11 K-Pop “MV Sets” In Singapore’s Corners That Will Make You Go “Jinjja?!”

Hidden music video locations in Singapore that channel K-Pop vibes

I still remember the exact moment the Hallyu wave hit my household – when the first episode of Boys Over Flowers aired on local shores. Overnight, K-Pop became currency as we scrambled to snatch merch of our idols and waited religiously for the latest music videos to drop. 

For all you fans out there looking to up your IG game beyond photogenic staircases and HDB blocks, here are some locations that look so much like K-Pop MVs that they’ll make you go “jinjja?!”

1. EXO ‘LOTTO’ MV Set – Rumpoles Bar @ Hotel Jen Tanglin

Step into Rumpoles Bar and your gaze will be transfixed to the red, velvet couch that beckons you to unleash your inner baller. Despite the bar’s elaborate decor and baller vibe, drinks and snacks are so cheap that they’ll make you go “Lipstick chateau 와인빛 color…

Drinks start from just $15 and during their happy hour promotion from 6pm – 8pm daily, you’ll even get a 1-for-1 deal on all drinks and free-flow chicken wings. Best part is, the bar is open to all, so you won’t have to book a room just to enjoy this luxurious setting.

Left: Swatch Watch, TIC – BROWN (YWG405)
Centre & Right: Swatch Watch, TIC – GREEN (DYWS425), MARINE CHIC (YWS427)

Address: 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249716
Nearest MRT Station: Orchard

2. Red Velvet ‘Rookie’ MV – NAFA Campus 1

Flanked by bold and colourful pillars, you definitely won’t miss NAFA Campus 1 as you walk towards the NAFA carpark. Add a dash of pop to your ‘gram with its bright facade that is free from any blemishes – just watch out for any oncoming vehicles!

Address: 80 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655
Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut

3. I.O.I ‘Very Very Very’ MV – Behind NAFA Campus 1

Luckily, the next stop on our list is nearby. Walk a few metres behind NAFA Campus 1 and you’ll spot a building with bubblegum colours and doors with multiple frames reminiscent of I.O.I’s ‘Very Very Very’ MV set. For an added #aesthetics bonus, the building is also perfectly symmetrical, allowing you to incorporate that oh-so-famous duality theme in your potential music video.

Left: Swatch Watch, EDGYLINE (GW708)
Centre: Swatch Watch, LAVORANDO (GW184)
 Swatch Watch, PLEIN GAZ (GN248)

Address: 80 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655 
Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut

4. BTS ‘Fire’ MV – HOP @ DECK

Tucked between LASALLE and NAFA, DECK is an art space modelled after cargo containers and is simply perfect for your next photo sesh with its bold lines and monochromaticity. 

If you’re here, don’t miss the chance to snap a pic at HOP; a photography studio with a neon yellow facade. Dress in basic black and we guarantee that your pic will look like a screenshot from BTS’ Fire music video.

Left: Swatch Watch,POPAGAIN (PNB700)
Top Right: Swatch Watch, POPURE (PNW105)
Bottom Right:
 Swatch Watch, BLUESOUNDS (SUON127)

Address: 120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937
Nearest MRT Station: Rochor and Dhoby Ghaut

5. BLACKPINK ‘Boombayah’ MV – People’s Park Complex

While its neon lighting and graffiti-laced walls might paint a less-than-wholesome picture, the exterior of Lepark at People’s Park Complex is actually perfect for reenacting a few K-Pop MVs. If you’re relying on just the hot pink lights, look to BLACKPINK ‘Boombayah‘ MV for inspiration. 

Or come dressed in ripped jeans and fishnet stockings, and you’ll fit right in.

Left: Swatch Watch, MIRKOLINO (SUSS401)
Centre: Swatch Watch, B&W DEEP (SUUB102)
 Swatch Watch, ESCALATOR (SUSW408)

Address: 1 Park Road, Singapore 059108
Nearest MRT Station: Rochor and Dhoby Ghaut

6. HYUNA ‘Roll Deep’ MV – Orchard Gateway Basement One

Orchard Gateway is like the middle child of malls in Somerset, often ignored in favour of Cineleisure, 313 and SCAPE. However, it might be time to start paying a little more attention to this shopping paradise. Head down to Basement One and you’ll feel like you’re  right on the set of HYUNA’s ‘Roll Deep’ MV with its sky of super-bright LED lights. 

Pair your sneakers with bright, casual wear and you’ll be chanting “you can’t touch me” the next time you’re here.

Address: 277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858
Nearest MRT Station: Somerset

7. GOT7 ‘Just Right’ MV – Block M, School of Interactive & Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic

Most NYP students would have seen this MRT painting at Block M but would have never thought of using it as their IG backdrop.Thankfully, this glass installation has more seats than its inspiration – and probably breaks down less. Use the pastel colours to bring out the vibes in ‘Just Right’ that is sure to transport likes.

Left: Swatch Watch, REDBELLE (LR130)
Centre: Swatch Watch, GREYBOLINO (SUOM109)
 Swatch Watch, PINKBELLE (LP150)

8. Girls’ Generation ‘OH!’ MV – Lockers at Nanyang Polytechnic

Just diagonally across the glass painting are the now-famous lockers of NYP. The colours here are in a bolder shade than the installation so wear shirts with a strong contrast to reenact the bubbly vibes of SNSD’s ‘OH!’ MV at 0:18.

9. BLACKPINK ‘As If It’s Your Last’ MV – Vendcafe @ Anchorvale Drive

At first glance, this almost looks like the set of BLACKPINK ‘As If It’s Your Last’ MV at 1:49 when the train is zooming past, but surprise, it’s actually the void deck of 320C Anchorvale Drive, more precisely the Chef-In-A-Box Vendcafe. The bright lights you see are emanating from the slots storing food and beverages. 

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the vending machine cafe serves a wide range of food at super-cheap prices like Hor Fun ($3.50) and Grilled Salmon ($5). So the next time you’re feeling peckish, grab your camcorder along!

10. TWICE ‘Cheer Up’ Album Cover – Queenstown Sports Complex

It might not look like much during the day but once dusk hits, Queenstown Sports Complex provides a spectacular setting for a night shoot. While it might not be as bright as pastel-coloured as the actual MV, this easily could pass as the darker, swaggier alternative reality of the set.

Come decked in your clubbing threads, bring along a flash flash and voila – you and your crew will be number one for sure.

Left: Swatch Watch, REDTRACK (SUSM403)
Centre: Swatch Watch, LONG WAVES (SUUN102)
 Swatch Watch, ESCALATOR (SUSW408)

11. BTS ‘Not Today’ MV – Marina Bay Cruise Centre

All the underdogs in the world can tell that the car park in Marina Bay Cruise Centre is a carbon copy of BTS’ ‘Not Today’ MV. Supported by concrete pillars and criss-crossed vents, this sparse area is the best place to channel your inner Jungkook and Jimin. Fair warning though, the place is dark so bring strong lighting equipment. 

Complete your MV look and style up with Swatch

Left: Swatch Watch, BORD D’EAU (SUOR110)
Centre: Swatch Watch, PAVIMENTO (SUOB142)
 Swatch Watch, PIKABLOO (GN250)

No K-Pop MV is complete without accessories so add that dash of daebak to your shoots with watches from Swatch’s Fall 2017 collection. The collection is made up of over 30 brand-new designs and comes in 3 ultra-cool lines: the loud and bold Countryside line, the sleek Time to Swatch line, and the delightfully Swissness line. 

Left: Swatch Watch, FRESCOAZUL (YVS439)
Centre: Swatch Watch, MARINE CHIC (YWS427)
 Swatch Watch, GRANDINO (YVS437)

For night shoots with a wild vibe, pair your outfits with these beauties to bring out that clubber boy/girl aesthetic. These water-resistant watches have a stainless steel case, ensuring that they’ll survive a night of hard-partying.

Top: Swatch Watch, BLACKWAY (GB301)
Centre: Swatch Watch, BLUEWAY (GN252)
Bottom: Swatch Watch, SUNETTY (GR175)

If your backdrop is gonna be brighter than Tiffany’s smile, it would be wise to match your outfits with striking timepieces like these. With their silicone straps and plastic cases, these watches will provide great comfort to your wrists without bogging down your arm.

Swatch’s Fall 2017 collection is now available at Swatch’s new E-shop and all Swatch stores. View the full collection here.

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This post was brought to you by Swatch.

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