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95-Year-Old Vietnam War Widow Sews Face Masks To Combat COVID-19, Netizens Are Touched & In Tears

Vietnam war widow sews face masks to do her part to meet increased demand

Starting from 16th March 2020, the Vietnamese government has made it mandatory for people to wear face masks when they go to public places as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With the demand for face masks skyrocketing, the Vietnam Women’s Union has started a campaign to make face masks and distribute them for free in several provinces across the country. Many have stood up to answer the call, including a 95-year-old war widow.

“I do what I can to help.”

Image credit: Hội Liên Hiệp Phụ Nữ Phường 05 – Gò Vấp

For the past couple of days, pictures of an old lady sitting by a sewing machine to make face masks have been widely shared among Vietnamese Facebook users, attracting thousands of positive reactions from the community.

Image credit: Hội Liên Hiệp Phụ Nữ Phường 05 – Gò Vấp

The lady in the pictures was soon revealed to be Mdm Ngô Thị Quýt, a 95-year-old war widow living in Gò Vấp district, Hồ Chí Minh City. She has also been making blankets from spare cloth collected from tailors in the area to give to charity for 3 decades.

“I saw the women in the ward do it, so I wanted to contribute as well. It’s always been like that, I do what I can to help. When people are in need and you have the heart, you find joy the more you do it!” Mdm Quýt told in an interview.

Netizens in tears

vietnam war widow netizen comment
Many netizens are commenting to the thread with hearts and wishing Mdm Quýt health
Image credit: Theanh28 Entertainment

Mdm Quýt’s humane act has captured the hearts of many netizens since her story went viral on Facebook.

“I’m touched by the pictures and by your contribution. Wish you health,” Netizen Linhh Phươngg commented.

Image credit: Theanh28 Entertainment

Another Facebook user who goes by the name of Lộc commented, “A lifetime of sacrifice and devotion to our country, Vietnam.” 

Image credit: Theanh28 Entertainment

A touching story

With many countries trying their best to combat COVID-19, including Vietnam, stories like these come as a heartwarming morale boost for citizens all over the world.

Let’s all do our part to help curb the spread of the disease, be it staying indoors voluntarily or wearing face masks when heading out, and hope this ordeal will pass soon.

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Cover image adapted from: Hội Liên Hiệp Phụ Nữ Phường 05 – Gò Vấp

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