Burger King Is Back With Local Flavours Like Rendang & An All-New Laksa Burger This National Day

Burger King’s Rendang and Laksa Burger

If there’s one thing that Singaporeans love unanimously, it’s food. Whether it’s getting into super long queues or driving across the country for it, we’ll do it. 

Come this National Day, get ready to add a couple more food items to the list of foods you need to try. Burger King has new limited edition burgers to celebrate our #localpride, changing the game by introducing burgers with Rendang and Laksa flavours that we all know and love. 

Burger King Rendang Beef Burger

When I first sank my teeth into the Rendang Beef Burger (from $7.90 for a value meal), I immediately wanted a second bite – just because the flavour was unlike any burger I’ve ever tasted. Burger King’s classic sesame seed buns come with crunchy onion slices, 2 tender beef patties, and get this – Rendang gravy slathered between them. 

There was definitely a spicy note to the sauce, but not excessively so. If “xiao la” is your go-to option for mala, then you’ll safely be able to tackle the spice level of this burger like a champ. The crunch of the onions also added dimension and complemented the rich sauce. 

Most importantly, the beef patties were succulent and not dry, which allowed for just the right balance of meat and Rendang rempah. There’s also the option of the Rendang Tendergrill Chicken Burger (from $7.90 for a value meal) that substitutes the beef for a flame-grilled chicken thigh patty instead.

Rendang Tendergrill Chicken Burger 

Burger King’s Laksa Burger

We can definitely appreciate a hearty bowl of Laksa – there’s nothing like the spicy kick from the rich lemak broth to make our tummies happy. 

Now, imagine all that in burger form. The new Laksa Beef burger (from $7.90 for a value meal) also comes with 2 beef patties generously coated in a house-made Laksa sauce, and has components fitting of a laksa dish – save for the noodles and hum

At first glance, the cucumber and boiled egg combination reminded me of Nasi Lemak, but I was pleasantly caught off guard by how much the sauce tasted like actual Laksa. While the sauce looks more like the chilli you’d add to your bowl, taste-wise, the flavour profiles are accurate to a T.

We also got an inside look at how both burgers are carefully constructed to ensure every inch of the patty is slathered with laksa sauce, on top of the 3 egg slices + 4 cucumber slices consistency.

If you’re not up for beef, opt for the Laksa Tendercrisp Burger (from $7.90 for a value meal) which comes with a deep-fried chicken one instead. I personally thought that the chicken suited the egg slices and cucumbers better in this case. 

Laksa Tendercrisp Chicken Burger

Burger King’s Rendang burger and Laksa burger 2019

National Day is always a nice reminder for us to celebrate what it means to be Singaporean, including our unconditional love for food. Nothing says “We Are Singapore” quite like digging into our local dishes.

And with exclusive burger flavours unique to our island at Burger King, it gives us even more reason to be proud of our local fare. Just make sure to hurry, since these are only available for a limited time! 

Find out more about Burger King’s latest burgers here

This post was brought to you by Burger King.
Photography by: Sharlene Lau 

Persis Gan

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