to have a bite, add Riders Cafe to the list. From the ambience to the food to the horses, you’re guaranteed to feel royal.

Getting to Riders Cafe requires quite the ride – via car that is, unless you’re willing to work up a pre-feasting 1.8km walk from Sixth Avenue MRT. You might also want to call in to make a reservation first, as the ulu cafe can ironically get quite crowded during peak hours. 

Make a reservation at Riders Cafe


Address: 51 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286965
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8am-9pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6466 9819 | Riders Cafe website

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Cover image adapted from: @titabyte, @sunpill, @rollingbearneedscoffee.
Originally published on 23rd August 2022. Last updated by Faith Leong on 6th October 2022.

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