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Carouselland – Singapore’s Biggest Flea Market With Harry Potter Themed Decor And Free Gameboy Rentals

What To Expect At Carousell’s Bazaar

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Everyone knows that you can find even the most obscure items on Carousell. The homegrown customer to customer (C2C) platform debuted in 2012, and if it is known for anything, it’s that you can find everything on it from the spiciest chilli in the world to a walk-in wardrobe.

Now, you can spend the weekend scouring for great finds and accumulating freebies at Carouselland on 24-25 June. The Bazaar will be hosted by Suntec Convention Centre, and will be split into 4 themes, including Harry Potter land where whimsical wares shall be sold and “Once Upon A Time” for all your preloved goodies!

Here’s what you can expect to see at Carouselland 2017:

Carouselland 2017 is divided into 4 distinct sections


Carouselland 2017 will be divided into 4 separate themed sections: Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Alice in Wonderland, and Wizard of Oz. The themes will keep the shopping experience engaging and help you look for what you want easier. The Harry Potter world will be where the magic happens, an area set aside for aspiring local entrepreneurs and their dreams that will put Singapore on the world map.

Here, you can meet “wizards” who have made life-altering decisions. Like how we would’ve had to take a leap of faith if we got a Hogwarts letter, enrolling in a school of wizardry instead of the “safe” muggle schools, some of the Carousellers you’ll meet here left their full time careers to pursue their passions.

Want to get a wand made of Phoenix feather like Harry’s? Carouselland is your best shot at copping one for cheap.

Alice in Wonderland will be a much chiller area, featuring cafes like Chillax Cafe and Olive Vine, and Once Upon A Time will be full of preloved treasures of all types!

Unleash Your Inner 10-Year-Old With Old School Games


Remember those golden moments, where you would hang out at your friends’ houses after school and spend hours on retro games like Contra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Now, thanks to Carouseller @retrorider, you can turn back time and feel that wave of euphoria after completing an entire run on Contra without dying.


All those hours that you spent hunched over a gameboy playing Tetris can finally come to good use, as you stand to win exciting prices if you beat the highscore. You don’t even need to worry about not being warmed up —  you can rent different models of gameboys for free while your partner shops.

Look for the free gameboy rentals at the Central Village at the Retro Corner!

Get “Carousell discounts” without buyer’s remorse

One of the issues with buying stuff online is that 1) the size is wrong 2) the quality isn’t to your liking, or 3) you can’t figure out how it works. Sometimes the lower prices are worth the risk, but being able to try-before-you-buy would provide far more reassurance.


Boasting over 400 sellers and 600 booths, the stalls here will be offering their wares at the same prices as you can find online, meaning your purchase won’t be so much a leap of faith as it is a try-and-purchase.

If you’re looking to get on the bandwagon and adopt the vintage life, seller @vintagewknd is sure to have something to suit your fancy.


This dress is already extremely affordable, going at only $18.90 on her Carousell page, but she might be convinced to give a further discount if you pool with your friend and get a couple more pieces.

Kids’ Corner for parents who want to shop in peace

Having children around brings joy and excitement to the family, but sometimes it can get a tad too much to handle. If you want to enjoy a few precious hours of shopping without constantly keeping an eye on your kids, you can dump  leave them at the Kids’ Corner in the good hands of full time party planner @icelebr8, who has volunteered to babysit the young ones.

In this special section catered for children, kids can expect to be submerged in a sea of activities — from magic shows to glitter tattoo artistry.

The best part is that all the fun and games at the Kids’ Corner are free! Not to mention the fact that an Instabooth will be active for the entire duration of the event with free photo printing.

Just hashtag #Carouselland2017 when you upload your pictures onto Instagram, and you can print all of your memories for free.

Bonus: OCBC PayAnyone users get $3 off

If the freebies and the cheap deals were not enough to satisfy your #cheapocravings, you can get a further $3 off per transaction if you use OCBC’s service PayAnyone. If you’ve got an OCBC account, download the app here before heading down to Carouselland!

Do note that the $3 off is limited to the first 2000 transactions, so make sure you embody the holy Singaporean spirit of being kanchiong and getting there early!

Quality time at Carouselland 2017

Regardless of whether you want to buy something, this event would be a great way to spend your weekend and take a break off your busy schedules.


Where else can you spend a day surrounded by rare and unusual finds, reminisce your childhood through iconic games and get your photos printed for free? Head on down to Carouselland this year for two days of fun and excitement!

Date: 24 to 25 June

Time: 11am-8pm on both days

Location: Suntec City Exhibition Hall 401, 402, 403, 1 Raffles Blvd, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

Find out more and RSVP For Carouselland 2017 here!

This post was brought to you by Carousell Singapore.


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