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8 Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Daily Essentials In Singapore, Apart From Reusable Straws

Eco-friendly products in Singapore

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Chances are, you’ve come across eco-friendly products like reusable straws; maybe even bought one for yourself. Good on you if you have, but don’t stop there!

While popular sustainable substitutes like metal straws have proven that going green doesn’t mean compromising on comfort, and there are lots of other alternative products you can adopt to continue on your green journey. Here are 8 other sustainable products that you can easily incorporate into your routine without a major shift in lifestyle:

1. Reusable makeup pads

Removing makeup is very much like removing a bra, especially after having it on for the whole darn day. While a typical cotton pad does the job, using that daily results in an accumulated pile of waste, which is never good news.

Image credit: @kitmaii

Switch to reusable makeup pads instead for a more sustainable alternative. There are many variations out there on the market already such as the Makeup Eraser and Face Halo, but the most environmentally-friendly versions are the bamboo ones as they’re made from one of the world’s fastest-growing renewable resources. 

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2. 98% Natural Shampoo with 100% cold-pressed oils

Nothing beats letting our locks loose and hopping into the shower after a long day to wash off the grime and oil from our scalps. But take a long hard look at the ingredients list on your shampoo bottle the next time you’re in the shower and you might find yourself looking at some pretty insidious chemicals that are lowkey killing our planet!

If you’re in the market for sustainable haircare, put artisanal haircare brand Diane Bonheur on your radar. Their range of shampoos are 98% natural and carefully formulated from premium natural ingredients such as Rose de Mai from Grasse in France, Pequi oil from Brazil, Virgin Maracuja oil and Diane’s signature Ecocert Organic Moroccan Argan oil.

P.S. Diane Bonheur’s shampoo and conditioner bottles are recyclable too! You can read more about Diane Bonheur and their sustainability practices below.

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3. Laundry egg

We’re so concerned about getting a fresh load of laundry that we sometimes forget the sheer amount of harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach, phosphates and formaldehyde that we use to “clean” our clothes. And while there are natural liquid detergents in the market, those don’t come cheap. 

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For a gentler and cleaner alternative, grab yourself a laundry egg instead. It’s a hand-sized cage of laundry beads that replaces both detergent and softener, and can last up to 70 washes, depending on which brand you get. 

Those with young ones also don’t have to worry about buying a separate baby-safe detergent as this laundry egg can be used by everyone. The natural mineral pellets are void of harsh chemicals, allergy-free and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

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4. Natural deodorant

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In Singapore’s hot and humid weather where sweating is a given, deodorants and antiperspirants save us from becoming a walking skunk everywhere we go. 

Look out for triclosan the next time you go deodorant shopping – it’s one of the prominent ingredients deodorant manufacturers use that is toxic to aquatic organisms. For a cleaner and greener alternative, grab yourself a natural deodorant instead, which uses botanical ingredients in place of harsh chemicals to reduce underarm odour.

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5. Wheat cutlery sets

Dabao-ing food is a large part of Singaporean lunch-time culture today. However, if you’d like to reduce your daily plastic use, go green with wheat cutlery sets instead. They’re made from wheat straw which is traditionally treated as waste and is also biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly alternative to your everyday disposables.

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I’ve been using wheat cutlery for months, and they’re a lot more pleasant to use as compared to the flimsy disposable plastic ones, or the wooden chopsticks that come with the occasional splinter. Certainly, this one’s a win in terms of comfort.

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6. Tea infuser and coffee filters

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A good caffeine fix makes any day better, and if you’re the sort that needs a freshly brewed cuppa each day, shift away from the disposable coffee filters and stock up that kitchen of yours with a reusable one for a greener alternative. 

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Baby Nessie Tea Infuser ($19.90)
Image credit: Forty Two

For tea-lovers, spice up your daily mug of tea by putting your tea leaves into reusable tea infusers. They’re fun and adorable, with a wide range of designs to choose from, from online sites such as Forty Two. We spotted other designs online shaped like a llama, unicorn and even a submarine, that made us want to get one pronto.

Get it on Forty Two, T2.

7. Reusable ziplock bags

Did we mention that these bags are super cute too?
Image credit: @fullcircle

While ziplocks have traditionally been a go-to packaging for storing snacks, stock your kitchen up with some reusable ziplock for a sustainable alternative. Brands like Full Circle have some adorable designs up for grabs, with their bags decorated with prints the likes of baby dinosaurs, ferns and cacti. 

The bags are also sturdy and are dishwasher and freezer safe so you can use them for various purposes without worrying about them spoiling! 

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8. Beeswax food wraps

Beeswax wraps have been creating a buzz in Singapore’s green communities, and with good reason. They’re one of the latest plastic alternatives in town to replace the kitchen staple of cling wraps.

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Minimakers’ artisanal beeswax wraps are made of organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil, and have a naturally adhesive quality when you press on it with your hands – the heat causes the beeswax to stick together. The material is also breathable so your fruits and vegetables will last longer in the refrigerator!

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Kickstart your sustainable lifestyle with Diane Bonheur

Going green is often seen as a sacrifice, but the items on this list just about prove that that’s not always the case. From personal hygiene to home and living, make this your checklist to saving the earth – and looking and feeling great while you’re at it!

For ladies out there looking to incorporate sustainable hair products into your daily self-care routine, Diane Bonheur’s premium range of sustainable shampoos and treatments will give you that much-needed pampering session.

Au naturale is always the best way to go – and Diane Bonheur leads by example with an impressive composition of 98% natural ingredients, including single origin oils that are farmed and handpicked from across the globe. This means that not only will you have luscious locks, you’ll be walking around with a green record too!

Diane Bonheur also upholds strict standards to ensure absolute traceability and transparency in the fairtrade process and their organic certification means no nasties in the form of chemicals, pesticides, or animal-derived ingredients go into the making of the Bonheur range.

Diane Bonheur is free from the main harsh chemical culprits of commercial hair products such as sulphate, paraben or colourants. For those worried about silicone, fret not as their shampoos are also free from the chemical. Each bottle is an elixir of nourishment for your hair that’ll leave it perfumed with the natural fragrance of Grasse’s Rose de Mai or Neroli.

Grasse Rose Shampoo and Treatment

You can also expect to find a blend of artisan cold-pressed craft oils such as Pequi oil and Milk Thistle oil in the mix. And just like cold pressed juices, the oils are extracted at a low temperature to retain the highest quality and purity to put you enroute to silky, well-conditioned locks.

Orange Flower Shampoo and Treatment

The shampoo is also available in two scents – Grasse Rose and Orange Flower, the former with a light and refreshing aroma and the latter with sweet and mellow notes. Both also have a treatment counterpart to pair with for optimal results.

Intricate diamond-shaped patterns embossed along the sides of each bottle

Head down to “The Origins of Bonheur” Pop-Up

For those interested in checking out the products first hand, head down to “The Origins of Bonheur” Experiential Pop-Up store where you’ll be able to find out more about the product and purchase them at promotional prices*. 

If you’ve got preloved tote bags lying around, make sure to bring them along to the booth’s collection drive. Those who bring their own bags or refuse Bohneur’s shopping bags will be able to enjoy an additional $2 off per bottle. Donated bags will be used at shopping bags for other shoppers at the booth, with the extras at the end of the event going to the Zero Waste SG’s BYO Singapore campaign.

*Promotional price: $20.90 per bottle (U.P.$22.90). Travel-sized sets (shampoo and treatments, 40ml each) are also available in limited quantities at $8.90 each.

Find out more about Diane Bonheur here


“The Origins of Bonheur” Pop-Up
Date: 9th-15th September 2019
Time: 10.30AM-10PM, Daily
Location: Bugis junction Level 1, outside Sharetea, 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021

Date: 23rd – 29th September 2019
Time: 10.30AM-10PM, Daily
Location: Orchard Central Level 1, outside Uniqlo, 191 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

This post was brought to you by Diane Bonheur.
Photography by Pepita Wauran.


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