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You Can Now Get Shopping And F&B Vouchers Just By Ordering Healthier Bubble Tea, Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Healthier dessert options in Singapore

Even if you’re satisfied from a healthy meal, sugar cravings can still hit you hard. Those with a sweet tooth know how often wistful thoughts of ice cream and BBT flitter across their minds. But it’s possible to enjoy healthier dessert options in Singapore. Whether you’re craving froyo or a refreshing drink, here are 4 healthier desserts to try: 

1. Yole – froyo with strawberries & all-bran

Be it a late-night dessert run or quick shopping break, frozen yoghurt is one of the go-to options for many Singaporeans. Yole offers a great way to curb excessive sugar intake by giving you the option to choose healthier toppings with minimal or no added sugar.

Cut down on your sugar intake by choosing naturally sweet fruits like strawberries and pineapples

Here, we tried the Large ($6.90) and opted for Strawberry sauce, Oatmeal, and Bran. You can also choose the Ibiza: the Mini ($6.90) comes with 1 Fruit, 1 Crunch, and 1 Sauce while the Large ($7.90) comes with 2 Fruits, 2 Crunches, and 1 Sauce. 

The Ibiza Mango is a solid choice for its tangy flavour. Add on toppings like oatmeal and bran for a good crunch, and you’ve got a healthier dessert right here. 

Find the full list of Yole stores here


2. Mr Bean x Udders – dairy-free soy ice cream

Created by 2 homegrown brands in our little red dot, Mr Bean x Udders Original Soy Ice Cream ($3.80) is certainly an ice cream worth screaming over. Beyond being made with non-GMO soybeans, this cup of goodness also does not contain any dairy or egg – a great option for vegan and lactose-intolerant folks. It also has less sugar than regular ice cream! 

It comes in a cup – especially useful if you’re prone to making a sticky mess.

For selected stores only – find the full list of Mr Bean stores here


3. LiHo Tea – fresh oolong & jasmine green tea

It’s a difficult feat to resist BBT once we spot our fave spot, but if you’re watching your sugar intake, a practical solution is to opt for a drink with less added sugar

For an afternoon pick-me-up, drop by LiHo Tea for their Fresh Lemon Jasmine Green Tea ($2.90) – it comes with lemon slices for a refreshing kick. A medium size with 30% sugar level of this aromatic drink should do the trick of giving you that post-lunch boost.

Else, the
Jin Syuan Tea ($2) is also a tasty beverage. This is a brewed oolong tea – get it at 30% sugar to taste the delicate floral notes.

Find the full list of LiHo stores here


4. Kopitiam – Kopi-O Kosong & Teh-O Kosong

When ordering coffee or tea from Kopitiam outlets, Yuan Yang and Teh Tarik are the first that come to mind for a sweet tooth monster – a.k.a. loading up on condensed milk. 

Kopi-O Kosong = black coffee with no sugar

But if you’re trying to cut your sugar intake, order a Kopi-O Kosong ($1.40) or Teh-O Kosong ($1.40) the next time you’re out with your colleagues. 

Find the full list of Kopitiam stores here


Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy for shopping & F&B vouchers

For many of us, eating healthy seems easy when we first set out to do it. But if you’ve found yourself being tempted by sugary drinks and desserts, a tip to stay on track is by choosing healthier alternatives from popular brands like Yole and LiHo

The cherry on top of #healthyeating? You’ll get to redeem attractive rewards when you join the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge on the Healthy 365 App (iOS | Android).

1 Healthier Dish for 10 Healthpoints, 1 Healthier Drink/Dessert for 5 Healthpoints, 1 Healthier Choice Grocery Item for 5 Healthpoints.
Image adapted from HealthHub

As part of the Health Promotion Board’s “Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy” Challenge, you can earn shopping vouchers and F&B rewards. Simply scan the unique QR code on your receipt of any participating stores to earn Healthpoints on the app. 

While eating healthy 24/7 isn’t a simple feat, you can motivate yourself with the “Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge” by HPB. Step by step, you’ll soon find yourself on route to healthier eating habits. 

Find out more about HPB’s “Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy” Challenge here

This post was brought to you by HPB.
Photography by Olivia Tan. 

Victoria Quek

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