There’s this strange phenomenon on the Internet.

Youtube, Twitter, everyone everywhere is hating on everyone else’s music tastes.


“Jazz? You sure?”

“Classical? Dude, you’re ancient!”

“You listen to Justin Bieber? That’s not real music man!”


But then again, what is real music?

What exactly constitutes real music?

Music is an art, a perfect channel for self-expression. Music removes all inhibitions, liberating the people, giving them voices. Music resonates with people on different frequencies.

And who are we to judge what music resonates with others?

Maybe I relate to Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me. Maybe Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is the perfect form of self-expression for me.

Maybe I don’t need words. Maybe I adore classical music, maybe I appreciate the beauty of it. 

Maybe indie music makes me happy.


I am guilty of judging others for their music tastes myself, for scoffing at others who refuse to venture from the top 40s. But it’s not right.

Maybe we shouldn’t judge others for what music they listen to. Maybe we shouldn’t be afraid to listen to music in fear of being judged.

All music is real.

All music is beautiful.

Teo En Qi

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