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10 Singaporeans In Their 30s Share What Actually Helps Their Back Pains The Most

Back pain remedies shared by Singaporeans in their 30s

Put 1 hand up if you feel like a 30-year-old in a 60-year-old’s body. Put your other hand up if the mere action of lifting your hand made your back ache like a *@#$!^%. Sadly, many of us suffer from back pain despite our relatively young age, whether it’s from the constant hunching over laptops or poor sitting postures. 

Instead of just mindlessly Googling “how to cure backaches”, we’ve compiled several tried-and-tested back pain remedies you can consider. So sit up straight, and scroll on. 

1. Strengthen core muscles with no-equipment workouts

Avoid sit-ups as you might accidentally use your hip muscles instead.

“Short of wearing a back brace, I’ve tried all kinds of methods to ease my back pain, shared Jamie, a Dental Assistant. Her relief came when she chanced upon a YouTube video sharing no-equipment exercises that can be done at home. It’s been 2 years since she started these exercises, and she rarely experiences intense back aches now. 

These workout sessions include moves like the half crunch and pelvic tilts. They focus on strengthening the back muscles, and they’re simple enough for a self-proclaimed exercise-hater like her to follow. For the uninitiated, back muscles are linked to your core – so having strong core muscles can help take the stress and pressure off your back.  

2. Create opportunities to take regular short walks around the office

The reality of many jobs is that they involve sitting for hours on end, hunched over a laptop – and Celine is no exception. As a Senior Marketing Executive, she’s had days where lunch breaks meant eating at her desk while she worked, and would only get up for a quick toilet break when needed. 

Her working habits changed when she started to get sharp pains in her lower back. Now, she takes regular quick walks around the office to stretch her back. And if you don’t want to be deemed a slacker, simply use the good ol’ “I need to refill water” excuse to walk to the pantry. Celine uses a small cup, a strategic move so that she can go on more frequent trips. 

3. Sleep with a pillow between your knees to help align the spine

We know that sleeping well has tonnes of benefits, but it’s also important to ensure that you have good posture while you’re in la la land. Chloe, a Financial Advisor, said that one of her clients shared a good habit to have when you’re snoozing away: always sleep in a position that naturally aligns your spine.

This means that side-sleepers should lie with a pillow between their knees, and those who sleep on their backs should have a pillow under their knees. These postures help to relieve pressure on your spine, so you won’t wake up with a raging backache. 

4. Avoid crossing your legs when sitting down

Improve your posture
by keeping both feet firmly planted on a solid surface.
Image credit: Secretlab

Okay, us girls are especially guilty of this: sitting with 1 leg crossed over the other. Unfortunately, this causes an asymmetrical and bent posture, leading to pronounced back pain. And yes, sitting cross-legged also has the same result. 

Studies from the National Library of Medicine have proven that these sitting postures can even cause scoliosis, so HR Executive Amanda does her best to avoid these postures. Instead, she keeps both her feet grounded on the floor. She even purchased a tiny stool to prop her legs up as her office chair is more elevated, and she can’t reach the floor when sitting on it. 

5. Do some easy cool-down stretches daily before bedtime

The doorway backstretch. 

Daniel, a Wedding Videographer, swears by this next tip: doing cool-down stretches daily. Carrying heavy equipment for hours can be strenuous on the back, so he makes it a point to do at least 3 cool-down stretches before he heads to bed. 

There are various stretches you can do, including the doorway backstretch, wall downward half-dog, and standing leg tuck. If you need more variations, grab them from Google and see which work best for you. For those who have time in the morning, try stretching then too while waiting for your morning coffee to be brewed – this helps to warm up your muscles for the day. 

6. Get shoes with arch support or memory foam features

It’s no secret that we feel glamorous strutting around in heels. But Marianne, a PR Manager, shared that this shouldn’t be done on the regular. This is because your feet essentially bear the weight of your entire body, and help keep your spine aligned. 

Instead, Marianne opts for comfy walking shoes with arch support to wear daily. She shared that many brands also have footwear with memory foam, providing support for your feet so your spine isn’t misaligned. “Best to save your sky-high heels for special, and rarer, occasions”, she quips. 

7. Replace your mattress every 6-8 years

Here’s another one related to sleeping, or more specifically, the safe haven where you rest your body. John, a Senior Product Designer, learnt from his parents the importance of switching out your mattress every 6-8 years

Like all things, the quality of your mattress tends to deteriorate due to wear and tear. Over time, it starts to lose its sturdiness and ability to support your body, resulting in a poor sleeping position. So, set a reminder in your calendar, and replace your mattress with a new one when needed. 

8. Invest in an ergonomic desk chair that promotes natural movement

Like it or not, our butts are glued to the chair for a good majority of the day, and we fidget a lot. Since we can’t just throw in the towel and quit our jobs, consider investing in a quality desk chair that actively supports different sitting positions while also providing ample booty support. Yes, it’s time to ditch your plastic foldable seats and go for a proper desk chair instead. 

For instance, Secretlab chairs are meticulously researched, tested, and built with features that adapt to the natural way that the human body sits and moves. If you’ve wondered why only the right or left side of your back is hurting, chances are that you are relying on 1 side of your back for support due to poor weight distribution. 

9. Visit a licensed TCM clinic for acupuncture

Some TCM clinics also offer chiropractic adjustments. 

Natalie, a Customer Service Officer, shared that her go-to solution lies in TCM clinics. Yes, we’re talking about acupuncture and chiropractic care

Needles used to scare Natalie, but ever since visiting her mother’s usual TCM clinic for acupuncture treatment, she’s managed to overcome her fear. Her visits to the clinic vary from once every 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the severity of her back pains. 

10. Use magnetic or heated patches for short-term relief

Image credit: Jetus

An office must-have for Natasha, a Senior Engineer, is a box of magnetic or heated patches – especially on days where she has to OT. She shared that these patches have been a lifesaver for her on multiple occasions, as she doesn’t always have the luxury of time to properly treat her back pain. 

It’s considerably low-effort since all you have to do is stick it on the affected area, and you’ll feel instant relief. Depending on which brand and type you purchase, these patches can last from 1 hour to half a day. 

Relieve your back pains with Secretlab’s quality chairs

If you’ve been plagued by back pains, know that you’re not alone and not all is lost. There are various methods to help prevent and treat back pains, such as adopting a proper sleeping posture and opting for ergonomic chairs like the Secretlab TITAN Evo

If you haven’t heard of this series, the TITAN Evo chairs are built with their signature 4-way L-ADAPT Lumbar Support System that flexes to your spine as you move, offering a high level of versatility to adjust up, down, in, and out as needed so you can lean comfortably without straining your back.

Their cold-cure foam is engineered to be medium-firm, which helps to evenly relieve pressure on your back, thighs, and butt, and retain the same structure and consistency even after years of usage

There’s also a full-length backrest specially sculpted to fit the natural horizontal curvature of your shoulders, as well as a proprietary pebble seat base that is strategically shaped to give you the freedom to move around and sit in different positions.

These chairs aren’t just made for gamers; they’re also great for office workers like you and me since many of us can also benefit from the comfort and functionality. They also come in chio designs so you can maintain your aesthetics in the office, and give your coworkers major chair envy.

So before you suffer anymore from your back pains, consider switching your chair to one from the Secretlab TITAN Evo series instead.  

More information on Secretlab’s TITAN Evo series

This post was brought to you by Secretlab. 

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