Bangkok train readjustment

After an announcement of fare increase early in January resulted in backlash from the members of the government and Bangkokians, the Ministry of Transportation announced a plan to implement an overall makeover of all electrical train transportation systems in Bangkok. The project includes fare reduction and the long-awaited cross-platform ticket.

A complete overhaul

The Transportation Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr. Pisak Jitviriyavasin, stated on 13th February 2021 that the readjusting of both the fare price and ticketing system will begin within the end of 2021, and will be covering the BTS Skytrain and all the MRT lines. According to the Bangkok Post, the fare adjustment will result in a 30% reduction of the current ticket prices.

Mangmoom train card Bangkok
Mang-Moom card, a cross-platform ticket that has been announced since 2018
Image credit: Thairath

The plan will also introduce the long-awaited cross-platform ticket card Mang-Moom – which was announced in 2018 –  which many Thais considered to be mythical due to its long implementation period. Once implemented, Mang-Moom will allow people to travel on both BTS and MRT trains without buying separate train tickets.

A response to January’s backlash

The announcement of the plan from the ministry of transportation is a direct response to a request from the government regarding the January ticket price increases that shocked Bangkok, as the price skyrocketed to half of Thai’s minimum daily income per trip. 

“One of the measures to control public transportation fares is to adopt the ticketing system,” said Mr. Jitviriyavasin. “This is because commuters will not be charged an entry fee every time they change trains to other rail lines. So the fares will be 30% cheaper.”

According to Mr. Jitviriyavasin, the Ministry of Transportation will later extend the common ticketing system the Red Line rail system owned by the State Railway of Thailand, the Airport Rail Link (ARL) and other public transportations including buses and boat services. He also stated that the Ministry’s long term plan would include all modes of transportation, including the expressway.

Inside BTS Skytrain BagnkokInside of a BTS Skytrain
Image credit: Thairath

A lighter yet heavier wallet

This is good news for Bangkok commuters as you can carry fewer transportation cards and make room for more cash as the ticket prices are now lower. This could also mean that more people will be able to afford public transportation, which could lead to lesser traffic congestion in Bangkok – a dream every Bangkokians wishes to see in the distant future.

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Featured image adapted from: Klook, Thairath, Immigration Bangkok

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