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6 Hidden Finds In Bugis Street To Show That Your Teenage After-School Hangout Has Evolved

Bugis Street hidden finds

If you’re a 90s kid, your after-school hangouts back in the day were likely held at fast food joints or the nearby neighbourhood shopping centre. But for the occasional adventure to someplace special, Bugis Street was the trendy go-to.

Lined with fashion boutiques selling affordable clothing and accessories, it’s always been paradise for style-savvy yet budget-conscious teenagers. Whether your IC number starts with an ‘S’ or a ‘T’, there are plenty of activities, shops and food options at Bugis Street that are age-appropriate.

We’re talking spooky escape rooms, neon art jamming, international cuisine and fashion finds from the latest trends across the globe. Here’s a look at some of the hidden finds you can look forward to:

– Activities –

1. ArtyParty – Art jamming with splash, spin & marble techniques

They also offer neon art jamming for a psychedelic, glow-in-the-dark experience.
Image adapted from: @artypartysg

Art jamming has become one of the most popular things to do in Singapore, be it among friends and family or as a date idea. ArtyParty puts a literal spin on things by offering spin-style art jamming, as well as splash and marbling techniques. 

These unconventional painting methods allow you to freely express your creativity and produce something museum-worthy, even if you’re not great with just a paintbrush. After all, we’re not all artistically talented enough to sketch and paint marvellous cityscapes and nature scenes!

Address: 62B Queen Street, Singapore 188541
Opening hours: Mon, Tue & Thu 12PM-9PM | Fri & Sat 1PM-10PM | Sun 11AM-8PM (Closed on Wednesdays)

ArtyParty website

2. Xcape Singapore – Escape rooms with horror movie themes

You can book and experience the escape rooms with just two pax
Image credit: Xcape Singapore

Escape rooms were highly favoured as team building activities before pax limits kicked in, but you can still work together with a buddy to crack the code. You won’t find run-of-the-mill escape rooms at Xcape Singapore, who have gone the extra mile to devise highly detailed and immersive puzzles according to specific themes. 

With escape rooms themed after Annabelle from The Conjuring and zombie blockbuster, Train To Busan, you know you’re in for a fright. The rooms are set up such that participants have to tap into their investigative and observation skills, quick wits and even physical abilities. In other words, stay focused, keep your eyes peeled, and remain agile – or else.

Address: 161 Rochor Road, Bugis Village, Singapore 188436
Opening hours: 11AM-11.30PM, Daily

Xcape Singapore website

– Fashion –

3. Recoil – One-stop fashion haven for guys who want to dress better

Image credit: Recoil

It’s not uncommon to hear jokes and teasing directed at the average Singaporean male’s dress sense: singlet or army t-shirt, bermudas and slippers. To avoid appearing lupsup, especially when venturing to town or even on a date, visit Recoil for a top-to-toe makeover.

The one-stop male fashion haven stocks everything from staple basics to fancier shirts and jackets, so you can really up your street cred. If you’re more or less sorted in the wardrobe department, don’t underestimate what some dapper accessories like belts, sunnies and bags can do to elevate your look to stylo milo status.

Address: Level 1, #CFL E5, Bugis Street, Singapore 188867
Opening hours: 11AM-10PM, Daily

Recoil website

4. HITO – Trendy yet affordable Asian fashion across different styles

Image adapted from: HITO

Whether you’re a fan of the Harajuku aesthetic or keep a lookbook of K-fashion icons like Blackpink’s Jennie as your style inspo, HITO is a hidden gem within Bugis Street that is right up your alley. Stocking clothes that were manufactured for the Asian body type and in line with trends across the region, the boutique offers trendy threads without ridiculous mark-ups.

Besides serving as the perfect spot for a solo shopping spree, HITO is also great for girlfriends with wildly differing styles to shop together. From dainty dresses and cardigans to grungy crop top and mini skirt combos with leather and metal detailing, the store has an impressive range of different aesthetics all under one roof.

Address: #02-53/54/55/56, #03-05/06, #03-13/14 & #03-38A/38B, Bugis Street, Singapore 188867
Opening hours: 12PM-10PM, Daily

HITO website

– Food –

5. Ned’s Crepe – Sweet and savoury crepes, freshly made to order

Image credit: @sachinthanaa_naa_naa

An iconic mainstay that has stood the test of time, Ned’s Crepe is known among Bugis Street regulars as a must-visit. Whether you’re headed for an all-out shopping adventure or just stopping by to pick up a few things, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a sweet or savoury crepe – fresh off the griddle.

Take your pick from chewy or crispy crepes, filled with ingredients like maple syrup, brown sugar, marshmallows and fresh fruits for the dessert varieties. On the savoury end, you’ll have options like egg mayo, tuna, mushroom and cheese, and even chicken nuggets to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Address: #02-07, Bugis Street, Singapore 188867
Opening hours: 12.30PM-9PM, Daily

Ned’s Crepe website

6. Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries – Famous authentic HK pastries

Image credit: @chew.and.chill

While we await the elusive SG-HK travel bubble to materialise, the least we can do is treat ourselves to all the Hong Kong pastries we love and miss. Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries is as authentic as it gets, having started its operations in Chinatown and garnering a steady legion of fans.

The new Bugis Street outpost serves the same delicious treats in an IG-worthy, modernised cha chaan teng setting. Absolute must-tries include their signature egg tarts – available in both standard crust and flaky puff pastry – as well as their crumbly bolo buns and savoury BBQ chicken puffs.

Address: 247 Victoria Street, Singapore 188033
Opening hours: 10AM-8PM, Daily

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries website

Things to do at Bugis Street, Singapore

If it’s been a hot minute since you last paid Bugis Street a visit, you might want to plan a day trip around it. Unlike your typical shopping centre which you could probably spend a couple of hours at – tops, there are so many things to do and see here that make it worth revisiting.

The activities ensure that your friend outings and dates don’t have to rinse and repeat the same itinerary, offering unique options like art jamming and escape rooms. You can even find The Cat Cafe within Bugis Street, and a claw machine arcade called Pick A Prize.

To refuel and refresh, we recommend hitting up Ice Lab, a Korean dessert cafe specialising in bingsu shaved ice bowls. There’s also Mae Noi Thai & Chinese Cuisine if you’d like to chow down on street food just like they serve in Bangkok.

At the end of the day, Bugis Street will forever remain synonymous with endless fashion finds at pocket-friendly prices. And to debunk the myth that the clothes here are all for teeny-boppers, just check out boutiques like The Style Mafia, peddling looks that are fresh off the runway and suitable for young adults, Shentonistas and even trendy mums alike.

Whether it’s to avoid the EOY town crowds or add another hangout destination to your list of go-tos, swing by Bugis Street and see for yourself how much has changed. If anything, it’ll give you a major dose of nostalgia from the good ol’ days.

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This post was brought to you by Bugis Town.
Cover image adapted from (L-R): Xcape Singapore, @artypartysg, @chew.and.chill

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