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Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s New Snowskin Mooncakes Has Flavours Like Singapore Sling & Peranakan Durian

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium mooncakes 2019

With the Mid-Autumn Festival right around the corner, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is upping the ante this year with a selection of unique flavour combos you’d never even think to associate with mooncakes – we’re talking Singapore Sling snowskins as well as infusions of rosemary and honey, crafted in vibrant pastel shades that are almost too good to eat!

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium snowskin mooncake flavours

The new kids on the block for 2019 are the Singapore Sling Praline and Rosemary Honey Praline Mini Snowskins ($66 for a box of 6 pieces each), both embedded with a rich and tasty white lotus seed paste.

White Lotus Seed Paste with Singapore Sling Praline

While alcohol-infused mooncakes aren’t uncommon, the unlikely incorporation of our national cocktail gives each bite of these pink-and-pretty snowskins a sweet and familiar zing. 

White Lotus Seed Paste with Rosemary Honey Praline

The honeyed filling is blended harmoniously with notes of fresh rosemary. Besides lending it an added depth most wouldn’t expect, the fragrant herb also cuts through the richness to ensure the entire mooncake isn’t cloyingly sweet overall. 

Past mini snowskin favourites of 4 different varieties will also be making a comeback this year, each priced at $66 for a box of 6 pieces:

Peranakan Durian

Intoxicatingly aromatic durian is whipped to a fluffy texture and crammed within this delicate mini snowskin. Fans of the King Of Fruits will have to exercise great restraint not to gobble these potent goodies up whole!

Green Tea Paste with Baileys Irish Cream Praline

Earthy green tea flavours are spiked with shots of Baileys Irish Cream, leading to a smooth and milky concoction that tastes like a grown-up version of matcha milk tea. 

Pandan Paste with Champagne Praline

The quintessential taste profile of pandan is present in many of our local dishes, from hawker classics to traditional pastries. Indulge in the floral flavours further accentuated by crisp hints of champagne.

Passion Fruit Paste with Plum

A delicate fruity treat with equal parts tangy passion fruit and treacly plums, this pint-sized snowskin delight even has morsels of dried plum for you to unearth like hidden treasure.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium traditional baked mooncakes

If you’re a stickler for tradition, fret not. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s range of baked mooncakes will satisfy that annual craving for perfectly golden brown crusted treats yielding chewy lotus paste fillings. 

There are Assorted Traditional Mooncakes and Assorted Nuts varieties to choose from ($74 for a box of 4 pieces each). The latter is jam-packed with almonds, walnuts and macadamias, along with a mixture of pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds which provide an unbeatable texture and mouthfeel. 

Traditional mooncakes are an ideal gift for our parents and more senior relatives, which is why low-sugar options are a godsend. Put a smile on your loved ones’ faces with 4-piece Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste options ($66 for regular, $70 for Single Yolk, $74 for Double Yolk).

Tip: For a gloriously balanced experience, pair these mooncakes with some curated tea selections available from Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium. For $18 a tin, you can take home exquisite Morning Blossom Pearl, Dew Drops, Bamboo Green, Rose Tea or White Peony brews.

Xin’s Signature Collection mooncakes

Veering away from baked AND snowskin mooncakes, this series consists of innovative creations that’ll change the way you savour Mid-Autumn Festival staples. 

Image credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Choices include Xin’s Signature Mini Egg Custard with Yolk ($68 for 6 pieces) and Teochew Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk ($76 for 4 pieces).

Image credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

If the mini Peranakan Durian snowskins won you over completely, you’d be pleased to know there’s a large version as part of this collection for $76 (4 pieces)

Note: All mooncakes in this collection require a 3-day advance order.

Early bird discounts for Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium mooncakes

Image adapted from: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Ring in the festivities with hefty savings of varying amounts, depending on whether you cop the regal red-and-gold Classic Box or the sleek Moon Box sporting minimalist crescent and full moon motifs. 

Classic Box – Baked Classics & Mini Snowskin Favourites

  • 35% off pre-orders from now till 31st Jul 2019
  • 30% off early bird purchases between 1st Aug – 25th Aug 2019
  • 25% off regular discount for purchases between 26th Aug – 13th Sep 2019

Classic Box – Xin’s Signature Collection

  • 20% off throughout

Note: Classic Boxes are only available from the hotel lobby booth and through online orders. 

Moon Box – Baked Classics & Mini Snowskin Favourites

  • 30% off pre-orders from now till 31st Jul 2019
  • 25% off early bird purchases between 1st Aug – 25th Aug 2019
  • 20% off regular discount for purchases between 26th Aug – 13th Sep 2019

Moon Box – Xin’s Signature Collection

  • 15% off throughout

Where to buy Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium mooncakes 2019

If you’re drooling up a storm by now, pre-order all the flavours on your wishlist right now via the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium online store. Pick up and delivery will be available from 12th August to 13th September 2019.

From 12th August 2019 onwards, they’ll also be available for purchase at the hotel lobby as well as the following malls spread across the island, so you can stock up on delectable goodies no matter which region of Singapore you reside. 

  • 12th Aug – 13th Sep: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Hotel Lobby
  • 8th Aug – 13th Sep: Ngee Ann City
  • 15th Aug – 13th Sep: Vivo City
  • 23rd Aug – 13th Sep: NEX
  • 26th Aug – 13th Sep: Jurong Point
  • 30th Aug – 13th Sep: Causeway Point
  • 2nd Sep – 13th Sep: Bugis Junction, Lot One & Tampines Mall

Find out more about Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s 2019 mooncake offerings here

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Address: 317 Outram Road, Singapore 169075
Collection timings: 12PM-8PM, Daily from 12th August 2019
Telephone: 6733 0188

This post was brought to you by Holiday Inn® Singapore Atrium.
Photography by Crystal Tan

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