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First Look At KidzWorld In Singapore Zoo: Safari Playground, Animal Feeding & Water Maze

KidzWorld reopens at Singapore Zoo

If you’re running out of things to do with kids, here’s something to help break up the usual indoor playground rotation. Cue KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo – located inside Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Having recently reopened to much anticipation, the park features indoor and outdoor petting zoos, a water maze, and a slew of interactive Ranger Buddies quests for the children to embark on.

Previously known as Rainforest KidzWorld

On 16th October 2023, the announcement of Rainforest KidzWorld’s closure broke the lil hearts of many loyal fans who fell in love with its free-roaming piglets, turtles, horses, and rabbits. 


Having been around since 2008, the park was an iconic fixture at Singapore Zoo. Flocks of families would come here to cool off at the water playground, ride the carousel, feed the animals, and catch the dogs and cats doing tricks.

Opening with 7 zones

After 10 days of closure for a facelift, the fan-fave attraction reopened on 25th October 2023. The park is split into 7 zones: Little Paws and Animal Land petting zoos, Splish Splash water maze, Play Trees playground, Ranger Buddies Quest, and Animal Buddies shows. There’s also a KidzWorld Cafe and gift shop within the vicinity.

Animal Land & Little Paws petting zoos

Take a tour of the petting zoos and meet the friendly animals at KidzWorld.

As soon as you step inside Little Paws, you’ll be met with 3 playpens filled with cuddly rabbits and 2 separate sections that are home to the rescue dogs and cats. 

Outside at Animal Land, there are falabella horses, free-roaming goats, and pink piglets who snuffle their snouts. 

With the help of an animal trainer, visitors will be able to enter the ranch to get up close with the animals and take a bazilion photos with them. If you love farm animals and cute content for your feed, don’t miss it. 

Play Trees playground

Across from the animal ranches, you’ll find an enormous safari-themed Play Trees – an outdoor playground at KidzWorld for kiddos aged 5 and above.

Expect a giant metal tube slide that’ll send mini riders speeding from atop the wooden tower, as well as a wide assortment of chill attractions for the tinier tots like a wooden swing, rope bridges, mini trampolines, and mini rock climbing wall.

Splish Splash water maze

To cool off after several rounds of zipping down the tube slide and running up the ramps, round the kids up and head over to Splish Splash water maze.

Over here, the kiddos can frolic in dozens of water jets while parents can hopefully sip on an icy cold drink in peace. Shower facilities are available for you to rinse off. Just make sure you bring swimwear for the kids and a change of clothes for the whole fam. 

Ranger Buddies Quest interactive missions

Ranger Buddies Quest is designed for children to learn a thing or two about wildlife and the environment.

Upon entering, children will be given a binocular each in order to explore the 3 zones inside. For the missions, parents are required to tag along as they’ll need to download the Ranger Buddies app to sign the kiddos up.

Inside the Ranger Buddies Basecamp, there’ll be a series of interactive gameplay like colouring animals and collecting trash in the pond. 

After each mission, kiddos will be able to learn about animals in the wild and how to make small but positive changes for the environment.

Animal Buddies Plaza

At the Animal Buddies Plaza, both kids and grown-ups will get to catch a series of performances by the park’s very own 4-legged residents.

On the lineup are doggos showing off their abilities to do tricks and sniff out danger, goats’ climbing skill, and cats and horses’ dance show. There are 5 shows per day and each one lasts for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to check the Mandai website for exact Animal Buddies show times before you go.

Visit KidzWorld Singapore Zoo

If you’re after a spanking new destination to burn the kids’ energy off and set them up for a sweet snooze, then KidzWorld has your name on it.

While you’re there, don’t forget to pop in the new gift shop located at the entrance of KidzWorld. There’s a slew of safari animal plushies, books, puzzles, and kids’ clothing and accessories for you to splash some cash on.

From now till 30th December 2023, visitors can check out KidzWorld by purchasing 2-park admission tickets ($38/child, $54/adult). The pass will grant you entry to Singapore Zoo and River Wonders so you can see both attractions during your visit at a discounted price.

Take note that Ranger Buddies Quest is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and school holidays. So, plan ahead and come early. Hopefully, the lines won’t be too long.

Check out KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo

Photography by Sherlyn Lee Si Hui
Originally published on 26th October 2023.


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