5 Minimalist Kitchen Equipment To Give Your New BTO Or Renovation A Clean, Clutter-Free Look

Minimalist kitchen equipment

In today’s world of squeezy high rise homes, minimalist interiors are here to stay. It doesn’t just help you save a ton of space, it also eliminates clutter in your life. 

Most often, it’s our kitchens that tend to stick out like sore thumbs thanks to bulky appliances that sit on our countertops. That’s why it’s essential for new homeowners and those undergoing renovations to plan for a clean look to match the rest of their home. Well, look no further than these five minimalist kitchen equipment:

1. Wells water purifier – elegant & tankless

Think of water dispensers and purifiers and you’ll most likely imagine something that eats into a lot of your counter space. But with Wells The One, you can have high-end features packaged in a sleek little device. It comes in three colours to match your kitchen theme: white, red and dark brown with a metallic gold spout and bezel for a touch of luxury. 

Select specific water temperatures for tea, coffee and baby formula.

You’ll also be getting some handy functions here: instant hot and cold water, self-sterilisation, and a nine-step water filtration process for clean drinking water.

Get Wells The One

2. Mistral rice cooker – compact with touch buttons

Most rice cookers have a pretty run-of-the-mill aesthetic – they’re often somewhat bulky with knobs, buttons and handles. For something you’d proudly display at the dinner table, check out the Mistral Mimica 0.8L Digital Rice Cooker ($89)

Its 0.8L capacity is perfect for serving two to three persons
Image adapted from: Mayer

It comes with an elegant wood-toned lid that has an LED touch display. You can select up to nine cooking functions that include cake and yogurt-making. If you tend to cook in bulk to last the entire day, you’ll find its 24-hour keep-warm function handy. 

Get the Mistral Mimica 0.8L Digital Rice Cooker.

3. Braun toaster – easy toasting controls

Image credit: Braun

Braun’s PurEase Toaster HT3010 ($69) caught our eye thanks to its indented knobs that won’t look clunky on your countertop. It’s got a simple, modern design, and comes in either white or black.  

Choose between seven browning modes for your perfect slice of toast, and utilise its accompanying rack to warm up buns and croissants. You can also easily lift its lever to retrieve your toast without burning your fingers. 

Get the Braun PurEase Toaster HT3010.

4. Muji cooking scale – compact & energy-saving

The scale measures just 12.2CM x 20CM x 4CM
Image credit: Muji

Muji’s Solar Cooking Scale ($69) isn’t just minimalist in design; it’s also minimalist in function. It saves energy by switching to its solar battery when you use it in a bright area. It’s also pretty tiny – about half the size of an iPad, so you’ll be saving a ton of space as well.

Image credit: Muji 

The scale can weigh up to 2KG worth of food, and has a reversible lid for odd-shaped items like long spaghetti. 

Get the Muji Solar Cooking Scale

5. Kuvings slow juicer – smoothie & sorbet functions

The juicer comes in three colours: gunmetal, champagne gold, and red.
Image credit: @kuvings

Just like minimalist homes, healthy eating is here to stay. For those who love to fuel up on homemade juices and smoothies, the sleek Kuvings Evo820 Slow Juicer ($1,088) would be your best tool. 

Image credit: @kuvings

It comes with an attachment for making sorbets and smoothies, and you can even use it to make almond milk in the comfort of your home. 

Get the Kuvings Evo 820 Slow Juicer 

Create a clutter-free kitchen with minimalist equipment

Minimalist kitchen equipment can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a clutter-free look at home. 

If you’re just getting started with a new BTO or renovation plans, now’s the time to invest in a sleek and functional water purifier. Measuring just 8.8CM in diameter, Wells The One is a tankless option that’ll barely take up any space on your kitchen countertop.

It’s got handy functions as well, allowing you to dispense specific amounts of water: 120ML, 250ML, 550ML and continuous. Apart from getting instant cold and room-temperature water, you can save time and energy and forgo having to boil water since it instantly dispenses water in various temperatures suitable for coffee, tea and baby formula. 

Cleaning the water purifier will be hassle-free too. It has a self-sterilisation function and uses Super Bio Pipes that eliminate bacteria growth. You’ll also be drinking purified water that has gone through an extensive nine-step filtration process. 

Perfect for those who appreciate convenience in their daily lives, Wells The One is an all-in-one water purifier that doesn’t skimp on aesthetics for your minimalist home. 

Get Wells The One water purifier here

This post was brought to you by Wells Singapore.
Photography by Doreen Fan.
Cover image adapted from: Muji & Mayer

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