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You Can Now Reward Yourself And Your Good Deeds With Guinness This St Patrick’s Day

Guinness St Patrick’s Day 2021

For many of us, 2020 was a defining year that left us wiser and stronger in many ways – whether you’ve baked brownies to encourage others or stuck to your fitness routine faithfully. That’s why Guinness is celebrating St Patrick’s Day with a twist this year, rewarding you and your saintly friends a free half-pint this first-ever St Everyone’s Day.

From now till 31st March 2021, redeem a free half-pint of Guinness and treat your deserving buddies to a drink – whether they’re the Patron Saint of Ending Zoom Calls Early or Patron Saint of Surprise Food Deliveries. 

How to redeem your half-pint of Guinness

Image credit: Guinness

To redeem a Guinness, you’ll have to be a Singapore Resident above 18, and simply register online on the Guinness website. You’ll then receive a digital voucher via SMS and email which you can use at participating bars for your free half pint of Guinness – no strings attached!

With over 100 bars to choose from, you’ll have a long list of stylish pubs and trendy drinking spots for a hang out session with your drinking kaki. From affordable bars like Beer Factory and Al Capone’s to more atas ones like One-Altitude and Alkaff Mansion, there’s a whole range of spots to add to your pub crawl list for the month of March.

Reward your friends for their good deeds

Image credit: Guinness

This St Patrick’s Day, you’ll get to pay this favour forward by rewarding a deserving friend or loved one with a Guinness.

Within the same site, treat this caring saint in your life by coming up with a creative saintly title for them – think Patron Saint of Heavenly Bakes for the brownie-making expert or Patron Saint of Spicy Memes for that one hilarious pal. Enter their mobile number, and they’ll also receive an SMS and email that they can use at participating bars to redeem their beer, too.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Guinness

Appreciate your friends this St Everyone’s Day! Celebrate getting through 2020 and moving forward with 2021 with a free half-pint.

From 1st – 31st March, grab your pals and head down to the nearest bar, and keep an eye out for other attractive promotions this St Everyone’s Day at participating restaurants and bars, and get your hands on Guinness merch like customised T-shirts.

Find out more about Guinness St. Everyone’s Day here


Disclaimer: Do adhere to ongoing social distancing requirements and limit group sizes to eight. All participants and nominees must be Singapore Residents aged 18 and above.

This post was brought to you by Guinness.
Cover image adapted from: Lions Befrienders, Guinness

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