KDK Is A Japanese Brand That Has Ceiling Fans With Chio Matte Designs, Wi-Fi Control & Dimmable LED Lights

KDK Airy DC ceiling fans

With scorching temps in Singapore for the majority of the year, the need for a fan is real. But there’s a myriad of options out there, and to find one that’s powerful, quiet, durable, and aesthetically pleasing can be tough. 

Lucky for you, we’ve been on a fan-hunting mission and managed to suss out a Japanese brand that might be your speed. Here’s KDK’s latest Airy ceiling fan model that proves fans can be fab and functional.

Matte design with 3D curved blades

So you want a fan that looks good and is actually good. 

Image credit: KDK Singapore

Designed by the Japanese, the small but mighty KDK Airy comes in a chic matte colour scheme. Opt for the brown design if you’re after boho chic and rustic vibes. Or, go for the white one that’ll blend right into your apartment’s minimalistic aesthetic. 

Image credit: KDK Singapore

Unlike traditional fans, the Airy has 3D curved blades that promise to be quiet enough for your Zoom calls and bedtime. Plus, their elegant design can soften up your space and breathe new life into the blank ceiling. 

Image credit: @tidplus_design 

If you use AC at home, the fan’s reverse mode will be able to circulate and distribute cool air quickly and evenly. Your room will cool down in a matter of minutes which helps you cut back on your AC usage.

Wi-Fi control with dimmable LED light

This smart fan has 10 speeds and a dimmable LED light that can be controlled from your phone via the KDK Ceiling Fan app. This means you won’t have to leave the couch to adjust the speed of the fan or brightness of the light. Choose between strong overhead light for reading or working and dimmed mood setting for dinner. 

Image adapted from: KDK

Airy also has a scheduling function so you can turn the fan on before you get home to avoid being welcomed by that “oven” feeling.

Whether you’re fan-shopping for your new dig or renovated home, consider getting a bundle of 2 fans to save more than 20%*. Bundle prices start from $818 for 2 and include 2 years extended warranty.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Cool off with KDK ceiling fans

We heard you wanted to trim down your electricity bill. Since your AC that’s running overnight is probably responsible for a large chunk of it, you might want to turn it off and use a ceiling fan instead.


Given you’ll probably use it on a daily basis, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a sleek and reliable pick like the KDK Airy. 

Get more than 20% off the KDK Airy ceiling fan bundle

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Cover image adapted from KDK Singapore.


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