Kranji Has A New ATV Park Where Both Kids & Adults Can Ride Through Mud Trails Like Mad Max

Mud Krank ATV rides in Kranji

School may be in session but that’s no reason to put a damper on thrilling weekend plans. For those who have a need for speed, channel your inner Mad Max into ATV rides at Mud Krank in Kranji.

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Speed through muddy trails on ATVs for ages 4 and up

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Mud Krank

In this rain-or-shine activity, thrill seekers will ride their own 4x4s through a mud course for 15 minutes per session. The adrenaline-filled rides are an activity even little ones can enjoy on their own. There are junior ATVs for kids as young as four that they’ll be able to manoeuvre by themselves without parental guidance.

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Safety is of utmost importance, of course, and the mud courses have been designed to be navigated even by inexperienced riders. Extra protective gear is provided to all riders too. Helmet, knee pads and elbow guards are available to soften any falls that might happen.

Kids will have to stick to the circuits within the arena, but for adults, you’ve got your choice of racing on- and off-track around Kranji Gallop – a bumpier landscape to put the all-terrain in ATV to the test.

Go on an ATV ride at Mud Krank

If you’re looking for thrills and spills for you and your family to try out, Mud Krank is a viable option for those with younger kids. Sessions start at $20 for juniors between 4-12 years old on weekdays, and $35 for those 13 and above. Rates for weekends are at $25 and $40 respectively.

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Since it can get pretty muddy, it’s best to bring an extra change of clothes. There’s a wash-up area to rinse off the caked-up mud on your shoes. Otherwise, strap in, rev your engine and get ready to cruise.

Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane, 2 Gallop Kranji Farm Resort, Farm H, Singapore 718813
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 9AM-9PM

Mud Krank website

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