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8 Subtle Signs Your Body Is Telling You That Are Actually Alarm Bells To Care For It More

Health signs & symptoms to look out for

Look up any health-related hashtags on TikTok and you’ll find millions of content. Everyone and their mothers are striving to look and feel better because as we all know – health is wealth. But, investing in your health is more than just chugging detox tea and eating a keto diet.

Sometimes, our body gives us subtle health signs that something’s not quite right but we dismiss them as not serious enough to warrant a checkup. We’ve compiled some of the more common ones so you can spot signs of illness and get them checked before they turn into actual health emergencies.

1. Your hair falls out more than usual

So, you’re clogging the shower drains and making a hair collage every time you shampoo your scalp. While mild shedding is normal, sudden and severe hair loss can signal stress, hormone imbalances, and a lack of nutrients in your body.

These include a deficiency in iron, zinc, selenium, or vitamin C. When your body runs low on these critical nutrients, it’ll prioritise the essential organs and cut off the supply that’s sent to non-essential parts like your hair follicles.

2. There’s a new mole on your arm & leg

Once in a while, a new mole pops up out of nowhere and ruins your pursuit of perfect skin. When you find new freckles and moles on your arms and legs, ask yourself whether you’ve applied enough sunscreen.

Most of the time, the sudden appearance of moles is harmless and only signals overexposure to UV rays. But sometimes, they can be cancerous. That’s why it is important to wear sunblock with SPF30 and above, and not just a layer of low-factor tanning oil when you’re out in the sun. Plus, it helps to schedule a regular mole check at the doctor to ensure all moles are benign.

3. Your shoes suddenly feel too tight

Walking and standing on your feet all day can cause a bit of swelling in the lower extremities. But if you’ve been chilling all day and your shoes suddenly feel snug, you may be experiencing fluid buildup on your feet and ankles.

Now, there can be a multitude of reasons why your lil piggies are puffy. You might have consumed too much salty food which causes water retention. Or, the blood circulation on your lower half is restricted due to lack of movement. 

As long as the swelling is temporary, however, you won’t have to worry about serious problems like liver and kidney failures. If the problem persists, it’s time to make an appointment with your doc.

4. You feel numbness or a tingling sensation in your hands & feet

Most of us would have experienced a numbness in our foot from having sat in one position for too long. This is usually followed by the uncomfortable sensation known as pins and needles.

Although that’s a common temporary feeling and usually harmless, it may not wise to brush off tingling sensations should they be occurring more frequently. A vitamin B12 deficiency could also be the reason for such feelings. You can increase your levels by consuming more fish such as salmon and tuna, eggs, and dairy products; or look at taking vitamin supplements.

5. You feel gassy & nauseous in the morning

A cup of coffee in the morning gives you a quick energy boost and the ability to string sentences together. But if you chug a large amount of caffeine on an empty stomach, you might feel gassy and nauseous. And there’s an explanation for it.

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Coffee is acidic. When it hits the sensitive lining of your empty stomach, it triggers an increase in stomach acid which causes bloating, indigestion, and heartburn. Drinking too much caffeine before eating breakfast can even give you the jitters, shakes, and heart palpitations.

6. You experience scaly skin patches or severely dry skin

So, your skin is so dehydrated it’s become flaky and chapped despite you downing 8 glasses of water and slathering rich cream on your face every day. When that happens, have a look at your diet.

One of the culprits that cause severely dry skin is the lack of certain nutrients in your body such as Vitamin E. Although most moisturisers contain the mineral, applying it topically might not reap maximum benefits. That’s why it helps to increase your vitamin E intake by adding things like avocado, nuts, and seeds into your meals, as well as taking an oral supplement.

7. There are white lines on your brittle nails

Brittle nails that peel and chip year round, coupled with white lines and ridges, can indicate a number of health woes.

They can be a sign that your body lacks certain nutrients like calcium, biotin, iron, and zinc. If you notice your nails are pretty dry, steer clear from nail polish for at least a few weeks. Weak nails with a lot of discolouration can also point to more serious illnesses such as lung and kidney problems.

8. Standing up quickly causes you dizziness

If switching positions from sitting to standing constantly makes you dizzy, time to look closely at your diet.

One of the most common causes of lightheadedness and dizziness is anaemia or iron deficiency. When you’re not consuming enough iron-rich foods like red meat and leafy greens, your body doesn’t have enough haemoglobin to produce red blood cells. This results in your low energy level and dizziness. 

A low iron count is actually pretty common amongst women, so if you’re still not getting enough through your diet, consider taking supplements to fill the gap.

Spot health warning signs from your body early

Truth is, besides a steady stream of colds, cases of flu, and hangnails that you’re met with yearly, there are other potential health emergencies lurking in the dark. That’s why it’s good to keep a look out for any warning signs and take yourself to the doctor for a checkup before symptoms worsen.

Since prevention is always better than cure, you should make some simple habit changes today to up your health game in the long run. Eat clean, exercise regularly, take it easy on the caffeine, and consider adding a Centrum multivitamin into your daily routine in case your diet falls short.

Having been around for decades, the brand is one of the go-to’s for every household’s multivitamin needs. Over here, products are designed to meet the different nutritional needs of men and women within 2 different age groups: below 50 and 50 and above. 

For instance, Centrum Women (below 50) contains more Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Calcium than those for women from 50 and above. Similarly, Centrum Men (below 50) has a higher concentration of Vitamin B, Selenium, and Zinc than the multivitamin created for men above 50 years of age.

There’s also Centrum Silver which is a multivitamin catered to both men and women aged 50 and above. Formulated with an increase in Lutein and Lycopene, Centrum Silver helps maintain healthy eyes, heart, and overall immunity in older consumers. 

We all know the drill: eating a balanced diet is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need. With a demanding work and life schedule, however, it can be difficult to get enough just through food. That’s why supplements exist to help you fill the gap. 

Just make sure you watch out for any health warning signs that might signal a deficiency in order to intervene quickly.

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