5 Jobs Of The Future To Keep An Eye On Today To Stay Ahead Of The Robots In 2030

Jobs of the future

2020 was a tumultuous year with many losing their jobs and businesses closing down. So, if you’re looking for a stable career with great prospects to weather the ups and downs of life, here are five jobs of the future to look out for.

From sports and wellness to engineering industries, these jobs are up-and-coming with solid career growth projected in the next decade.

1. Cloud Engineer

Remember working on a project with your classmates on Google docs? Chances are that in the working world, your company will be running on a cloud-based system that lets you collaborate, transfer data and communicate efficiently with your co-workers.

With the pandemic forcing many companies to work remotely, the need for cloud services has become ever more important. That’s where a cloud engineer comes in. You’ll be responsible for managing, protecting and improving the tech behind these services, while ramping up its AI and machine-driven aspects so that precious human manpower isn’t drained.

Plus, you will have exciting prospects with a possible career at one of the major tech giants. Think Amazon, Google or Microsoft, all while staying relevant in an AI-booming world.

Relevant courses to study: Specialist Diploma in Cloud Architecting and Management and Specialist Diploma in Applied Artificial Intelligence

2. Sports Therapist

Be it a muscle cramp from running or a sprain from a fall, most of us would have experienced such injuries in our lifetime. As our population ages and more of us start to exercise more, the need for healthcare professionals will go up.

This is where sports therapists come in – they are the folks who get you back on the running track or badminton court after you’ve sprained your ankle again by assessing and treating your injuries. As the adage goes: prevention is better than cure. True enough, sports therapists are all about prevention too as they educate the community through injury prevention courses.

Due to the need for human touch and its community-focused nature, this career path is one that AI cannot replace, and looks set to grow in demand.

Relevant courses to study: Diploma in Sports Wellness and ServicesSpecialist Diploma in Sport Science and Wellness

3. Biomedical Engineer

Image credit: Republic Polytechnic

The healthcare industry has always been a pillar in society. And even more so with the ongoing pandemic, resulting in increased demand for face masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Enter biomedical engineers, the unsung heroes who are not only responsible for designing these medical equipment, but also for sophisticated tasks like creating prosthetic limbs and diagnostic machines.

Biomedical engineers are the ones who maintain and operate medical equipment such as the beeping machines, a.k.a. electrocardiogram machines in hospitals – after all, you wouldn’t want your vital signs to be misread when the doctor examines you. With such great responsibility, it’s no wonder that biomedical engineers typically command an attractive income in this ever-important industry.

Relevant courses to study: Specialist Diploma in Biomedical Technology

4. Environmental Analyst

Image credit: Career Girls

From the apocalyptic bushfires in Australia to the annual haze in Singapore, environmental problems continue to plague us as we pollute our earth. If you’re passionate about the environment and want to study how we are impacting the Earth in various ways, a career as an environmental analyst would be the perfect fit.

You’ll be examining human effects on various ecological aspects such as air quality and water pollution, while assisting companies to prevent or respond to environmental disasters. As companies seek to become more eco-friendly in the wake of increasing climate awareness, the demand for environmental analysts is expected to rise over the coming years.

Relevant courses to study: Diploma in Applied Science (Environmental Services and Management)

5. Urban Farmer

Image credit: Republic Polytechnic

Our little red dot might soon become a green one. This is due to Singapore’s ‘30 by 30’ goal of having 30% of Singapore’s food be locally produced by 2030. While it might seem impossible given our already limited land area, innovative technology has blessed us with a new concept: urban farming.

Urban farmers, or farm engineers are jobs that’ll see a lot of growth thanks to the government’s push towards a sustainable Singapore. Their job is to work with scientists and other engineers to develop robust systems for farming in the city. Think growing your own vegetables at home but on a larger scale with advanced technology helping you.

Moreover, urban farmers maintain and perform checks on their agriculture systems so you’ll need both knowledge and technical skills. If you’re a “plant parent” or have your own little garden, you’re already one step ahead.

This career path can also be extremely profitable and rewarding if you’re adept at cultivating your brand while contributing to the growing local food movement. In fact, some Michelin-star restaurants use local produce in their menus, so there is plenty of opportunity for urban farming.

Relevant courses to study: Diploma in Applied Science (Urban Agricultural Technology)

Equip yourself with the right skills at Republic Polytechnic

Image credit: Republic Polytechnic

These jobs require specialised skill sets and knowledge, so you’ll need the right qualifications before being considered for the job. Whether you’re looking for a short course or a full-time diploma, at Republic Polytechnic (RP), a whole range of programmes are available to suit your learning and professional needs.

For folks who want to pursue skills upgrading courses while working, fret not as RP offers great flexibility. It has part-time diplomas, work-study programmes, short and micro-learning courses. 

Moreover, some of these courses are developed with SkillsFuture Singapore. You’ll get attractive subsidies and the ability to use your SkillsFuture credits. Plus, a curriculum that is designed closely with industry partners so you’ll be industry-ready when you graduate.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out Republic Polytechnic’s ACE course preview webinar for the June 2021 intake on 6th March 2021.

Find out more about Republic Polytechnic’s courses here

This post was brought to you by Republic Polytechnic.
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