i Light Singapore 2023 First Look – 10 Most Chio Installations & Where To Find The Best Vantage Points

i Light Singapore 2023

Whether it’s centered around food, music or art, nothing brings Singaporeans together like a festival – especially one with plenty of photo ops. Here to make June a lit month is i Light Singapore 2023

Happening from 1st-25th June, the annual light festival returns to light up Marina Bay and 2 additional hoods – South Beach and Millenia Walk. We got a first look at i Light Singapore 2023 and here are the art installations and highlights – no pun intended – you should check out. 

IG-worthy artworks across 3 locations

Let’s play word associations. Blue. You probably thought of the ocean or the sky. Playing with the theme of nature, this year’s artists have created light displays intending to evoke calmness and serenity – emotions we often associate with being in nature.

This goes without saying, but you’ll get great photos for the ‘gram.

Put on a good pair of walking shoes to check out the festival this year because the art displays are not just limited to the Marina Bay area. If the area surrounding MBS gets a wee bit too crowded, you’d be happy to know that artworks are also featured at South Beach and Millenia Walk

Apart from making amazing photo backdrops, the installations also aim to get one thinking about our current relationship with nature. Given Earth’s current state, we’d say the status is “it’s complicated”. 

Through i Light Singapore 2023, we can start thinking about how we can change that status to “harmoniously married” by embracing sustainable practices that allow us to peacefully coexist with nature. All the installations are inspired by nature and created using sustainable materials. Plus, most of them are huge and encourage you to immerse yourself in them by walking through the spaces. 

– Marina Bay –

1. Glacier Dreams – Glacier projections on ArtScience Museum

One of the highlights is Glacier Dreams, which brings scenes of Iceland right to the heart of Singapore – especially, on the facade of the ArtScience Museum. The installation projects images of real glaciers which will mentally transport you straight to freezing ice sheets.

You can practically see this installation from anywhere – but the best vantage point is on the Helix Bridge.

Artist: Refik Anadol
Location: Facade of ArtScience Museum

2. Tree Man – Inflatables that change colours

Right outside the entrance of Marina Bay Sands, near Black Tap, is Tree Man. Inflatable, colourful, and slightly trippy, this artwork is meant to reflect on our preoccupation with electronic devices.

Enter the “arms” of the tree man and the sculpture starts switching between different colours. You’ll find a small tree in the middle, providing you with a connection to nature, surrounded by Singapore’s towering skyscrapers.

Artist: ENESS (Australia)
Location: Event Square

3. Blumiwave – Suspended nets with mood lighting

Ocean lovers will find a sea of calm in the midst of Marina Bay at Blumiwave. This massive installation may look like another chio artwork from afar, but come closer and you’ll find that the layers of sculptural “waves” are actually made of safety nets and scaffolding.

The lights here change colour – from blue to red and purple – so it makes good mood lighting for your impromptu photo shoot or soft launch of bae

Artist: DP Design (Singapore)
Location: Mist Walk 

4. Trumpet Flowers – Oversized flowers for IG-perfect shots

Now, this installation outside The Fullerton Bay Hotel is probably going to dominate Instagram feeds for the whole of June. The towering Trumpet Flowers are actually musical and light instruments – and you get to decide what sounds come out of them by controlling the interactive keys that are connected to each one.

The kids are gonna have a blast at this outdoor musical playground. 

Artist: Amigo & Amigo (Australia)
Location: Clifford Square

5. Lightwave: Turning the Tide – Aesthetic backdrops for your soft launch

Anyone who loves gawking at oceanic creatures at the Sentosa S.E.A. Aquarium will want to check out Lightwave: Turning the Tide, a separate installation at The Promontory that requires a $5 admission fee.

Here, the artists have recreated the underwater world to explore how our actions impact nature. Interactive elements include covering light beams to see how humans’ actions can be detrimental to the environment. You’re promised an inspiring light experience that engages all your senses. Tickets will be available from 15th May 2023.

Purchase tickets for Lightwave: Turning the Tide.

Location: The Promontory
Time: Sun-Thu 7.30pm-11pm (last experience at 10.40pm) | Fri-Sat 7.30pm-12am (last experience at 11.40pm)

6. Light Anemones – Rotating sculptures with reflective surfaces

Now, this one kinda reminds us of plumbobs usually seen on The Sims characters. But these versatile light sculptures are actually inspired by the world beneath the water’s surface. 

The rotating sculptures are made of titanium-stainless steel mirrors, which reflect either the sunlight or city lights – depending on the time of the day you visit. They’re located in the open field of The Promontory – with views of Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, and other iconic buildings – as a backdrop, making a great photo op.

Artist: Malte Kebbel (Germany)
Location: The apex at The Promontory at Marina Bay 

7. Block Party – HDB blocks come to life

Giving our HDB flats a little more personality, the artists of Block Party have incorporated technology that allows the viewer to make the buildings sway to their dance movements. As you wave your arms around and move side to side, the facades shake with you.

Artist: Jeremy Lin, Jedy Chen, Dexter Hong Plug & Play (Singapore)
Location: Entrance of Marina Bay Link Mall 

– South Beach –

8. Bleached – Reflects on our impact on the environment

At South Beach, 2 installations have been designed by local students. The first one, Bleached, recreates an ocean bed of seaweed and corals.

Hover your hand over the sensors and watch as the “seaweed” and “corals” turn white temporarily, similar to coral bleaching in our oceans. 

Artist: Berenice Chao Zong Xin, Nicky Josephine Tjandra Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media (Singapore)
Location: South Beach Avenue – Level B1M (Beside Akira Back) 

9. Show III – Mimics alone time in the shower

Show II, on the other hand, simulates an outdoor shower experience. It aims to replicate the contemplative feeling you get whenever it’s mandi time. All you have to do is stand under the showerheads and they’ll light up with soft blue lighting accompanied by a composed soundscape and virtual water droplets.

This installation is pet-friendly, so your furkid can join in the fun. There’s a smaller, lower showerhead for your pup or cat to frolic under. 

Artist: Chen Jiawen, Lai Ling Ling Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) and James Cook University (Singapore)
Location: South Beach Main Entrance 

– Millenia Walk –

10. Prism – Geometric installation in a shopping mall

Last but not least,
Prism is located right in the middle of Millenia Walk, if you need a break from the heat. It’s an installation that uses 3D geometrical shapes and changing colours to display the healing effects of chromotherapy AKA light therapy.

It’s a stunning sight if you wanna take a break after all that shopping – and the kids will probably be mesmerised, too. 

Artist: Jun Ong (Malaysia)
Location: Millenia Walk (The Great Hall)

Mark your calendar for i Light Singapore 2023

If you find yourself Googling “things to do in June”, make sure to add i Light Singapore 2023 to your list of post-work shenanigans. For those with young kids, here’s another exciting activity to keep the little ones occupied during the school holidays.

The displays will light up every day including weekdays so there’s no need to compete with the weekend crowd either.

Find out more about i Light Singapore 2023

Admission: Free
Date: 1st-25th June 2023
Time: Sun-Thu 7.30pm-11pm | Fri & Sat 7.30pm-12am
Venue: Marina Bay, South Beach, & Millenia Walk

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Photography by Chan Hui Wen
First published by Aditi Kashyap on 27th April 2023. Last updated by Dewi Nurjuwita on 31st May 2023.

Event Information
i Light Singapore 2023
Marina Bay,
South Beach & Millenia Walk
01 - 25 Jun 2023
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

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