8 Best Baby Cots In Singapore To Keep Your Sleeping Newborn Safe, With Wheeled & Portable Options

Best baby cots in Singapore

Angelic and serene, newborns are the most precious things in the world, but before you know it, they’re rolling, crawling and clambering all over the place. As parents, safety is always a top priority, even when our tots are fast asleep, and a baby cot is an essential nursery item that will put your mind at ease.

Since babies spend a lot of their time snoozing, getting a cot that is both comfortable and functional will help them sleep better and stretch your dollar at the same time. Some let you co-sleep with your little one while others easily expand into junior beds. Here are the 8 best baby cots in Singapore that you never knew you needed.

1. Polini Convertible Baby Cot – built-in rocking mechanism with storage

Image credit: Supermom

If functionality is a top priority when it comes to getting a cot, the Polini Convertible Baby Cot is your one-stop solution. The cot features ample storage drawers to house all your baby necessities and a changing table for added convenience. 

With the built-in rocking mechanism on this cot, you won’t have to purchase a separate rocker or constantly cradle the baby in your arms. Instead, simply push the cot to gently sway your kid to sleep.

On top of that, the cot can also be transformed into a junior bed measuring up to 170CM in length so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with growth spurts. 

Length: 120-170CM
Ages: 0-10 years old

Price: From $689
Get the Polini Convertible Baby Cot

2. Stokke Sleepi Crib/Bed – classy oval shape with removable side rails

Image credit: @stokkebaby

Known for its iconic oval-shape, the Stokke Sleepi Crib is the go-to for mummies who appreciate a refined aesthetic. It also comes with lockable swivel wheels to move the cot from room to room, and an adjustable-height mattress base so you can easily lift your child up without straining your back.

Remove the side rails to transform your cot into a toddler bed
Image credit: @stokkebaby

When your child becomes an adventurous toddler and gets more agile, simply remove one of the side rails so that he or she can independently get on and off the bed. If you don’t want to invest in an additional junior bed, you can opt for one of Stokke’s bed conversion kits from $159 that extend the bed to accommodate your growing child up to 10 years old.

Length: 127CM
Ages: 0-2 years old | 2-10 years old with Junior Bed Extension

Price: $699 | Additional Junior Bed Extension from $159
Get the Stokke Sleepi Crib/Bed

3. Hatchery Cribs Maki Full-Sized Portable Crib – foldable with wheels

Image credit: Hatchery Cribs

As its name suggests, the Hatchery Cribs Maki Full-Sized Portable Crib can easily be stored or transported. Once your child grows out of the crib, you can collapse it flat and keep it in your storeroom for future use, or pop it into your car boot for sleepovers with the grandparents. 

Image credit: Hatchery Cribs

It also has castor wheels which can be locked to ensure safety once your child can stand on his or her own. The wheels also make rearranging furniture a breeze if you eventually want to shift the cot elsewhere. Plus, once your little one starts teething and gnawing on any surface you can find, you’ll be thankful for the baby-safe, non-toxic finish on the cot. 

Length: 136CM
Ages: 0-2 years old

Price: $789
Get the Hatchery Cribs Maki Full-Sized Portable Crib

4. Kids Haven Cilek Natura Baby Bed – convert into a full-sized bed

Image credit: Kids Haven

While most other cots can convert into junior beds, the Kids Haven Cilek Natura Baby Bed ups the ante with its ability to convert into a full-sized single bed. You won’t even have to buy a separate, larger mattress for it since the existing one extends beneath the drawers at the foot of the cot. 

Simply remove the side rails and the top drawers, and you’ll find a full-sized bed with a separate triple-drawer bedside table to accompany it.

The cot transforms into a full-sized single bed with two side tables
Image credit: Kids Haven

The cot is equipped with three drawers to keep all your baby necessities within reach, and includes a convenient changing table. If aesthetics are important to you, this cot will tick your boxes as the white and light wood finish will add a nice rustic accent to your nursery.

Length: 164CM
Ages: 0-8 years old

Price: $699
Get the Kids Haven Cilek Natura Baby Bed

5. Jarrons & Co. Micuna Aura Baby Cot – inclining mechanism to help with infant reflux

Image credit: Jarrons & Co.

Reflux in babies, while very common, can be terrifying for first-time parents, but what’s more worrying is the possibility of your baby choking when on his or her back. The Jarrons & Co. Micuna Aura Baby Cot solves the problem by letting you set your base mattress at a slight incline – either 7º or 10º – to help milk stay down.

The side rails are adjustable and sport double safety locks for security. The castor wheels are also removable if you don’t need to move it around.

Length: 117CM
Ages: 0-3 years old

Price: $599
Get the Jarrons & Co. Micuna Aura Baby Cot

6. Palette Box Sweet Dreams Convertible Baby Cot – study table and co-sleeping configurations

Image credit: Carousell

The Palette Box Sweet Dreams Convertible Baby Cot is the Swiss army knife of baby cots as it is equipped with a range of uses. From the entirely removable side rail for co-sleeping during turbulent nights to the easy-setup study table for kiasu parents who want to start their kids on educational worksheets early, the cot has 7 uses and configurations for extended utility around the house.

Co-sleeping function that allows you to place the cot flush against your bed (left), and a study table (right).
Image credit: Palette Box

Rounded cot edges also mean greater safety for inquisitive baby gums and climbing toddlers. The cot also comes with a standard foam mattress to save you the hassle of purchasing one elsewhere.

Length: 125CM
Ages: 0-6 years old

Price: $188
Get the Palette Box Sweet Dreams Convertible Baby Cot

7. Beblum Lavo 5 Convertible Baby Cot – 9 adjustable heights with table-chair set option

Image credit: Purple_star

Though most cots already have adjustable heights, the Beblum Lavo 5 Convertible Baby Cot one ups the rest as sports an adjustable mattress base that has nine height settings. So regardless of the height of your bedframe and mattress, you’ll be able to have the cot mattress flush with your own for more comfortable co-sleeping.

Transform it into a playpen or a study table bench set which can hold the weight of 3 adults
Image credit: Lazada

It is also highly durable and multifunctional, doubling up as a playpen when you move the mattress base all the way down. Interestingly enough, the cot can also convert into a table and a bench set for your child when he or she grows older. 

Length: 120CM
Ages: 0-4 years old

Price: $254
Get the Beblum Lavo 5 Convertible Baby Cot

8. IKEA SNIGLAR Cot – budget option under $100 made from solid wood

Image credit: IKEA

If you’re just looking for a no-frills cot, but yet still want it to be functional and practical, opt for the IKEA SNIGLAR Cot that costs just $89. Made of natural solid birch, this cot guarantees durability for the long haul that is gentle on the planet as well.

The mattress base is adjustable at two heights, so you can easily bring it down when your tot finally learns how to stand. The design is also designed for ideal ventilation, ensuring good air circulation even on humid nights without switching on the AC.

Length: 122CM
Ages: 0-3 years old

Price: $89
Get the IKEA SNIGLAR cot

Best cots in Singapore to invest in

Caring for a newborn is no easy feat, and every parent will tell you that managing to catch a few winks every night is already more than they can ask for. By investing in these 8 best baby cots in Singapore, you can hopefully clock in more hours at dreamland knowing that your precious is safe in his or her crib.

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Image adapted from: Supermom and Kids Haven

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