This Free Career Event Lets You Chat With Folks From In-Demand Fields To Find Your Dream Job ASAP

JCU Career X 2021

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. But try as you might to discover your dream job, the constantly-changing market and career myths and misconceptions make it hard to make a decision. To learn more about your options, Career X by James Cook University, Singapore features a lineup of experts from different industries for an inside scoop. 

Held from 6th September – 11th September 2021, this free online webinar will be open to those from junior colleges, polytechnics and other institutes of higher learning. With the chance to hear from industry practitioners in fields ranging from data science to psychology, you’ll gain insight into the hottest industries in Singapore – and might even discover your dream job there. 

Hear from professionals in information technology

Be it work, play or everything in between, the internet is part and parcel of our daily lives – and even our homes and offices. From smart speakers to smart ovens, our smart gadgets connect to the internet for extra convenience – all thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) architects who work behind the scenes to ensure everything from voice commands and traffic lights just work.

With more and more of our lives on the cloud, news of hacks and data leaks can be worrying. As the detectives and guardians of the online world, cybersecurity consultants safeguard our sensitive and personal information. 

At the JCU Career X event, you’ll hear from experts from leading professional services and IT firms like EY and Cisco who will walk you through everything from the basics like coding language and skillsets to career tips and guidance.

Get insider information from various scientific disciplines

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Be it rushing to appointments or getting home after a night out, many of us rely on ridesharing services to get us around town. But while all it takes is a few taps on our smartphones to book a ride, you’ll also see how Gojek unlocks this day-to-day convenience through data scientists – who crunch over 16.5 million kilometers’ worth of data a day so you get the most efficient routes. 

From trying to live a zero-waste life to participating in beach cleanup initiatives, there’s much we can do for our environment in our daily lives. But for massive companies that churn out vast amounts of products each day, sustainability managers are their superhero sidekicks – helping corporations do their part for the environment or even blazing the way to net zero emissions.

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For those with a heart for people, the JCU Career X event will also feature an Associate psychologist working at a special education school. You’ll get a glimpse into her day-to-day as she conducts psychological screenings, assessments, and treatment planning. This work helps to ensure that the child is not disadvantaged when they enter society. 

Discover your dream job at JCU Career X Event

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Gearing up for working life might seem like a gruelling task, but the Career X by James Cook University, Singapore happening 6th – 11th September 2021 will help you kickstart your journey. In addition to equipping you with essential tips to get ahead in your career, Career X will also have a personal branding session on 11th September that will help you stand out as a job candidate.

There, you’ll get to hear from prominent influencers Leah and Zhin who will be sharing about how their journey in developing a personal brand, and key lessons you apply across industries.

With this unique chance to hear from professionals across various industries and interact with them, you’ll not only gain insight into their day-to-day – but might also rediscover your passion.    

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