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5 Correct Ways To Apply Your Skincare Products And Finally Get Your Money’s Worth

How to apply skincare products correctly

Despite having a rigorous skincare regime, we’re still often plagued by acne breakouts and dull skin. And that happens even after we slather on the “full works” – holy grail products like caffeine-infused eye creams and brightening face masks don’t always leave a magical effect. 

But that’s because we might not know how to apply our skincare products correctly. Here are 5 skincare tips to take into consideration when next prepping your skin for bedtime:

1. Lather facial foam with hands

The most basic of all skincare routines? A facial cleanser, one that froths up properly to get rid of all our makeup and daily grime. But in actual fact, we might not be using a foam cleanser correctly. Instead of applying it directly to your face, you’d need to lather up using your hands first – this helps build up the foam so there’s no need to rub your face vigorously. 

We tried Mamonde’s Micro Deep Cleaning Foam ($20), and it lathered up nicely, offering a handful of dense foam – you can then rub the cleanser gently into your skin in circular motions. 

2. Use a lightweight serum before a sheet mask

Instead of layering multiple serums and boosters, our busy lifestyles often have us resorting to sheet masks. After all, they’re chock-full of moisturising essence and convenient to use – while also leaving our skin feeling perfectly hydrated. But instead of applying your serums after, you should apply them beforehandthat is if the serum is more lightweight than the mask’s essence.

Here, we used Mamonde’s Red Energy Recovery Serum ($44/30ml, $62/50ml) which helps with a smoother complexion – it’s fairly lightweight too so you wouldn’t feel like your skin’s too heavily loaded. We then layered a Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask ($3) atop to seal in all the goodness, while also adding an extra layer of moisture.

These come in a variety of floral scents like Rose, Magnolia, and Camellia.

3. Massage your moisturiser in an upwards movement

Rather than brisky slapping on your moisturiser, you should be massaging it in an upwards movement – this helps with blood circulation and keeps wrinkles off your face. When using Mamonde’s Rose Water Gel Cream ($34), we made sure to lightly pat the cream into our skin. 

The texture is light and absorbs quickly – it also offers a soothing rose fragrance.

4. Start with lightweight products

Toners like Mamonde’s Rose Water Toner ($25) help prime your skin for other products – so that they’re better absorbed. 

Applying skincare products in the wrong order could make for devastating results – you might even end up irritating your skin. The general rule of thumb? Apply light and water-based products first.

This generally includes liquid products like toners, serums, and essences. Take Mamonde’s First Energy Serum ($42): it’s a pre-booster to be used before toners, and works as a firming serum to help define facial contours. It includes ingredients like fermented honeysuckle flower and niacinamide to help brighten your skin. 

You can then move onto creams like Mamonde’s Ceramide Light Cream ($45), which has a thicker consistency – useful for those with dry skin.

5. Apply eye cream directly below browline and under eye areas

Avoid pulling at your skin – your eye area is more delicate!

When it comes to eye creams, many would ordinarily dab it under their eyes – over puffy eyebags and dark eye circles. But don’t stop there: you’ll need to apply a pea-sized amount all around, meaning directly below your browline and just slightly underneath your eye. 

Note that it should not be applied directly below your lower lashline but a few centimeters below – otherwise you’re more likely to irritate your eyes by smearing cream into them!

It’s also recommended to use eye creams with a cool steel applicator. Mamonde’s Age Control Power Eye Cream ($54) has just that, offering a moisturising cream that’ll help smoothen all nasty wrinkles. 

Easy skincare tips

Bottles of expensive products might be cluttering up your dressing table – serums, creams, and essences sprawled everywhere. But if you’re not applying them correctly, then it’s a ton of good money gone to waste. From gently tapping in your moisturiser to applying eye cream under your browbone, these skincare tips will help lead to a smoother complexion. 

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This post was brought to you by DBS.
Photography by Joshua Lee. 

Pailin Boonlong

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