Vietnamese Grandmas Are Stepping Up To Contribute To The Fight Against COVID-19, Earning Netizens’ Respect

Vietnamese grandmas combat COVID-19

The media keeps telling us to take good care of our elders during the COVID-19 pandemic as they are the most vulnerable age group, but in Vietnam, our grannies are stepping up to take care of us.

Last month, the story of a 95-year-old war widow sewing face masks to distribute for free had us in tears, and now, we once again have to tip our hats to many other elderly ladies contributing to the fight against the pandemic by going out of their way to donate to quarantine facilities.

“I’ll get mad if you refuse!”

A popular story amongst Vietnamese netizens in the past couple of days is that of Mdm Lê Thị Xuân, a 98-year-old woman in the central province of Nghệ An who personally brought 1KG of rice and 50 eggs to a quarantine facility in the area as a gift to its staff.

Mdm Lê Thị Xuân with her gift of 1KG of rice and 50 eggs
Image credit: Chân dung người lính

“I’m old and I have nothing much, this is but a small gift to the soldiers and those in quarantine to help them in the fight against the pandemic,” Mdm Xuân told Vietnamnet.

When the staff at the facility tried to refuse the gift, saying that they had everything they needed and she should keep the goods for herself, Mdm Xuân reportedly said, “I’ll get mad if you refuse!”

2 tons of rice, paid for with life savings

Earlier, on 31st March, Mdm Nguyễn Thị Tửu, a 101-year-old woman from Nghệ Tĩnh Province, made headlines when she took VND28,000,000 (~USD1,200) from her savings to buy 2 tons of rice to donate to the military headquarters in the province. The rice was then distributed to soldiers working on the frontline.

She said to VNExpress, “I thought of multiple options such as donating in cash and buying medical supplies, but ultimately decided that rice was the most appropriate.”

Mdm. Nguyễn Thị Tửu (second right) donating 2 tons of rice
Image credit: VNExpress

Vegetables from her own garden

While Mdm Nguyễn Thị Ba, 87 years old, didn’t have as much to give as Mdm Tửu, she also touched netizens’ hearts when she walked 200M with 5KG of rice and some veggies from her own garden to a local quarantine facility to make her contribution.

Mdm. Nguyễn Thị Ba walking 200M with 5KG of rice to make her contribution
Image credit: Bê Tô

Yes, 200M might not sound like that great of a distance, but for a woman of her age to walk that far while carrying such a burden, the dedication is enough for us to bow our heads in respect.

Netizen Nguyễn Tố Nga commented, “I get out of breath just from carrying 5KG of rice to the third floor. Her kind heart is precious!”

Image credit: OTO+

Netizens show their respect

Many people have taken to Facebook to show their appreciation to these elderly ladies, often referring to them as “mẹ” – which translates to “mother” in Vietnamese – as a sign of respect.

Facebook users Thành Hoàng commented on Mdm Xuân’s story, “MOTHER’s kind heart is so precious and respectable,” capitalizing the word “mẹ” (mother).

Image credit: Chân dung người lính

“Stories like these bring a tear to my eyes. Wishing you health <3”, netizen Vũ Thị Thu Hoài wrote.

Image credit: Bê Tô

“Cảm ơn mẹ” (Thank you, mother), many others commented.

Image credit: Bê Tô

Vietnamese grandmas donating to COVID-19 fight

We all know that grandmotherly figures have the most loving hearts, and these grannies’ love is extended not only to their own grandchildren, but to the entire community as well. Their stories should be an inspiration to all of us.

For more touching Vietnamese stories during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out:

Cover image adapted from VNExpress

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