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Grand Hyatt Singapore Has Teh Tarik And Acai Berry Truffle Mooncakes To Impress Colleagues

Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

This Mid-Autumn festival, Grand Hyatt Singapore is pampering us with a refreshing selection of mooncake flavours like Acai Berry, Black Sesame and Teh Tarik that you will love to have at your upcoming Mid-Autumn gathering. Especially if you’re looking to one-up your friends in the ‘unique flavours’ department. 

Their Snowskin Mooncakes comes in a set of 8 and there are 9 flavours which you can choose from. As fans of the light and fruity drinks, we’re especially eyeing the Champagne Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle flavours.

We tried the interesting flavours to see if they taste just as good as they sound.

Acai Berry Truffle Snowskin Mooncake

Left to right, clockwise: Champagne Truffle, Acai Berry Truffle

If you’re health conscious or scared of looking like a Michelin brand ambassador from binge-eating mooncakes, don’t worry. The filling in Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Acai Berry Truffle mooncake is a blend of not one, but two superfruits – Acai and Cassis berries.

So you get tons of vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber to help you do some damage control from all the fats and sugar intake. Nubbad.

A massive stamp of approval for the taste – you know they’re not kiam siap when the filling hits your taste buds with a generous burst of that rich acai flavour. A mild touch of Cassis liquor brought out an alcoholic sweetness which perfectly complemented the tart flavour of the acai.

I took my time to eat these babies – they were worth every slow-mo munch.

Black Sesame and Walnut Truffle Snowskin Mooncake

Left to right, clockwise: Lychee Martini Truffle, Black Sesame and Walnut Truffle

Nothing says ‘atas’ more than the lightly sprinkled gold flakes on this Black Sesame and Walnut Truffle Snowskin mooncake. This mooncake checks all the boxes for some high-quality food porn action with its IG-worthy luxurious black and gold colour scheme – and yes – it tastes just as good as it looks. 

I’m a sucker for my ah ma’s black sesame tong shui, and this mooncake tasted like a solid version of it. If you’re also a fan of the traditional Chinese dessert, this mooncake is right up your alley. Every bite fills you with a chock-full of that deliciously sweet sesame paste. Yum. 

Teh Tarik and Chocolate Truffle Snowskin Mooncake

Left to right, clockwise: Teh Tarik and Chocolate Truffle, Lychee Martini, Basil Green Apple and Trigona Honey Truffle

To Teh or not to Teh, that is the question. This caffeinated number is inspired by the iconic kopitiam staple drink that all of us have ordered at some point of our lives. Instead of saying ‘kopi bing uncle!’ we say ‘teh tarik gao gao!’ just to see some of that tea pulling action. 

This mooncake brings out the aroma of our fave kopitiam drink so prominently that we almost thought we were drinking Teh Tarik straight from the cup. The chocolate truffle gave us that extra oomph factor – kind of like mixing Teh Tarik with sumptuous hot chocolate. Double yum.

Bonus: Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Truffle Snowskin Mooncake

Left to right, clockwise: Basil Green Apple and Trigona Honey Truffle, Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle

Our favorite spread for every season – if we had seasons. Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Truffle Snowskin Mooncake is just as rich and creamy as your mother’s expensive 24K gold powder clay mask –  we don’t recommend doing a taste comparison though. 

But seriously, you have your basic version of peanut butter sandwich, and then you have this Gordon Ramsey version of peanut butter sandwich. I’ll have the latter please. 

Other flavours include the Champagne Truffle and Lychee Martini – inspired by the offerings in the hotel’s famed martini bar – and another new flavour, Basil, Green Apple and Trigona Honey Truffle. Take your pick. 

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 with Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Mooncakes

Mark your calendars, Mid-Autumn Festival is on 24 September this year. If you don’t want to be stuck in the last-minute rat race to get a box of mooncakes for your gatherings, you can pre-order a set online instead – no hassle, no frills.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore’s snowskin mooncakes takes all the cakes for having an impressive variety of unique flavours we’ve never seen or tried before. We felt like we were indulging in a mooncake buffet with all the different experimental flavours – each mooncake stood out in their own way.

The packaging is also a feast for the eyes with its colourful hues. For those of us who are into collecting beautiful mooncake boxes for the aesthetics or to store random accessories, mementos and love letters, this box is definitely sturdy and pretty enough to put up for display. Heck, keep the paper bag too – you can use it as a gift bag for your friend’s birthday present. 

The best news: Grand Hyatt Singapore is offering a 25% off for online pre-orders before 15 August. That’s $58.50 (U.P.$78) per set! 

Get it from: 
16 Jul – 15 Aug: 25% off for online pre-orders
16 Aug – 4 Sept: 15% off online purchases, 20% off early bird promo for in-store purchases* 
5 – 24 Sept: 10% off online purchases, 15% off in-store purchases*
(Damai and Club at the Hyatt members enjoy 25% off early bird promo and 20% off regular discount)

*Note: Credit cards from the following banks are eligible for in-store promotions – DBS, Standard Chartered, OCBC, UOB, Citibank

Collection for online orders will be from 16 Aug to 24 Sept

For orders and inquiries: 
Telephone: 6887 5492 (11AM-10.30PM)

Get your mooncakes from Grand Hyatt Singapore here!

This post was brought to you by Grand Hyatt Singapore. 

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