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iGym Is A “Hidden” 24/7 Gym In Bishan With Rates From $6/h For Workouts Whenever

iGym in Bishan

Exercise is usually a hit or miss with most Singaporeans. We’re either raring to get moving, or can’t find the motivation to get up from our comfy beds. At times, we do get envious of friends who live in condos and have a gym that’s a lift ride away. 

The residents of Bishan enjoy that same privilege too – in a “hidden” gym they’ve kept a secret since 2019. iGym in Bishan is a gym studio with “HDB basement” in its address and it’s only a 5-minute drive from Bishan MRT.

Workout in an HDB public bomb shelter

Spot the glass door entrance next to a stairwell.
Image credit: Justin Ang

Certain HDB blocks come with public bomb shelters that are built below ground. At iGym, the bomb shelter space at Block 272 has been transformed into a modern gym. With their “no sleep” slogan, gym-goers are welcome to pop by at any hour to clock in some HIITs at the 24/7 gym.

The locker area has charging stations for charging your device during your workout.
Image credit: Reza San

Downstairs, the shelter-turned-gym has enough space to host 30 visitors. Amenities here include bag storage, vending machines, and charging stations that come with a key. Post-workout, hop into the shower to freshen up before continuing with the day’s activities. 

Pay-per-use gym from $6/hour

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iGym’s fees start from $6 for the 1st hour, and subsequent 30-minute sessions are at $0.50 per block till the 4th hour. After the 4th hour, rates are back to $6/hour. For instance, if you’re thinking of clocking in 2.5 hours at the gym today, this means you’ll be charged $7.50. 

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Upon entry, you get access to all the profesh gym equipment like treadmills, benches, and a range of weights. For newbies, seek out the personal trainers in the gym who’ll be glad to assist you in calibrating workout routines for you. You can book a PT package from $90/hour – up to 2 hours.

iGym’s app is an all-in-one platform to check your credits and gym capacity.
Image adapted from: Oh Qian Yi

Before you head down for leg day, be sure to download the iGym SG app. Patrons will need to scan the code at the gym gantry in order to enter. This way, the app is able to keep track of the number of people in the gym and provide real-time info for those who don’t fancy a crowded gym. 

Each visit earns you points which accumulates to discounted entry fees later on. Other cool features in the app include a Training Diary and a Nutrition Diary for logging your workout regimes and tracking your diet, respectively. It’s an all-in-one companion that even the novices will find easy to utilise. 

Visit iGym in Bishan to get the gains whenever

Whether you’re following YouTube workouts with Pamela Reif or lifting weights with the bros, indoor gyms are a great place to work up a sweat. Besides the Bishan outlet, north-easters can also find iGym in Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre. 

If you’ve been plonked on your work chair for a tad too long, it’s about time to get off your butts and hit the gym. Moreso if you’re living in Bishan or Upper Serangoon, you get a gym that’s conveniently located in a nearby HDB estate. 

Find out more about iGym


Price: $6/hour (1st & 4th hour onwards) | $0.50/30 minutes (2nd & 3rd hour)

Bishan outlet
Address: Block 272 Bishan Street 24, #B1-228, Singapore 570272
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Telephone: 9050 5288

Serangoon outlet
Address: 756 Upper Serangoon Road, #02-02, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore 534626
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Telephone: 9050 5288

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Cover image adapted from: Reza San, @igym_sg

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