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15 Party Food Delivery Options That Are Not Pizza Or Fast Food

Perplexed Over What To Pick For Your Party? No Problem.

Whether it’s organizing a massive department-sized office get-together, or a secret birthday bash for your best friend -food is a crucial part of every successful party. 

If you are a kitchen klutz, preparing for a dinner party will be a near-impossible task. Even the most competent of cooks might not have the confidence, or time, to single-handedly whip up an entire feast for 20-odd people. In that case, there’s only one real option to consider: Food delivery.

And no, we don’t mean the standard fried chicken, or pizza from the same old places. With a plethora of delivery options available to almost every part of the island, you can get everything from dim sum to yakitori delivered straight to your door. 

With party classics like sushi platters, to exotic canapes and mocktails, even the fussiest eater will find something to suit their palate. And if you’re a last minute party planner, fret not! 

You can get your food piping hot or perfectly chilled, in under 32 minutes, so you don’t ever have to worry about facing a mortifying scenario of guests showing up to an empty dining table. Here’s a list of 15 places where you can get all kinds of party bites, for every type of celebration. 

Let the food fiesta begin! 

1. MexOut: For Fresh Tacos and Burritos


MexOut is your one-stop shop for fresh, authentic Mexican fare. Now that they provide a delivery option, getting your Mexican food fix has never been easier.

MexOut provides a tantalizing range of Mexican soul food classics that make for perfect party bites, from hearty burritos to soft-shell tacos. Spice up your party with Pulled Pork Burritos with Hot Salsa ($13.93), or serve up some Grilled Chicken Tacos with Sweet Mango Pineapple Salsa ($13.93 for 3) for a refreshing but satisfying starter. With the crispy taco boats serving as an edible plate, you don’t even need to break out the disposable utensils. 

An idea to consider would be creating your own burrito party platter, from slicing up different burrito varieties into bite-sized portions. You can pick and mix from an array of different dishes, making MexOut a great party delivery option.

You may like: Grilled Chicken Tacos with Sweet Mango Pineapple Salsa ($13.93 for 3), Large Grilled Steak Burrito with Medium Salsa ($16.25)

Check out their online menu here!

2. Sushi Deli: For Colourful Sushi and Sashimi Platters


Sushi platters are always the first dish to be wiped out at any gathering. With a plethora of colourful sushi and sashimi varieties in each of their fresh sushi platters, Sushi Deli’s delivery option is a godsend to party planners everywhere. 

Many a time have I been disappointed by stale sushi toppings and hard, sour lumps of rice, but the maki and nigiri delivered from Sushi Deli never fails to arrive crisp and fresh-tasting. One of the most common queries that I encounter at the food table seems to be “Is there any more sushi?”, so be sure to order an extra platter or two!

There’s something for every palate in each platter. The Fukujyu Platter ($55.90 for 53 pieces) is a fantastically affordable option, with maguro, hamachi, salmon, and an assortment of maki sushi. If you aren’t a fan of raw fish, then the Unkai Platter ($50.90 for 52 pieces) would be a great choice, with a range of vibrantly coloured cooked sushi from scallops to grilled unagi. 

You can’t go wrong with sushi. 

You may like: Fukujyu Platter ($55.90 for 53 pieces), Unkai Platter ($50.90 for 52 pieces)

Check out their online menuhere!

3. Spatula Bakery: For One-Of-A-Kind Waffle Creations


With the popular Spatula Bakery now doing delivery, warm freshly-pressed waffles are finally a viable option for your dessert menu! This halal cafe sit in the quaint Frankel Avenue and is well-known for their unique waffle concoctions.

Their newest invention, the Jazzy Jaffa Waffles ($12), comes with a cocoa-orange Belgian waffle base, and candied orange peels – perfect for those who’ve been craving a taste of the elusive Jaffa Cake. Cookie butter fans will go crazy over the ever-popular Ridiculous Spectaculoos Waffle ($13), which comes slathered in a thick layer of speculoos spread and topped generously with crushed speculoos cookies.

Their crazy-topped waffles are a wonderful way to brighten up your dessert table, and you can easily divide them into sample-sized quarters for sharing. These crispy squares will be snapped up in no time.

You may like: Ridiculous Spectaculoos Waffle ($13), Speculoos Milkshake ($8.50)

Check out their online menu here!

4. Yum Cha: For All Kinds Of Dim Sum


Listen up folks, dim sum is no longer confined to lunches and high-teas at fancy Cantonese restaurants. 

You can now throw your very own dim sum party in the comfort of your home! 

Yum Cha is an established dim sum restaurant that offers a huge range of well-executed steamed and fried dim sum for delivery, along with classic Cantonese dishes and desserts. Their Value Set Options ($133-$334) are just the thing for large gatherings. Each of the sets comes with har gao, siew mai, lotus-leaf wrapped glutinous rice and much more in various quantities, depending on the number of guests you are ordering for. 

These delicious parcels of Cantonese hors d’oeuvres are certainly a refreshing switch up from your regular cardboard boxes of party pizza. 

You may like: Value Set A ($133.54, serves 12-15 people), Value Set D ($334.16, serves 20-25 people) 

Check out their online menu here!

5. Super Dario Lasagne: For Over 10 Kinds Of Lasagne


I bet you never knew Singapore had a lasagne speciality cafe. With silky noodles tucked between creamy bechamel and perfectly seasoned layers of filling, a pan of lasagne is easy to portion out and will almost certainly be depleted before you can offer anyone seconds. There’s no better comfort food than a slice of hot lasagne, and few can resist this deeply cheesy, hearty Italian favorite.

Super Dario offers over 10 types of mega tray-sized lasagne for delivery, with every pan made to order with only the freshest ingredients. From their classic minced beef Super Dario ($69 per tray), to the creative breakfast-esque Brick ($79 per tray) that comes with layers of bacon, egg and mushroom – you’ll never run out of options. 

True to their title, Super Dario Lasagne’s renditions of this Italian classic are unbeatable. If you have a hungry crowd to feed, Super Dario’s lasagne trays are the very thing for your shindig. 

You may like: Super Dario ($69 per tray), Brick ($79 per tray) 

Check out their online menu here!

6. OPPA Chicken: For Sweet, Tangy and Spicy Korean Fried Chicken


Ordering in fried chicken for a party used to be confined to the usual oily fast-food buckets. Now that OPPA Chicken has started delivering, you can get a delicious Korean fried chicken feast without having to travel a single step. 

Change things up with tender chicken pieces drenched in an extremely addictive sweet-savory sauce, with a garnish of garlic and toasted sesame for that extra crisp and crunch. Go for OPPA Chicken’s best-selling caramel-glazed Honey Garlic Chicken, and don’t forget to order a box of the Flaming Yangnum Chicken for your spice-loving party guests as well. 

From small 6-piece portions ($15.90), all the way up to jumbo 18-piece boxes ($40.90), you can customize your orders to suit the size of your gathering. These crispy, sauce-coated chicken pieces are literally “finger-licking good”, so don’t hesitate to place your orders now! Within the hour you’ll be digging right in. 

You may like: 18-piece box of OPPA Chicken ($40.90), OPPA Topoki ($8.90)

Check out their online menu here!

7. Soi 55: For Cold, Creamy Thai Milk Tea


No party is complete without an array of thirst quenchers. Instead of lukewarm bottles of soda and packets of artificial-tasting beverages, take your beverage game up a notch with a batch of Soi 55’s delicious Thai iced teas.

Soi 55 is reputed to serve one of the best Thai iced teas in Singapore. Their Thai Milk Tea ($3.60) is one of the most authentic I’ve tried here in Singapore: Silky-smooth with a perfect balance of sweetness, and a light black tea fragrance. 

This creamy choice is wonderful for keeping your party guests feeling cool and refreshed, in spite of the brutal Singapore heat. For something a little more interesting, be sure to order the Thai Rose Milk Tea ($3.60), which is infused with lovely floral notes. 

You may like: Thai Milk Tea ($3.60), Thai Rose Milk Tea ($3.60)

Check out their online menuhere!

8. The Cajun Kings: For The Ultimate Seafood Bonanza


As one of Singapore’s first Cajun seafood boil restaurants, one can expect the Louisiana seafood boils at The Cajun Kings’ to be legendary – and let me tell you, they are. 

If you’re looking to throw your friends a mini seafood fiesta, the experts over at The Cajun Kings will provide you with all you’ll need and more to make your own private party a success. 

So prepare to bib-up and get your hands dirty, because everything you see on this menu is best enjoyed with your bare hands, and nothing else. From tempting starters like the succulent Deviled Crab Cakes ($19.26), to their mouth-watering seafood combo boils, every dish captures the essence of spunky Louisiana soul food to a T.  

The Cajun Kings serve up a tasty selection of seafood by weight, including their huge Manila Clams ($21.50 – $85.60) and Maine Lobster ($80.25), with seasonings varying from the mild Garlic Butter to the spicy Sriracha Butter. This way, you can tailor your order to fit the size of your gathering without the fear of wastage, or worse: running out of food.

You may like: T.S.C Combo ($101.65), Deviled Crab Cakes ($19.26)

Check out their online menu here!

9. Indline: For Hearty Indian Dishes and Finger Food


It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re hosting a Bollywood-themed hen’s night, Indline- The Indian Cookery’s impressive authentic Indian spread will have your guests licking their fingers and swamping the food table.

If you’re new to the cuisine, here’s a tip from us – you’ll never go wrong with Butter Naan ($3.21), a bowl of creamy Palak Paneer ($10.70), spicy Fish Curry ($10.70), and super fragrant Butter Chicken ($11.77).

But if you’re a naan-eating-lassi-chugging champion, order any dish that your heart desires! 

If you aren’t up for a full-on Indian feast, Indline has a tempting selection of finger food as well. A good choice would be the Onion Bhaji ($4.15 per portion), addictive morsels of battered onion florets that are deep-fried till light and crispy.   

Celebrate over steaming hot bowls of intensely flavored curries and aromatic traditional Indian dishes, as you tear into the baskets of buttery, freshly-made naan – communal dining doesn’t get much better than this.

You may like: Palak Paneer ($10.70), Fish Tikka Masala ($11.77), Onion Bhaji ($4.15)

Check out their online menu here!


10. Ben’s Cookies: For Heavenly, Homemade Cookies From England


Cookies make every party better, and if  the massive queues at the opening of Ben’s Cookies’ flagship store at Wisma Atria proved anything, it’s that these palm-sized bakes are good.  Each of their huge cookies are loaded up with all kinds of cookie mix-ins, and have a rich buttery dough that remains perfectly chewy without being tough. 

A Large Box Of Ben’s Favorites ($29.50) will get you an assortment of 15 of the store’s signatures bakes. The popular White Chocolate Chunk is filled generously with pockets of creamy semi-molten chocolate, perfect for guests with a major sweet tooth. Oozing with both bittersweet and white chocolate pieces in every bite, the cocoa dough Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies are sure to be gobbled up in seconds by the chocolate addicts in the house. 

Order a load of these divine giant cookies for your party guests to munch on, as everyone gathers to chat and catch up. They’re sure to be a crowd pleaser.

You may like: Large Box Of Ben’s Favorites ($29.50)

Check out their online menu here!

11. Mikawa Yakitori Bar: For Kushiyaki and Yakimono


Give your party menu a fancy Japanese twist with Mikawa Yakitori Bar’s grilled Japanese skewers, without having to make a trip down to the yakitori bar itself. 

Their extensive selection of delectable grilled skewers ($2.20-$3.20 per piece) include quail eggs, crispy chicken skin, seasoned chicken meatballs, and more. Alternatively, if you’re hosting a veggie party, Mikawa offers different types of kushiyaki (non-poultry skewers) as well, from savoury golden mushrooms drenched in butter, to grilled miso tofu. 

The skewers arrive so fresh that they taste as if they’ve been grilled in your own backyard. You definitely won’t be stopping at one stick. For a lip-smacking good time, be sure to order some of Mikawa’s grilled yakimono, like their shoyu Pork Belly ($16) and Oo-Ebi Mentai Yaki ($7.40), grilled giant prawns with mentaiko, to round off your feast. 

You may like: Assorted Kushiyaki ($2.20-$3.20 per piece) 

Check out their online menu here!

12. Eat At Taipei: For Taiwanese Street Snacks And Specialities


Everyone loves Taiwanese food. With Taiwanese street snack staples like soft, savoury mee sua and Taiwanese sausage, Eat At Taipei now delivers the taste of Taiwan’s bustling streets right to your very doorstep.

The Keelung Night Market Oyster Omelette ($10.59) is a terrific party appetizer, with juicy oysters nestled in crispy clouds of flour and egg. Don’t miss the Homemade Taiwanese Sausage in Glutinous RIce Roll ($9.52) or 大腸包小腸, a Taiwanese street snack invention that consists of a juicy meat sausage wrapped in a larger grilled sticky rice “sausage”.

You can even get Shilin Night Market Fried Fresh Milk ($8.45), a unique sweet treat made from deep-fried milk custard. Uncommon in Singapore, this delicious Taiwanese dish makes for a more interesting finisher to your dinner party. 

You may like: Keelung Night Market Oyster Omelette ($10.59), Shilin Night Market Fried Fresh Milk ($8.45)

Check out their online menu here!

13. Patara: For Delicious Thai Starters and Sweet Desserts


With a flavorsome range of finger food and sumptuous starters, order some upscale Thai cuisine from Patara as a more interesting set of appetizers for your gatherings and functions. 

Assemble a party platter of bite-sized favorites like the Curried Fish Cakes with Cucumber and Carrot Salsa ($21.40), vegetarian Assorted Crispy Spring Rolls ($22.47), and their popular Twice-Cooked Chicken Wings with 5-Spice and Black Vinegar Caramel ($20.33). The chicken wings are particularly noteworthy: Out-of-this-world crispy, and incredibly aromatic from the 5-spice marinade.

You don’t have to worry about hunting high and low for dessert either. Finish off with a round of traditional Thai desserts, starting with Patara’s classic Thai Fragrant Mango with Coconut Sweet Rice ($17.12), which has just the right balance of sweetness. Or give their unique Molten Chocolate Chili Lava Cake ($18.19) a shot! This peppery, punchy sweet treat will surprise your guests, providing a brilliant pop of flavor to cap off your feast. 

You may like: Patara Premium platter ($44.94), Twice-Cooked Chicken Wings with 5-Spice and Black Vinegar Caramel ($20.33), Molten Chocolate Chili Lava Cake ($18.19)

 Check out their online menuhere!

14. J’s Wok And Grill: For Canapes and Char Kway Teow


If you can’t make up your mind on whether to serve up European-style appetizers or simple Singaporean favorites at your next party, J’s Wok and Grill has the answer to your dilemma. 

For a truly international feast, you can start off with a spread of tapas that include Beef Fillet On Toast ($7.49) and well-spiced Lamb Kofta ($8.56), before moving on to heartier mains like Mee Goreng ($9.63) and battered Fish and Chips ($11.77). Add some Mediterranean to the mix with the Hummus with Chicken Shawarma ($10.70), this smoky grilled chicken and creamy chickpea combo makes for a delicious sharing dish. 

This Western-Asian family restaurant is the perfect choice for party planners who wish to incorporate a rojak of different cuisines into their menu. Kids will rejoice at the spread of Western finger food, while your older guests will appreciate the comforting local dishes that you’ve included as a break from the monotony of fries and chicken nuggets.  

You may like: Lamb Kofta ($8.56), Mee Goreng ($9.63)

Check out their online menu here!

15. Double Scoops: For A Rainbow Of Unique Ice Cream Flavours


What’s a party without cold scoops of creamy ice cream? 

Double Scoops, is a creamery in Ang Mo Kio that serves handcrafted gelato in an impossibly wide array of creative, non-traditional flavors. Now that their Classic and Premium Take-Home Packs ($12-$14 for a 450g Tub) are available for home delivery, the solution to all your dessert woes is just an order away.

I love the local twists that Double Scoops have incorporated into some of their gelato flavors, such as their addictive Classic Sea Salt Gula Melaka ($12) and tropical Mango Lime Sorbet ($12). If you’ve got guests visiting from other countries, this is an excellent way to give them a taste of the Singaporean dessert scene.  

The Premium Matcha Kitkat ($14) is another adventurous option. Kids and dessert-loving Japanophiles alike are sure to love the crunchy chunks of green tea kitkat folded into the light matcha gelato. 

Order a range of flavors for a funky, vibrant dessert buffet, and get scooping!

You may like: Classic Take-Home Pack ($12 for a 450g Tub), Premium Take-Home Pack ($14 for a 450g Tub)

Check out their online menu here!

Complete Your Party Menu In 32 Minutes!

With this many cuisines and places to choose from, planning a mouth-watering menu for your celebrations will be an absolute breeze. 

Delivery is super affordable at a flat rate of $3. What’s more, all your food will arrive fresh and ready in an average of 32 minutes!

And now, you can enjoy even more savings on top of your first party delivery order!  All you have to do is key in the code “TSLROO” upon ordering and you’ll get $20 off your entire bill. This offer is valid till 10 March 2016, so get your orders down quick. 

Check out Deliveroo now! 


Valentine’s Day 2016 Special


If you can’t find a good restaurant on Valentine’s Day or if limited set menus aren’t exciting enough, things could be different this year – just stay home and get a romantic dinner served right to your doorstep! A nice and cosy meal without the hassle of dressing up – just spending some time alone with your loved one. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day should be about?

Treat yourself or your loved one to a meal via Deliveroo on the 14th February and Cupid Roo will be showing his love to you by giving away a $20 Grab voucher for every order this Valentine’s Day!

This post was brought to you by Deliveroo.

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