We Got Our Bosses To Rank All Kinds Of MC Reasons From Most To Least Believable

Reasons for taking an MC from most to least believable

Remember when you skipped work with an MC from the doctor but weren’t actually that sick? Yes, you do.

Truth is, worker-bees pull a sickie on the regular. Sometimes, you’re probably genuinely ill. But oftentimes, “I need to take an MC today” is just a white lie you tell to get yourself a weekday chill day. Below, we rank 7 MC reasons employees have used to snag them a get-out-of-work card, from most to least believable.

1. I have food poisoning

Food nourishes your body but can also ruin your life for 24-48 hours if it’s contaminated. Plus, your frequent trips to the food courts can increase the risk of your guts melting into loose stools. Bosses know that, which is why using food poisoning as an excuse to take an MC won’t raise any red flags.

2. I’ve got a fever, cough, or cold

In the past, a flu used to be up there with other suspicious excuses for taking an MC. Since COVID hit, however, flu variants and other respiratory infections are so common they’re very likely to satisfy your boss. Given the hot and humid weather in Singapore, flu season occurs year-round. 

As such, workers might take advantage of the flu hotline to take extra time off work and no one would question a thing. If you’re planning to go down the flu path, just make sure you maintain a cough when you’re back at work to make it more legit.

3. My ankles are injured from going to the gym

Body injuries come a close third. Mainly because you’re likely to hurt your ankles, knees, or anything in between in the process of getting fit at the gym. Ankle pain, for example, is quite common and severe enough to warrant a sick day.

However, a long MC might not be approved since you can still work from home with a sprained ankle. Plus, your boss might not be too thrilled that you request for a few days off work citing your worsening condition but are still active on social media.

4. My period cramps are so severe that I can’t walk

The classic period cramps excuse works wonders, especially on male bosses who won’t dare to get into the intimate details of your monthly menstrual cycle. Generally speaking, it is a legit reason to take an MC. However, some bosses might still question the validity of your period cramps claim. 

If you’re female and in your reproductive years, simply grab onto your bellies while complaining about having to pop painkillers to combat cramps on the worst days of the month.

5. My eyes are too watery to see clearly because of my allergies

Bee pollen, hay fever, dust mites – the list of potential allergies is endless. If you’re pretty prone to allergies, asking to WFH because your allergies are acting up seems valid. However, pulling the ol’ allergy card might not grant you a full day of staying in bed.

Unless it’s a full-blown allergy attack that comes with a constellation of symptoms like swelling and fever, your boss might suggest you treat it with over-the-counter anti-histamines.

6. I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday

As unbelievable as it sounds, this excuse has been used. Let’s be honest – It’s a little tricky to convince any bosses that you actually woke up thinking it was Saturday. This excuse sounds like you’re either too hungover to see the date clearly on your phone or accidentally oversleep. Either way, it won’t fly with your boss.

7. My horoscope says my health is in jeopardy today

Faking an MC because your horoscope suggests you stay home and stay strong is probably one of the least foolproof stories out there. It’s unlikely that your boss will approve your time-off request and you might even put your employment in jeopardy.

Most & least believable MC reasons

We’ve all been there – feeling either sick, stressed, tired, heartbroken, or hungover. For the love of all the high and mighty, you just need an extra day off to recharge and recuperate. 

If you’re mapping out a plan to fake an MC, avoid some of the unbelievable excuses above and pray that your boss will hit the approve button. But if you’re truly ill, then be upfront about it. Request for a sick day, go for a doctor check-up if you haven’t done so, and consider adding health supplements from Eu Yan Sang into your daily routine.

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The bottom line is, calling in sick when you’re not sick takes precision, planning, and imagination. But if you’d like to up your health game and prevent yourself from falling sick, then give supplements a try.

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This post was brought to you by Eu Yan Sang.
Photography by Shawn Low. 

Samantha Nguyen

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