This Plane On A Hillside In Bali Is Actually A Luxury Villa, More Boujee Than Flying First Class

Private Jet Villa in Bali

It’s not hard to find beautiful accommodation options in Bali. From affordable hotels to atas resorts, you’ll easily find something to suit your budget. And just as you thought you couldn’t find more unique resorts or hotels, there’s now the Private Jet Villa in Bali

Perched at the top of Nyang Nyang Beach Cliff in Uluwatu, this 2-bedroom villa is located inside the body of an abandoned Boeing 737 plane.

What does it look like inside the Private Jet Villa?

Just thinking about the gorgeous ocean view from the dining area is enough to get us dreaming about staying in this villa.
Image credit: Lina Holub via Facebook

Gone are the rows of seating separated by narrow aisles. In its place, furnishings that are more characteristic of luxury hotels than planes. Stepping into the Private Jet Villa, guests will first be transported to the dining room. 

A private balcony hanging over the cliff? Don’t mind if we do.
Image credit: Private Jet Villa via Facebook

The area is just perfect for dinners at the mini island table or even a tête-à-tête with a small party of people. The dining room is separated by a clear sliding glass door that connects right out to the most fascinating part of the villa, the plane’s wing. It’s now a patio that looks out to sea views you can enjoy around the clock.

Since Nyang Nyang Beach is a good spot for sunset, you’ll be able to enjoy it from the privacy of your, erm, plane wing. 

Image adapted from: Private Jet Villa via Facebook

Every corner of the Private Jet Villa is designed with warm tones and sleek wooden furnishings that can easily make anyone feel right at home. And when it comes to the rooms, they can rival other luxury hotels in Bali. There are 2 bedrooms in the villa, each with its own walk-in closet and vanity.

The hot tub in this room is where the cockpit used to be.
Image credit: Private Jet Villa via Facebook

The hot tubs in both rooms are, hands-down, the most exciting features of the Private Jet Villa. Here’s a fun fact: it’s located where the plane’s cockpit used to be. It’s located right next to the windows that let natural sunlight in, along with an “exit door” overlooking the blue sea. 

For the ultimate relaxing experience, the “exit door” opens out to a net bed where guests can relax and take in the view. Gee, an amazing view and wind in our hair? That already sounds like our dream vacation.

Image credit:

With the Uluwatu coastline being the highlight of it all, the owner made sure guests could enjoy the gorgeous view from wherever they are in the villa. After all, that’s what they’re here for.

Swim in an infinity pool overlooking the ocean

Image credit: Private Jet Villa via Facebook

And if you were wondering if there’s a swimming pool, you won’t be disappointed. Guests can take a dip in the private infinity-style pool overlooking all-encompassing views of the ocean. At night, you may even get to see stars due to the lack of light pollution in the area.

FYI, Nyang Nyang Beach is where the locals do paragliding, surfing, and other wind-related sports. You can probably imagine how windy it gets at night. 

Besides the swimming pool, those who can’t withstand the cold can soak in the mini jacuzzi instead.

Would you stay overnight in the Private Jet Villa in Bali?

Image adapted from: & NyangNyang Bali via Google Maps

The good times don’t stop at the villa. Guests can get lit at the NyangNyang Bali, a pub and restaurant that’s just a 7-minute walk away. They serve local and Western dishes like Nasi Goreng and Sirloin Steak with Fries or Rice, including refreshing fruit drinks and alcoholic beverages such as Flaming Cocktails (Rp100,000/glass, ~S$8.65).

Image credit: @privatejetvilla via Instagram

Now comes the million-dollar question, how much does it cost to stay at Private Jet Villa? Well, it’s available for booking on sites like Agoda from about S$5,000/night for 4 people to sleep in comfortably. Sure, it doesn’t come cheap. But this gets you the experience of a lifetime, and you’ll have the whole place to yourself since there are not many other hotels or attractions nearby. 

When you think of it, a stay at the villa takes your Bali trip to a whole new level because you’re technically staying in an abandoned plane. 

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Cover image adapted from: Private Jet Villa via Facebook

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