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We Tried A Customisable Hair Treatment That Fixes Annoying Scalp Issues Like Dandruff & Clogged Pores

Beijing 101 hair & scalp treatment

Although we live in sunny Singapore, there’s nothing worse than constantly scratching your head and creating your own “snowfall”, or having a greasy scalp that shines bright like a diamond. To help combat that, we brought our colleague Sangeeta to Beijing 101 to give their Meridian Hair and Scalp Purify Treatment a try.

This wasn’t just regular ol’ treatment, of course. To get a much-needed scalp glo-up, Sangeeta was treated to a customised treatment full of herbal ingredients. Here’s how it went: 

Identifying personal hair & scalp issues

To kick things off, customers have to fill in a form with not just their particulars, but comprehensive questions on their lifestyle including diet, exercise regime, and sleeping habits.

This is not for the sake of getting to know you as a person, but actually to pinpoint elements which actually affect one’s scalp health. 

A consultant will then scan your scalp and identify areas of concern. In Sangeeta’s case, the scan revealed visible eczema, dandruff and dry scalp

Apparently, the more layers of skin we can see, the thicker the dandruff is. Shudders.

Beyond just pointing out what the magnified scans are showing, the consultant also explained in-depth how the ailments came about. And more hearteningly, how the customised treatment could help alleviate the conditions and nip them in the bud before they worsen. 

Customised treatment to cleanse the scalp

Following the consultation, customers are led to the main salon with partitions between each chair for the privacy of all customers. Rest assured you’ll be able to enjoy your treatment without someone else kaypoh-ing. Plus, having a little private sanctuary just made the process all the more relaxing.

Scalp mask to remove dead skin & soothe scalp

The hair therapist starts by evenly applying a custom-blended scalp mask to remove dead skin and soothe the scalp. This leaves a cooling sensation across the scalp, and is sure to make you feel so fresh, so clean. 

Customers will then receive a quick massage to help accelerate the absorption of the mask into their scalp, and be left to chill for 20 minutes before getting their hair washed.  

Hair wash using custom shampoo & conditioner

Instead of just picking any ol’ random products off the shelves in a one-size-fits-all approach, Beijing 101 makes use of custom shampoos and conditioners meant to treat customers’ specific scalp issues.

In Sangeeta’s case, the arsenal of choice comprised a Nourishing Shampoo and Herbal Conditioner. Both of these are wonderfully floral-scented and were selected for their ability to aid with boosting moisture and to restore hair vitality.

Needless to say, we’re jealous of the sleep-inducing massages customers get to enjoy during their treatments. For Sangeeta, she received a skillful massage, with the hair therapist using her thumbs to target acupuncture points and relax her.

Coupled with the wash station’s dim lighting and smooth jazz filling the room, customers will wish that their hair washing sessions could last forever.

Meridian massage to promote relaxation & stimulate hair growth

Herbal Tonic, which contains premium TCM ingredients such as dang gui and wolfberries, will be applied to the customer’s scalp to provide nutrients to the hair and scalp and stimulate hair growth. 

Up next comes the showstopper: their signature Meridian Massage. Apart from a glorious scalp massage, you’ll be happy to know that the massage carries on to areas like your neck, shoulders and upper back so you’ll leave the salon feeling extra refreshed. 

All this is done in the name of promoting relaxation. Fun fact: each customer who sits for Beijing 101’s Meridian Hair and Scalp Purify Treatment gets a slightly different massage, as it’s all customised based on their identified issues.

For Sangeeta’s case, her customised massage was to target sleep disorders in particular, something she had indicated suffering from in her Q&A form earlier and which proved to affect her scalp health as shown in the scan.

Well, she almost fell asleep so I guess it did its job.

Alpha LED light treatment to boost blood circulation & hair growth

Rounding off the treatment is a snazzy LED helmet to aid in blood circulation and hair growth.

While light does emanate from the helmet and its design is low-key reminiscent of a Star Wars character, it doesn’t feel hot nor heavy on the head. After 10 more minutes of chillin’ out while the treatment works its magic, the helmet is removed and the treatment ends with a salon-level blow-dry. 

Improve your hair & scalp health with Beijing 101

The consultants at Beijing 101 are highly proficient and knowledgeable on all things hair and scalp health related. Customers will receive advice on how to maintain their scalp health – like cutting down on oily and spicy food, for instance. 

Sangeetha’s scalp before (left) and after (right) the treatment.
Image adapted from: Beijing 101

This relaxing treatment procedure will leave you feeling like a brand new person with a rejuvenated scalp and softer, less frizzy hair. As you can see from her scans, Sangeeta’s scalp was thoroughly cleansed and ridden of dandruff and clogged pores.

In the name of TLC, it’s important to schedule a proper pampering session like this from time to time. Plus, rejuvenating your hair and scalp will do wonders for your overall appearance, allowing you to look fresh, funky, and have more pep in your step.

Score both an uber relaxing massage and personalised treatment at one go with Beijing 101’s Meridian Hair and Scalp Purify Treatment.

Originally priced at $532, the full treatment is now available at a promo price of $40. You’ll also receive complimentary Lazada or Shopee shopping credits worth $10 to top it all off. Treat yourself – and your precious scalp – to the love and care that it deserves. 

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This post was brought to you by Beijing 101
Photography by Mikayla Tessensohn.

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