Aviation Open House 2019 Has A Holographic Photobooth & Drone Racing That Even Non-Geeks Will Love

Aviation Open House 2019

For most of us, we only ever consider aviation when it’s time to book our next holidays and we’re scouring online sites for cheap flights. But with the Aviation Open House 2019 from 16th – 17th August 2019, our childhood dreams of becoming an airline pilot or aircraft engineer will all come rushing back. 

This 2-day open house at Suntec City Convention Centre is held just once every 2 years and it isn’t just for the aviation fanatic – instead, expect unique features like drone racing and robot sommelier demos. There’ll even be a job recruitment fair and useful career talks by industry leaders like SATS and Changi Airport Group, for those keen on joining the aviation industry! 

Aviation tech – robot sommelier & flying taxi

Drone racing, robot sommeliers, and flying taxis – the aviation realm is one where far-fetched sci-fi inventions come to life. With over 40 companies down at the open house, you’ll get to see demos by the likes of Changi Airport Group, SIA Engineering, and Volocopter.  

Check out Volocopter’s air taxi at the Technology Showcase! Trials for these flying cars are set to start by late 2019. 

We’re impressed by Pepper the Robot, a wine sommelier who’s stationed at the airport’s duty-free store. Pepper can recommend a list of wines based on your own preferences – all you have to do is tap it on the head, answer a few questions, and it’ll help you decide on the perfect wine to suit your dining needs.

Career fair & talks

Those with a budding interest in the aviation industry can head down to the exhibition booths set up by companies like Singapore Airlines, SATS, Bombardier and ST Aerospace. Make sure to work the room and mingle with industry leaders  – networking opportunities like that don’t come often. 

In addition, interview sessions will also be organised by e2i, featuring over 400 job vacancies including positions for cadet pilots, aircraft engineers, cabin crew members, and project executives.

Aviation activities – drone racing & holographic photo booth

Cleverly manoeuvre your drone through an obstacle course or race against other drones

Plenty of activities to try at the open house but there’re certainly a few standouts: Drone Racers pits you against your friends to manoeuvre your drone through an obstacle course. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on these toys and challenge your friends to see who is the better pilot.

The Aviation Board Game lets you challenge your friends to life-size old-school Ludo chessboard games. There are also holographic photobooths so you can bring home a memento  – unlike your regular polaroid shots, these images look like real-life GIFs. 

Aviation Open House at Suntec City

From 16th – 17th August 2019, the Aviation Open House 2019 has plenty of fun activities like drone racing and craft workshops – suitable for all to enjoy. You don’t have to be an aviation engineering geek to head down to Suntec City for this 2-day open house.

But if you’re looking to make your aviation dreams come true, the career fair and talks are great networking opportunities to get your foot in the door with experts from top aviation companies. 

Find out more about the Aviation Open House 2019 here

This post was brought to you by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Event Information
Aviation Open House 2019
Suntec City Convention Centre (Hall 403 & 404)
16 - 17 Aug 2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Pailin Boonlong

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