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GBTB’s Latest Dahlia Dreams Exhibit Has Adorable Bunny Decor Till End Jan, Tickets From $12

Dahlia Dreams at Gardens By The Bay

Ah, Chinese New Year. The time of the year when you’re forced to entertain your aunts’ endless stream of questions about your love life, again. 

But guess what? You now have a legit reason to dine and dash. Just say you gotta go see the Dahlia Dreams floral display at Gardens By The Bay because it is vital that you get to witness 40 dahlia species, 100 bunnies, and a 6m-tall River Hongbao lantern set before it’s gone for good.

40 dahlia species, 100 rabbits & a 6m-tall River Hongbao lantern set

From now till 26th Feb, 40 dahlia species from Europe will be blooming alongside classic CNY plants like mandarin oranges, 100 rabbit figurines, bunny-shaped lanterns, and a wood sculpture at Gardens By The Bay.

Image credit: Gardens By The Bay

But that’s not all. Look beyond the flowers and rabbits and you’ll see the crown jewel of the gardens – a 6m-tall River Hongbao lantern set. It features a giant magnolia tree in the shape of the word 兔, which means rabbit.

Image credit: Gardens By The Bay

As you mosey along, watch out for several scenes from The Hare and The Tortoise that are scattered within the flower display, as well as 3 rabbit burrows, pagodas, CNY goodies, spring couplets, and 2 dancing lions.

Visit Dahlia Dreams at Gardens By The Bay

There’s a lot going on at Gardens By The Bay, but trust that it’s a good option for when you want to walk your 6th meal of the day off. Tickets to Dahlia Dreams start from $8/child and $12/adult.

Image credit: Gardens By The Bay

On top of Dahlia Dreams, there’ll be a CNY-themed light show at the Supertree Grove from 20th-29th Jan at 7.45pm and 8.45pm, as well as a keychain-making workshop from 10am-6pm on the 28th and 29th Jan. Don’t sleep on it.

Celebrate CNY at Dahlia Dreams @ GBTB

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Flower Dome, Singapore 0189531
Dates & Time: 9am-9pm, from 13th Jan till 26th Feb 2023
Contact: Gardens By The Bay website

Cover image adapted from: Gardens By The Bay


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