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Many Thai youths have stepped up their game and are becoming leading innovators amongst the Gen-Zers across the globe. Pongpanot ‘Best’ Pairatwetpun, an 18-year-old university student from Ang Thong, has joined the ranks of these pioneers following the launch of his video streaming platform with no advertisements, ThaiTube

No ads to respect privacy

Best created with the goal of protecting user data. An additional perk is faster loading times, as the focus is on playing the video and not on collecting consumer information for personalised advertisements. 

The website is free to access and the teenager doesn’t expect to gain any profit from it, as posted on Naewna. Hence, it’s not suitable for live streamers or other content creators who hope to monetise their videos, Best shared in a clip

Thai Teenager Launched Video Website18-year-old Best
Image credit: Naewna

Currently, there is no app for ThaiTube – users can access the platform by simply in the browser.

Thai Teenager Launched Video WebsiteLogin page for users to upload videos

Users are able to login and sign up with their email address, Facebook, or Instagram.

Thai Teenager Launched Video Website

Thaitube page is similar to Youtube’s  feed

Every time videos have been watched, a history of videos won’t appear on their channel for privacy reasons.

More privacy for the internet

The internet collects a huge amount of data from users every day, sometimes without their knowledge.  Teens like Best makes it easier for us to enjoy the tutorials, and more without having to worry about our privacy. 

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Featured images adapted from: Naewna, Naewna via Line Today

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