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5 Makeup Tips For More Defined Eyes To Bring Your A-Game This CNY

Makeup tips for bigger peepers


We’ve all heard about the tragic story of the rejected passport photograph – and the pair of small eyes that started it all. While it’s cool how the guy accused of having closed eyes in his photo just laughed the matter off, the struggle is real for a lot of us Asian sistas – we’d be lying if we didn’t wish our eyes were just a teensy bit bigger,

There are more makeup tutorial vids on YouTube than there are shades of eyeshadow –  but although we’re constantly inspired to re-create different looks, what works for Caucasian vloggers may not have the same effect on our Asian peepers.

Before you start despondently crying your eyeliner away, wait up – we’ve got some eye makeup tips specially suited for Asians right here.

Richard Lee, the poor soul whose passport photo got rejected because his eyes were detected as “closed”. We feel for you, brother. Source

1. Line with colour for a fresher look


Gone are the days where eyeliners only came in boring blacks and browns – it’s time to take advantage of the rainbow of options available, and freshen your look with a bold strip of colour!


Simply line your upper lids normally, then do another line above that using a fun colour like mint or pink – it’ll help you look look more awake. Alternatively, you can also use coloured liner on your lower lash line to help bring out your pupils.

2. Exercise restraint with the cat eye

That cat eye you’ve been copying from Ariana Grande? We hate to break it to you, but it might actually be making your eyes appear smaller. Asian eyes are usually narrower than their Caucasian counterparts, so super extended winged liner will only drag the shape of your eyes sideways and make them look sleepier.

But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the winged tip. The trick is to do a short but strong flick at the outer corners of your eyes for rounder-looking peepers.


Specially for monolids: instead of lining your entire eyelid, draw only the winged tip using liquid liner. Then, fill in the remaining unlined portion of your lid with eyeshadow in a colour of your choice, and blend using a brush.This will give the illusion of more deep-set eyes.

3. Dust finishing powder on lashes between coats of mascara


 My grandma once bought a tube of mascara, only to realise that she barely had any lashes to use it on. *kwa kwa kwa* Okay, so we aren’t all blessed with fluttery eyelashes, but don’t give up just yet – a few sweeps of loose face powder or baby powder in between coats of mascara can work wonders! The powder provides more “grip” for the mascara fibres to stick, resulting in longer and more voluminous lashes – which really helps with widening dem peepers!


Tip: use a cotton bud or old mascara wand instead of a normal makeup brush for better precision.

4. Emphasise your eyelid crease – or create one – with simple blending


For more pronounced eyelid creases – and thus added dimension to your eyes – outline the outer corner of your crease using eyeliner or eyeshadow and blend inwards. Monolidded beauties, fret not – you can achieve a similar effect by drawing a line where a crease would otherwise be, and blending that in the same way.

If you’re feeling adventurous, make your eyes really pop with a few taps of glitter or pigment powder in the centre of your lids post-blend – it’s a great way to switch up your look for festive occasions!

5. Blend eyeshadow in vertical gradients instead of horizontal


Typically, we’re taught to apply eyeshadow in a horizontal gradient – with the darkest shade at the outer corner and the lightest at the inner corner. This doesn’t always bode well for Asian eyes as it elongates them horizontally, making them look smaller.

Time to break the rules and apply your eyeshadow vertically instead, with the darkest colour closest to your lash line – it’ll help give the illusion of deeper-set and rounder eyes. 

Make your eyes bigger and more beautiful instantly

Makeup can work magic when done right – but it’s not so much about piling on the eyeliner, or trying to copy your favourite YouTube star. Rather, what’s important is to create little enhancements in a way that suits YOUR features.

Source: @ponysmakeup

Another fuss-free way for more beautiful eyes? Pop in some beauty lenses – it’s almost like having “instant makeup”, and will automatically make your peepers appear larger.

Define your eyes with the new 1-day ACUVUE® DEFINE® lenses

One misconception many tend to have is that cosmetic lenses will automatically make you look like you’re about to attend a cosplay convention. While certain colours like bright blue and purple might look a tad unnatural against our Asian features, there are also lenses out there with more natural hues – such as the 2 newest additions to ACUVUE®’s DEFINE® range, Radiant Bright™ and Radiant Charm™.


As its name suggests, Radiant Bright™ helps liven up the wearer’s irises, with brown and amber tones and a mocha limbal ring. For something deeper and more mysterious, go for Radiant Charm™, which has a darker limbal ring of grey encircling honey tones.

Fret not about your eyes feeling dry and irritated during long hours of visiting this Chinese New Year – these 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® lenses are the only beauty lenses with LACREON® Technology that promises 20 hours of moisture! And with it’s revolutionary Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort™ Technology, the lens pigments are enclosed within lens material and will not come in contact with your eyes – ultimate safeness.

Christmas Party Looks (feat. Larry Yeo) | PrettySmart: EP 88

1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® lenses are the only beauty lenses with an internationally recognized standard of UV protection, and you don’t even have to put on much makeup with these lenses as they are designed to add depth and contrast to accentuate your unique iris pattern. Their unrivalled comfort also makes  them great for everyday wear.

Dodge the “when are you getting a boyfriend” questions from kaypoh aunties this CNY, and distract them with your charming eyes! Your CNY #motd selfies will never be more on point.

Find out more about the new 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® here!

This post was brought to you by ACUVUE®

Rachel Yohannan

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